Hi its all in a days work be that working day 4 hours , I am finding it hard to type this with my hands cramping an also body cramps all bec

Well there you go even my brain is not working right. all because I was mopping hard at work ,I am now back to my usual 4 hours a day for 5 shifts . However I just wish that there was a light duty job not just for me but for all of us. How can a fit person possibly grasp the concept of the term light duties simply they cannot. and because of this we all suffer.

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  • Hello Pirate

    BOB here

    When I was at work I was a tech, they found that I was disabled and could not undertake heavy work. It was beyond thought that the work I was dong had very little lifting and I was working above my grade.

    So they put me in front of a medical board and guess what all the other jobs that they offered me was a reduction in salary, and guess what???. Plenty of lifting. I could not make it up, also one of my pals in the same office was the same and guess what?? they banged him down from tech and made him a basic clerical worker . what a daft system they had trained two techs costing thousands, they retired me crazy at that time

    Life is too complicated for me I can never work it out I suppose that is what we called disabled rights.

    All the best


  • Bob hi and yes I understand just where you are coming from. I am sure that many of us on this site would love to be able to get a genuine light duties job and work . Should anyone in glasgow be reading this and could offer me a full time light duties job please contact me via this site.

  • You can have a health and safety assessment, either via your works dept or privately (will cost) and they are obliged to meet the recommendations. This should include being redeployed to different jobs on same pay scale.

    Or if there are no suitable jobs, then they are obliged to provide aids and equipment to help you do your present job more easily.

    The CAB can help you out.

  • Hi Zanna I hear what you say however the job that I have and do is by far the lightest in the shop. I dread to think just what would be said if I said that sometimes its just to much for me . And I think the outcome would be bye bye. Its sad but there does not seem to be the light duty work out there for any of us.

  • Hello BOB here

    When I was retired on health grounds,both my doctor and theirs could not understand why they could not offer me restricted duties within the same department. The problem I had was bad attitude towards those who were disabled, many thought that you were pulling the wool over their eyes, even though you worked above your level and my work did not suffer as I was able to get around many problems with a little consideration from my supervisor

    Now I hope things have changed, now it is politically correct to give lip service to those who have physical problems although still it seems that with all this sole searching they can still think of you as a half person.

    I wish I was wrong

    All the best


  • Bob hi sadly what you came across is all to common more so these days ,its a sad reflection on our society at all levels. hope you are having a good day today.

  • When my job became too much for me, I became suddenly 'surplus to requirements' I wasn't in the job long and a week after being told our jobs were safe even though business was down a bit I had to take it easy with no lifting for 7 days as i was having a bad muscle spasm, could still do 90% of my work but as my three months trial was coming to an end they realised that they had overstaffed....hmmmm

    I had left my previous job as it was becoming WAY to much for me. I'm on sick certs now from my gp and it has been suggested to me that I may need to go on benefit long term. My previous employer had refused to put me on light duties when suggested by my gp, so I had no choice but to leave. A sad state of affairs...

  • PS. My job was also four hours five days but I found it very hard, especially sweeping mopping or any lifting or moving. I worked in an after school club, my previous job was in a creche, I am a qualified childcare worker, decided to change career from retail at 40, now at 48 looks like it's over...

  • Hi Mary am sorry to hear this . hope that you are on a good day today.

  • Hello BOB


    I was with that company for 26 years

    All the best


  • Hi Bob thats a very long time these days.

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