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Lidocaine Plasters - No longer available from Gp in UK


i have seen my pain specialist who has prescribed these at 5% - but GP says they cannot be prescribed anymore. Can anyone advise are these available over the counter at 5% in pharmacy. Seemed to be offered help for post surgery scar pain to have it whipped away, now desperate to know what to do?

Pain surgeon not available to speak to very often and need some comfort now, terrible at night problems sleeping despite sleeping tablets.

Any help appreciated.

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Thanks for this dinkic. I had no idea they had been stopped.

Did find the enclosed link which may shed light on 'reasons'/

Yes they are expensive but always found they work well when used correctly.

We live in the Canary Islands and as yet not been stopped. Guess it will only be matter of time.


dinkic in reply to Bananas5

My pain specialist approved them end of May and after weeks of confusion now find the GP is no longer able to supply them, so back to the drawing board, hate to say it but think it is down to costs yet again, meanwhile we all have to live with the pain.

Hi dinkic

So sorry to read that lidocaine plasters no longer available!. That's going to affect a lot of us including myself who use them!. There is such a supply problem now!. You won't get them OTC as there stronger so my advice would be contact your pain specialist and tell them what's happened as they could prescribe other pain patches or drugs for you. I also use one called Butrans 5mcg'z which is a morphine patch. I hope you get help soon for your pain because it is miserable suffering so much!. X

dinkic in reply to misty14

Many thanks, I am on oxycontin but the plaster were to help with nerve problems following an operation on the foot, the GP is contacting my specialist, but so will I when he comes home from his holidays, saw him the end of May and was hoping the patches were the answer to the problem since found out not available, nothing moves quickly with pain management just the pain. Once again many thanks

misty14 in reply to dinkic

Hi dinkic

I'm so sorry what has happened to you as I've got similar nerve damage in my leg after an operation and it's very painful isn't it? Has to be as we're both on morphine as well. I do hope you get an alternative treatment sorted out soon. Your very right about pain management being slow. Do let us know what's decided. Take CareX

They can be prescribed, they are just very expensive, and on a list which the NHS considers is less important medications.

dinkic in reply to paincunt

Not in my area, hope to get alternative sorted, but not holding my breath, pain seems on the bottom of the list when it comes to GPS but hope my pain specialist will come up with something else

paincunt in reply to dinkic

Sorry that isn't true. Technically a GP can prescribe any licensed medication (amongst others) in the BNF. I have a solution... why not ask for a private prescription from the pain specialist. Technically your own GP shouldn't issue a private prescription for something available on the NHS but you could make an appointment with a private GP and go with the consultant letter and explain and it shouldn't cause any issues.

Hi, i am on lidocaine plasters and my GP is still prescribing them for me as I was under the impression that they can still be prescribed in certain circumstances.

I believe though that if your GP wont prescribe them they should offer you an alternative form of treatment.

dinkic in reply to hezzamj

Hoping so just not prescribed in my area, not holding my breath for a swift outcome

Karengregory in reply to dinkic

It’s not a matter of are dinking it your Dr that is unwilling to prescribe them .

I use the Lidocaine patches, Too. First, the available brand was changed to Ralvo (or Ravlo) then it was taken off automatic repeat prescription.

As far as I'm aware, it can still be prescribed where there is a genuine need. I hope so, anyway! I need it, like a few of you, for nerve damage in my foot and leg.

dinkic in reply to Bramble71

They are not prescribed in the area I live. They are going to attempt to get me something else sorted although I am not holding my breath. I has too much experience with pain management to think things move quickley

Please see page 15, this is where the routine prescribing of lidocaine patches is limited.

the exceptional comment applies to you as this takes place in a co-operation arrangement with a multi disciplinary team / and or other health professional.

If you have friends visiting America you can ask them to bring you some of the OTC versions (4%) there such as at CVS, and they are not duly expensive:

Also, makes me mad that the prescribed versions over here are so expensive for the NHS to purchase.

Bramble71 in reply to BizzyBek

Shows just how much the pharmaceutical companies rip off our NHS.

I asked for,them at my Pain Clinic and have to ask them to get more DIRECTLY. Then pick up at pharmacy at the same Hospital. I can’t get at my GPS, but at least I can get them at Pain Clinic.

I used to use them, you could try capasinin cream. It comes in two strengths. Alternatively, I know that there are lidocaine creams available in the US.

Yep my lidocaine patches have been replaced with a ralvo patches, however in the small print it says they contact 700mg of lidocaine, I'm based up in Scotland, so dunno if you can get those ones instead, must be perhaps a cost cutting exercise, good luck

Contain, dam predictive text


Yes!! You can buy them otc but they are expensive here in the usa,,15.00 per patch! i cut them into quarters. Ive been using for years on my lower back and sometimes on my knees. Using 1/4 patch will give you the same relief. Im very surprised they wont prescribe the patches there. Studies have shown that orthopedic surgeons are suggesting to use a patch close to surgical areas to control pain. It works! I used it after knee surgery and i was amazed! My dr didnt suggest it but i figured let me try it, i was pleasantly surprised. God bless you.

Hi, I can still get my lidocaine patches from my GP as they were prescribed by an MSK specialist. My Doctor couldn’t prescribe them as they are so expensive, it’s really frustrating as the ones my chemist give me are far cheaper than the percrisbed version.

Ask for a second opinion, good luck.

I am on lidocaine patches for allodynia on my foot, they work fine with me and I was prescribed them by the pain clinic at my hospital. My Dr said they can’t prescribe them unless they have already been prescribed by the hospital for the first prescription and I still get them from my Drs. I have read the link from bananas5 regarding them and it looks like your Drs are not prescribing to reduce costs as they haven’t been stopped they are advising Drs to reduce costs and stop them unless really necessary. I th8nk you need to chat with your Drs and tell them they work and maybe print a copy of the info on the link so they know you have looked into it. Good luck.

I live in Burton on Trent staffs. I can get these patches still. Took a bit of doing

First doctor wouldn't give them to me ad to expensive £130 a box. Which lasts a month.

So rang consultant at hospital and he rang them and told them I must have them. I've since changed doctors but not a problem at all with the doctors at new surgery

Hope you can get them where you live but you will have yo fight for them. But when they work you must have them

I don't think this is true Fight this complain. It is probably a decision by the Care Commissioning group in your area. This Can be challenged the Pals Service at your local trust should be able to tell you how.

I have these prescribed in North Somerset.

Lidocaine infusions are being stopped in some. Areas eg: berkshire.

People in pain are being used as 'easy targets' to save money on drugs

A private prescription from a private consultant would cost around £900for a year's supply of platers.

They do work for me-only where they are placed not all over. Helps me wear shoes.

As a friend of mine says 'fight fight fight!

I changed to a new GP who made an issue and I made it ABSOLUTELY clear I was willing to make a legal CHALLENGE LOL AND Behold the plasters were prescribed.

Many GPS are doing the government s work for them and colluding in restricting access to treatment.

CHALLENGE them they are not God

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