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On going pain

Hi im new to this site and read your messages and dont like to join in but i realy relate to one of your members problems about a new knee problems i have spondylosis of the spine and osteoarthritis along with other health issues im 64 now and was diagnosed when l was 36 years old. 2 years ago last october i had a left knee replacement i had to find a surgeon who would do it because i had previously been told it would not enhance the quality of my life because of my spinal problems i do so wished i had listened to the first consultant who told me this because since i had it done i have had megga problems with recovery and the joint itself. l told the pyhsio in the begining there was seemingly something wrong as the pain was so intence i found the exercises bought me to tears time and time again. lt has taken 16 months to get the hospital to listen to the fact i couldnt hardly walk even around the house let alone outside and then they sugested that maybe i had a bone infection so again tests for that gladly it wasnt a bone infection so the conclusion from the hospital doctor after 2 years of comming and going they have now told me that i need another new knee to replace the new knee because when they renewed the knee they didn`t replace the knee cap ??? why i asked when they knew it was shot i had had micro surgery on both knees and there was no cartlidge left on either they were badly worn i asked was it due to funding or because i was never going to run a marathon the doctor at the hospital declined an answer. Is it my own fault well i think it is because i should have listened to the first consultant who gave me good strong advice i thought maybe i could have one area of my body pain free. There must be a lesson to be learned by my experience love and light to you all this season of goodwill from Lindy ~~~~~~~ p.s. am i having another replacement ( not on your nelly ) haha !!

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Hi Lindy.

So sorry to hear about your on going problems :-( I was extremely lucky in the surgeon I had who carried out my op. Bearing in mind I was 'only' 47 (!) he suggested that I had a signature Personalised knee replacement. Basically, the replacement is precision made to fit my knee & custom femoral & tibial positioning guides are used based on results from an MRI. I know 100% there is nothing wrong with my new knee but there have been many problems as a result of the surgery which unfortunately is going to require even more time. Can I suggest another source of information that may well help you? It's called "Bonesmart" and is run by an orthopedic nurse amongst others. It is for anyone either under going or who have had a hip or knee replacement. It has been a life saver for me but there is so much information available on this site & you can ask anything & I think you will be amazed to find out that maybe someone else has gone through the exact same thing but now with a better outcome?!! Anyway, it may just be worth a look! Wishing you all the best & hope you can get some help eventually :-)


Dear Mutely thank you so very much for this information i looked on the website last night and l will use it its very informative what a marvelous surgeon you must have to have done a personalised knee replacement. love and light to you in the hope that your knee problems will soon resolve themselves. you are so young, A very happy christmas and a healthy new year to you and your family from lindy ~~ p.s. i much apreciate your time to reply to my post ~~


Hi , I've just read your post and wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas. It sounds like you've really been through the mill. I have a friend with a very similar diagnosis to you and to be quite honest I can easily understand why you went ahead with the surgery. telling you a surgery won't enhance your quality of life because of your existing spinal problems isn't the same as telling you it may make things worse because of x, y and z. It's one thing telling you what you already know ( have arthritis and therefore you will never be able to do A and B) but did they not explain the potential problems? currently have arthritis which means you can't do **fill in the blank** this much we know, however because of your current condition if you go ahead you will very probably add to your list of problems with a whole load of other things? we all know that medicine is partly science and partly art but I don't think you should blame your self for thinking/hoping you could stop things getting worse with your knees. it's only the people like us who have had such difficult experiences that learn the hard way that modern medicine isn't necessarily all it's cracked (there's an awful lot of hype out there) up to be. I don't know if it's cultural or political or what but in this country we are so used to thinking that the NHS can fix so much.( Not knocking what they are good at because it's a fine institution or at least it does it's best. ) Do you think there is anything that the first surgeon (the one who wouldn't operate) could have said to you that would have changed your mind? I'm not doing the blame game here I'm just wondering if you think others could learn from your experience and if so what would you say to them (other than what you've already written :-)). I hope your Christmas is full of love and joy. xx


hi pinknosedcat, l have pondered the question myself about the first surgeon he was so right and spot on in what he told me l owe him an apolige really. l think i would say to anyone dont look for a miracle cure and listen to the surgeon dont look for someone who will do it for the sake of it .l have learned a hard lesson and his words have echoed in my ears i.e. you wont stand the recovery period pyhiso and aftercare because of the problems with in your spine. When you have a knee replacement there is a lot of pushing and pulling during the op and when i came round from the epidural and light sedation it was 7 pm that right i rolled the bed in agony not from my knee but my lumber facet joint area the pain was the worst i have ever experienced they had to call the emergency pain team to me. He ( the first surgeon ) had also told me a single knee replacement would hinder my life rather than improve it as mutipul joint replacements were needed ie hips and knees due to osteoarthritis and he said that maybe l would not withstand the pain physically and mentaly as it can cause depression . So yes the blame rests on my own shoulders because i made a wrong decision and just maybe as you say my story could help others to make their decision about their own way foreward i would never advise anyone on this matter as there are many many success stories too.

l do thank you for your time in reading and repling to me it means a lot to me. Seasons geetings to you too and love and light to you and your family. love lindy ~~~


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