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Carpal tunnel syndrome


After years of pain in my hands and the past months the pain getting worse and previous gp not doing anything exp one injection and telling me to just get a stress ball and excerise my hand on that I went to see a different gp who told me he thinks its carpal tunnel and has referred me to a hand surgeon my hand is very painful and hurts when I write and put pressure on it,

Does anyone else suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome? And had the surgery?

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Stupid GP as it is fairly easy to diagnose. Middle finger usually numb with tingling down the 2 either side. Like painful pins and needles.

I had it about 20 years and was seen by neurologisy to confirm.

Op was done by orthopedic surgeon as a day patient. He made one incision at the base of my palm released the pressure and one long stich sewed me up.

Had yp keep ,y ar,m raised for some weeks after - about 2 and then stitch removed.

Common name is repetative strain injury as people doing the same movements of their hads would often get it. In my case as a gardener it was the loppers and secauteurs.

You'll be fine once you get the op and no more pain. Promise!

Pat x

mand82 in reply to Bananas5

I get the pain all over the hand on every single finger , just seems to get worse the pain has now gone up my arm to my elbow and my left hand has started to have the same pain etc , I drop things like pens and plates etc as my grip just gives way and I can't even put my hand on the floor or bed to push myself up as I get a shooting pain from the palm right up the arm and the hand is my writing hand aswell , I did sprain my hand when I was 11 but my hand was fine after that till I was about 25 then that's when it all started I'm 31 now :(

Bananas5 in reply to mand82

This doesn't sound like RSI carpal tunnel) which would be far more local to your hands Have you had any nerve tests?

It could be a trapped nerve in your neck but obviously I couldn't make any diagnosis!

RSI is painful but a trapped nerve elselwhaere would cause you to drop things when it jumped.

See your new GP or hand man.

Goo Luck and let us know the outcome.

pat x

moggiemay in reply to Bananas5

Dear Paton There is a new hand clinic opened in StJohn;s Hospital called the Hooper Clinic and treats Dupyterns Contactures and Carpel tunnel Syndrome, infact all had problems

Regards Moggiemay

Hi I had the op about 13 years ago ,as said already a small incision done on a day case,I seem to recall stitches stayed in about a week,and I had to rest the arm for 6 weeks..that meant no ironing , no vacing,no washing up :))) it was great lol.

My dr asked me questions about the pain etc and he said he really thinks its carpal tunnel and said coz I've already had injections and hey didn't work for long and I'm still young he'd send me to the hand surgeon maybe the hand surgeon will do tests first before thinking of surgery, but if I have to have the surgery they are gonna have to put me under general as local doesn't have any affect on me


I had my right hand done first as the health insurance did not cover any pre-existing illnesses and as the docs were unable to do my neck at that time they said 'We can do a carpal tunnel' which they did and did it make any difference?, well honestly if I admit it, it did make a slight difference but I still have tingling fingers and numb fingertips to this day (on both hands).

The other one I had on the NHS and I can honestly say that they were more efficient, faster and less painful and it healed quicker.

They like you to see a hand specialist who will either do the tests or refer you to have the tests which are just to measure the pressure on the nerves and tendons to confirm that it is the carpal tunnel at fault.

Then you can have the op. which is nothing to be concerned about as it is a simple procedure nowadays.

My first time it took three goes to freeze the hand but it was not a problem I just let the surgeon know and he put more painkiller on. The second one went like clockwork.

You can't drive for a week or ten days but it can take a couple of months for the hand to get back to normal.

Sorry for going on.

Kindest regards


Hi lve just had carpal tunnel surgery 3 weeks ago ,l have it in both hands ,l got the left hand done and in November lm booked in for the right hand ,some people have it in one or both hands...

The operation only took 15 mins and they numb your hand ,after the op it was a little sore for maybe 2 days but it really was. Breeze ,and what a difference ,go get the test to see if you have it and how bad then decide with the doc what you want to do

Hope this helps a little x

I have had carpal tunnel in both my wrists both have been operated on and I was awake with the surgeon both time they inject you wrist to deaden pain and make a small incision in the middle of your wrist then after a few snips and stitches it's all over heaven is not the work it was great to have no pain. Keep on to your doctor because it gets worse the longer you leave it I had one done then a month after had the other done hope this helps you

JackieWann in reply to colboy

Yes l agree keep on at gp,I kept putting it off thinking it will. Go away it didn't just got worse.lm delighted with the outcome after surgery ,l don't get woken up in the night ect...

I've finally got my appointment for 26th sept with a secondary care consultant for further advice/treatment ,

Hi there, I suffered this for a couple of years until it got so bad I went to my GP who referred meto specialist, no messing six weeks later I had the op on right hand and six weeks after that on my left, its a simple operation, have to keep it dry for a week which is the most difficult part, after about 3 weeks almost back to normal after six everything OK , simple op under local anaesthetic, so glad I had it done, wish I had had it done sooner. Best wishes.

Doctor told me 2 months ago I had carpal Tunnel syndrome , but still waiting to see consultant " to confirm it" Let alone get on a list for an operation , As you will know the pain can be unbearable and of course pain killers do not work.

The mornings are worst , getting your wife to tie your shoelaces @57 in a bit annoying ,

At work I use hand tools all day , but the guys at work are great at covering for me ,a lot

But today I was working away as if nothing was wrong , how you may ask , simple we were starting work on a new site and I went to the toilet, washed my hands and then joy of joys hot air at 430mph from a DYSON HAND DRIER ,5 mins of bliss, Massage and heat at the same time wow felt great all day, after doing it twice more, never dropped a thing all day, but at 900 quid I aint going to buy one ,

So search out those Driers it may work for you aswell.

In the last year iv'e been having much pain in hands, wrists and it's affecting my shoulders now : (( I suffer MS (and arthritis, ME, blocked inner & external carotid arteries,vertigo, goes on lol!!) and GP asked me to talk to MS team to sort out tests for carpel tunnel!! They told me to go back to GP as she has to arrange it!! It's painful and wakes me at night- numb up forearm. a lot of pins n needles too!

Suffer Chronic pain also and Am in process of complaining about MS n Chronic pain as i'm unhappy lol. Hope u get sorted hun............I will b askin GP AGIAN to arrange tests for carpel as I really believe I have it!

Once you see the specialist they will confirm whether it is carpal tunnel or not. Having read your post you say the pain is in all your fingers?? It's a little unusual for it to affect the little finger as the nerve to that one doesn't go through the carpal tunnel... normally...and tingling- like painful pins & needles and numbness are typical symptoms which often gets worse at night

I've already had my right hand done some 20 odd years ago and am due to have the left one done in a few weeks... just in time for Xmas lol! The op should sort it out for you - i don't know how old you are but it's possible you have a bit of arthritis with the wrist joint.

Do go to see the specialist and take it from there. Good luck

mand82 in reply to saj01

I got my hand done last year they said my left hand had cubital tunnel & the nerve was inflamed, the surgery has helped the pain from the elbow to my wrist and I don’t get the pins and needles etc in my little finger etc but I still get the odd pain in my hand but was told I will still get that as the surgery wouldn’t cure the muscle wasting that had already happened but wouldn’t get any worse , but I have carpal tunnel in my right arm tho, & now been told I have sciatica in my left leg with back pain & seeing a physiotherapist for it hoping it will help

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