Pain Concern

Good morning, its dull outside and my back has locked on me, also having muscle spasms which are painful!!!!!!

After the last couple of days where the weather has been lovely, woke up this morning to dull weather and my back locked on me. Having muscle spasms which are very painful that you just go with the spasm until it stops. The pain has really got me down today, my emphysema is abit worse as well. Hopefully a nice hot shower will get my back moving as heat treatment is heaven. :-) :-)

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Hope the hot shower helps and the sun comes out to make you smile.


Hello. I hope you are feeling better today and your spasms have ceased. I know what you mean about a good hot shower. I'm like a crippled old lady until my painkillers kick in and I've had a long, long shower.

Take care GG x


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