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Hi the fact that my job was secured through Remploy and work 5x4 hour shifts 6am till 10am my manager expects 100% at all times, as for me this is not always possible take this week, after my fall in the shower and the pain at work was unreal even with my painkillers I could not do half of my usual daily job. Its sad that genuine people with real health issues do not get a fair deal.

At the end of the day there are simply no Light Duty Jobs I know i have tried at the Job Centres there is a department that offers Light Duty Work but these jobs are the same able bodied ones that are on offer to the general

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Frustrating, demoralising and just plain wrong. Hang on in there something will come along that you can do with your usual high standards and commitment.

When I rule the world it will be a lot fairer

nutty mwhaa


welshnut hi and you have got my vote. Today I got my rota for next weeks work, this week despite my fall and pain I have worked an extra day. Now with the rota for next week its all over the place 2x5 hour shifts 2x3 hours shifts an 1x4=20 yes my usual weekly work total of hours . Am really pissed of scuse my Welsh. Frustrating you are dead right. In my position I dare not say no and this is whats so wrong. How can I give a 100% when at my best I am only good for 50%.? Sam.

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Just before christmas I had a client who hit financial hardship and could not pay his bill. I stood by him and completed the work and even did some extra cash flows and plans for him to take to the bank. In January I rang him to explain his invoices would be arriving a few days late as I had had a fall and was out of action. His reply was 'I always wondered if hiring a disabled person would be reliable, I may have to look elsewhere'. So much for returning a good deed but I had last laugh I just put his rates up so he can either pay them or go elsewhere lol.



welshnut after reading your post all I can say is good for you. We can all do without that attitude.

Hope your are having a good day today. After my work an a wee sleep i went out took a couple of photographs of trees etc then headed home happy as the sun was out albeit a wee bit cold,the only down side was I had to pop a couple of pills as I was a wee bit sore .Sam.


I cannot help but think you are right about no such thing as light duty jobs.

I have wracked my brain over what job I could manage. And all the things that I could have done have fallen off the list.

All jobs require a certain amount of stamina focused application and physical ability.

And to make matters even more depressing lots of us cannot expect to retire until we are rushing towards 70.

I love my job my hours are few the money that I get means I can run the heating and car. Perhaps the car is a luxury but I cannt possibly cope with clinging on to the back of a motor bike. I know at some point they are going to cotton on to the fact that I am less than my best. But feel while I "do no harm" as it were I shall stay put until they sack me or I drop. I collar every one who comes into the unit with a smile promise of a cuppa and a request for practice help. I cannot even sharpen pencils with out a flare up. But I look the things that I can do. I have been ask if I would like as risk assessment. Not likely. The risk is I would be sacked! It really does come down to your team. And thank god we all help each other out where I am.

So as Nutty says hang in there with a gritted smile. You are bound to be knocked off your game by the fall.

One tip I have trained them not to ask me to do extra. I always said no can do. It makes me feel less guilty and stops them getting ratty they simply look elsewhere now. It was hard to start with but I know that I have pitched in when I was pain free but just cannot any more.

Good luck chuck.



Sorry mate I should have read your profile before I answered. Sounds like within your job you are not afforded the flexibility that I am. But do they notice that you are only 50 percent of the old you. My diminishing ability has bothered me but when I had a heart to heart with my teacher it was obvious that she had no idea that I now dragged around an elephant with me. And only ever run in crawler gear.

Enjoy the photography I was seen knelt on my knee pads focusing on fungi earlier today.


nedd Hi lol lucky you being able to get on your knees as for me I photographed trees after a short time I had to head home as my legs and feet were painfull, but at least it was good to get out and get a couple of photographs. Sam.



I had a accident at work where i had fell off the back of a lorry. The worse pain did not come on straight away but a cpl of weeks later. After bruising swelling went i had a increasing pain. i asked for some light duties untill pain subsided. a big NO came my way. my tasks were excavating by hand and laying tar-mac, concrete kirbs and slabs.

Forced into taking time off work. through financial dificulties i tried going back to work a few times asking each time for some light duties, the same no they kept repeating. Tried laying kirbs but could'nt. back on sick.

During this time i started seeing a consultant and after xrays and scans said the fall had set off arthritus in the hip.i had my hip injected with pain killers didnt work, then later came a operation called a arthroscopy that did not work eather. i was now desperate for money and needed to get back into work, i was now on a waiting list for a total hip replacement.

with the help of my consultant, the occupational health and being on the waiting list my employers were forced into giving me light duties.

my light duties were not decided until my return. bearing in mind my health problem was a extreamly painful hip, lower back and leg. i work for the council on highways department, so their light duties was a job on traffic control stop and go, thats the guys who stand at each end of road works with a sign.(human traffic lights) this job means you stand in one place all shift without moving. No walking off to stretch you legs or sitting down for reasons you can imagine and no breaks in 7 hrs. fit and able people struggle to stand still for a 1hr. light duties meant i had to do this all day.

Although i asked not to do stop & go they said it was light duties. by day 4 i refused and told them if this is all they had i was going home. they then asked if i go do a little painting. i said i try. then driving around sorting out paints, sheets, brushes, ect ect i was then shown what was needed. all ceiling needed painting in the offices. This was taking the mick. wanted me up a ladder stretching. they said thats all the light duties they had. i said bye bye and went back on sick.




edwolf Hi after reading your post I know just where you are coming from as my son works for a construction company and as he tells me about his job its heavy going and he thank God is fit. For them to ask you to do stop /go it only shows that your employer does not understand the term Light Duties. T hen today I hear that the Government want LONG TERM SICK (if you are of work for a month) As for myself I was out of work through illness for 26 years . I hope however that in the meantime you are on some pain killing medication prior to your op. Sam.


Amen to that.



Pirate185 dr will only give me zapain 30mg/500mg capsules which do nothing. this week im having a Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection. just hoping to be free of pain even if its for a short while.


edwolf I hope you get a result with this injection. Last week at the PainClinic I was asked if I had one of those injections I sad n o. In the meantime I am having a Patch to see if that will help with my pain I will see my doctor on the 19th of the month to get it prescribed.

Hope all goes well for you. Sam.


Thanks Sam


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