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Post Operative Pain - Are you living with the real cost of surgery?


Hi Everyone

Sorry in the delay in getting back to you all, but ironically, I was in hospital for six weeks!!!!! I am still very interested in everyone's pain history. If you still wish to complete the short surveys/questionnaires please contact me at and I can email you them.

Again many thanks to everyone who had previously replied to me, sorry to keep you waiting. Wishing everyone good health.


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Hi i had a groin hernia opp 15 yrs ago, in this time i have had 4 more opp, which have done no good, i have been to 3 pain management clinics.

I have every type of medicine under the sun to no avail, Morphine, acu puncture, you name i have had it.

What i have got they call it Neurophathic pain.

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