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Slow release muscle relaxants? Is ther such a thing in the UK

Hi there,

I currently take 60mg a day of baclofen (my pain specialist says I can take up to 100mg, however I am one of these people who think I will leave it as long as I can bear before increasing to what I am told the maximum dose). I have had a terrible time for the past 15 months, much worse than I had been for the 15 years I have suffered from chronic back pain.

For the past few days my torso is severely tilted to the left again and I can only presume this is spasm.

I wondered if there is any sort of slow release muscle relaxant available in the UK as I am much worse in the morning. Thanks

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Do you know what is causing the spasm? Is it possible its inflammatory back pain? (check out ). Have you ever been checked out by a rheumatologist? I'm asking those questions because if it is inflammatory back pain, then it would be far better treated as such (using meds that address the inflammation), and that would likely stop the spasm. I used to be on 80 mg a day of baclofen and it still didn't really touch my back muscle spasm when it would get bad, even when I added in diazepam and was taking amitryptylline as well. In contrast, almost the moment I went onto taking regular antiinflammatory meds (NSAIDS) I completely stopped having back spasm. I've since had a diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis. AS is a pretty hard thing to diagnose though, as it can really only be properly diagnosed once its got to the point of showing up permanent damage in your sacroiliac joints on xray, though a good rheumatologist who has an interest in AS will pick it up earlier. So if there is any chance that you tick all the boxes for inflammatory back pain, insist on seeing a rheumatologist.


meant to add that morning stiffness that relieves once you start moving a bit is classic with spondyloarthritis, but not with mechanical or injury-related back pain


Charles I think you have partially provided the answer yourself. You must take your pain relief as advised. Its clearly doing you no good at all to hang on - for what reason? More pain? Chronic pain is different. Takes no prisoners! However, if there is something new happening, get back to that GP!


The trick is to keep yourself at a level so the pain does not kick in....

Most people take pills as they are IN pain.

You might try taking them BECAUSE you are going to be in pain.

It worked for me after it got explained.

Best of luck x


I'm in the us but I take cyclobenzaprine 5 mgs before bed. Also called flexaril. Extremely helpful. Only side effect for me is drowsiness which is why I take it before bed. Good luck


Some one was telling me about a new slow release pain relief but it is only used for MS it is a muscle relaxant I believe so would only help pain caused by muscle spasm I would think, it's sometimes used for parkinsons too. Worth a search on line I guess or talk to doctor as to whether it might help you , pays to keep looking for new alternatives if you have chronic pain not cured by present day analgesics good luck


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