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Turn over

Turn over

Hi gang

Hope you have all turned over the calendar or you will be sure to miss uncle Jacks birthday tomorrow.

Choosing a new Callander has become a bit of a ritual. Hours are spent trawling though various shops. I do a reccie and then swoop on the the Callander of my choice in the new year sales. I refuse to pay full price even for the most tempting. Last year I flunked out and was fed up with Charlie and Lolla by the end of February. But most years the art work gives me hours of pleasure. This years is a Carl Larsson cheer me upper. I have motivational quotes copied year to year as well. It really is the little things that make life worth living don't you find. And certainly not letting the buggers get you.

However I do wish I could intimidate the pain into an inferior position. I am obviously not big enough. I want to be top dog for once.

This months is.

At the top of the page as it refuses to be pasted where I want.

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I shall certainly invest in a motivational one. I use a basic calendar big enough to keep up with appointments and debit orders otherwise I would forget everything! Thanks for the tip, love this one you have posted. Ann


Hi ann I just copy quotes I collect year to year on new Callander. I have to have a one of beauty it really is one of my daily delights catching site of it.

I quite often forget to look at up and coming dates so I still miss things.

Have a good week



turned over my calendar to my grandson grinning at me from the page, never fails to make me smile.

February is going to be a good month, I managed to socialise the weekend and stay away over night without much fuss and surviving the pain of not having my own bed.

Lets hope we all become Masters of our pain and beat it into submission and oblivion.



What l lovely thought. Masters of our pain. All for that.

Thank goodness for grandchildren they never fail to cheer me me.

Here raising a cuppa to you and many more enjoyable nights away.

The effort of just thinking about it can be off putting. Good for you.


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