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I have had trigeminal neuralgia and occipital bone neuralgia for about 14/15 years I take pregabalin 250mg twice dly, oxcarbazepine 300mg twice dly ,venlaflxine 75mg at night.

For pain I have zapain,MST,oral morphine 10mg in 5mls ( and ibuprofen if I have to it upsets my stomach ) but the neuralgia is driving me to distraction I have only slept for about 7 ours in the last 3 days, I would really appreciate any help you could offer

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Ask to see a neurologist or a pain clinic - either will be much better placed to advise on medications and treatments that will help better than what you are currently taking. I believe there are other meds that could be tried, but you would have to have proper medical advice about how to swap them over. A friend of mine got amazing relief from tegretol, even though her most recent GP was really reluctant to give it to her for some reason. She finally argued for it because she had had it in the past and it had worked really well (though still took several days to get through the pain). I think there are many other ways of dealing with it as well, but it does need a specialist if what the GP is giving you isn't working.


Agree with Earthwitch. The tricyclic antidepressants also work well with neuralgia - amytryptiline for example - but you clearly need a full review of all that medication and the Pain Centre has the experts.


You might consider trying gallium maltolate skin cream, sold as Gallixa on the Internet. Many people with trigeminal neuralgia have reported strong pain relief with no side effects.


Thanks for the help guys, I am under the care of a neurologist and pain team, I go for 4/6 mthly reviews but th pain team aren't interested in the TN only my back problems, and there not much help with that tobe quite honest.

It's the usual story most people don't understand chronic pain.


Gallium maltolate skin cream (Gallixa) has reportedly relieved back pain as well as TN and other types of chronic pain; more info can be found on the Gallixa dot com website.


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