Good Evening everyone, I hope you are having a nice day, pain allows. My day is a bit high.

As mentioned in previous posts, last one being over 3 weeks ago. I suffer badly from chronic pain in my back etc. I went to doc's Monday last and he was lovely with me (He was the one that told me that there nothing wrong with my back that exercise won't cure) well it's official my back is bad, disc, nerves etc and scoliosis. He put me on stronger painkillers and I feel like I'm high.

He's put me on Gabapentin and they are working but I feel high for an hour after I take them. I'm sleeping a lot better which is brilliant as my sleeping has been terrible. Is this normal???

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  • No , it's not normal for many of us to sleep well. 😈 You lucky soandso!

    I'm delighted that you have got sorted. Long may it continue.

    Gabapentin affects people in different ways- you seem to be doing well. Great.


  • I'm sleeping better than I've ever done as I take my Mirtazapine about three hours before my last dose of Gabapentin. So I'm not in pain at night as much, it's heaven after so many years of not sleeping. 😊

  • Whats sleep again

  • Hi Richymclaren98, it's only now I can dose myself up and have a decent night sleep. Before then it was very rare for me to sleep for a couple of hours a night. X☺

  • Glad you're finally getting sorted I have back problems myself and it's a nightmare. I was on gabapentin but unfortunately had to come off them. I didn't get the high you've said about they just knocked me to sleep so had to come off them. Hope they continue to work for you X X X

  • Hi Angecreed, there's nowt that the docs can do for my back as I've had the problem for so many years and told there was nowt wrong until they did a MRI scan and found problems with my discs, vertebrates and nerve damage. Since taking Gabapentin the pain isn't as intense as it used to be. X

  • I've been on gabapentin for a while. Started off 100mg now I'm taking 2,700 mg a day..nobody else I know takes it &few PpL have said that it's ridiculous amount as long with other medss I'm's what happens to me it can make me high ..but scary when i hallucianate from my meds.don't happen all the time but when it does it freeks me out. .sorry for the whopper msg.Just really glad to be able to chat with sum1 on same meds. Also take amtriptlyn to my an dulexotine120mg.feels like I'm facing this battle alone.coz I've never let a ny1 who has same as me.what makes it worse is knowing it's no cure,also difficult coz nobody can understand how much it breaks ur heart &how unhappy u feel inside. Sorry for going on.Just try my best to WEAR a smile keep strong &be brave. Xx

  • It is said that 900 of Gaba is the max effective dose - apparently the body can't absorb any more. So maybe that is something that could be discussed with your med team?

    Horizant is a gabapentin / enacarbil mix that is converted to gabapentin in the stomach - and so is more efficient and effective. I don't know if it is available everywhere.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Madlegs1, I take 3×300mg per day so 1 in morning, 1 in afternoon and 1 last thing at night. So far, all is good. Today is the first time that I didn't feel sky high. X☺

  • Same dose I rake 3x309 breakfast , dinner & tea.they don't give me bk side effects.!

  • Reading your reply I to know what it is like to be in so much pain .i have been in back pain lon----g time and made it worse by falling and have now fractured my spine waiting to see what is going to happen now,I find it hard to keep a smile on it I feel Pain is winning so your not the only one who feels so alone sorry for being down take care. Grumpygrampa

  • Hi Grumpygrampa, thank you for the reply. I'm sorry that you feel down and I hope you don't have to wait long for answers to your fractured spine. X☺

  • Lv the name..

    Think we all be grumpy.

    Sorry to hear of what u done.

    I've got a lovely spine surgeon but he can't do no more fir me , I left his office in tears 3 mth ago, he's rang me once a month , but some days makes u wonder y ur here.x

  • Hi Chopsarella, I only started taking Gabapentin since Monday. I'm now on 300mg a day, today is the first time I don't feel on a high. Don't be sorry for the whopper msg, it's good to talk. What do you take Amtriptlyn and Dulexotine 120mg for? ? as I've not heard of them???? Please, if you ever want to talk or msg me, I'm here. Chin up. Xx☺☺

  • Sorry, meant to say 900mg a day not 300mg.

  • I take amitriptlyne at night 50mg u work ur way up ..helps the nerves to relax it's an anticonvulsant.

  • Thanx THAT means lot's at the MOMENT GOT SOO much stress &WORRIES which isn't helpin pain amtriptlyn IS what spine specialist put me on cZ of THE PAIN. AFTER suffering for few yrs I actually got diagnosis IT'S worse LEVEL of fibro KEEPS gettin WORSE. .just wen I THINK it can't get any more both knee's are swollen and av lumps that FEEL LIKE sum KINDA water inside ankle's an feet also GETTIN hard 2walk just feel so alienated AND on my own.I try be brave an wear SMILE coz live WITH grandparent an dun like 2worry them JUS feels like I got no control over it.sorry 2MOAN my head feels CLOSE 2breaking point.AN that's ENOUGH moaning from me.REALLY sorry..hope UR ok.x

  • Morning Chopsarella, hope you are ok!!! Don't be sorry for moaning, if you want to moan, moan. One thing I do find helps with back pain is a lovely hot shower, when I shower I take ages as I let the warm water run down my back. It's heaven, my daughters know now that when I have a shower, I'm in there for ages. If you feel down just e-mail me and I'll try and help. I'm always here if you want to talk. Where do you live???? Chin up xx☺

  • Hi Chopdarella.

    I too take gabapentin I take 3x300mg 3 times a day. I also take morhine tablets and also morphine patches. I also wear a lidocaine patch for 12 hours i tend to wear this on a night so it eases my knee pain during the night. Thankfully I've not had any hallucinations like yourself. Have you not mentioned them to your gp. I'm also taking amatriptaline on a night to help me sleep as my sleeping is terrible. I have chronic pain in my right knee, right shoulder and my bk. I've had numerous operations on my right knee, due to this I have nerve damage on set of arthritis and hypersensitivity to my right knee. If I slightly knock my right knee the pain is horrendous.Gp and my consultant have now decided that any more operations will just make my pain worse. I'm 42 but feel more like 92. It makes me feel really depressed and frustrated that I can't do the things I use to be able to do... I talk to my husband, son and my best friend but until you suffer with chronic pain they can never understand how I'm feeling. I sometimes feel I'm the only 1 like this however talking to people on here I know I'm not. So I'm thankful for this forum as I'm sure many of u r too.


  • Hi chopdarella

    Hope I spelt that right

    Gosh u sound as bad as me except in ur knee.

    It's so hard on family, they don't understand, I'd give anything to be pain free one day, but I don't say nowt as I don't want others to feel sorry 4 me.

    I have good days & bad, struggle to get out of bed sometimes, but I do..

    We're all here 4 each other it's nice..

    I wish my spine surgeon would operate he won't as he could paralyse me!.

    Nice chat. X

  • Hi. That's exactly how I feel, i sometimes feel like a burden to my family I know I'm not but that's how I feel most days. I also have pain in my right shoulder made worse after surgery and also back pain. I often say to my husband it would be lovely to wake up pain free for just one day. I'm of to see my gp in a few days, I'm hoping to have a good chat with him about a few things maybe jigging my meds to try Something new I've been given a few ideas by others on here. But my big problem is, is that we've tried so many different things to get to where we are right now. Is a good help talking to others on here.

  • Hi sweets.iam on gabapentin, amitriptlyne, methocarbamol, zapain, a good concoxion, but still don't sleep well don't have any effects , people do say I sometimes forget what I sat but that's me!I take 900mg of gabapenti & 50mg of amitriptlyne. .gosh u take a lot.x

  • Omg that's a high dose.

    I rake 300mg 3 x a day.

    Been told I can't go no higher., they will offer another drug.

    Have u put on weight wiv gabapenti? .x

  • I have been reading some of your replies and I am a bit worried? I am on gabapentine and take 1200 three times a day, is this not a safe dose? I have neuralgia (facial) and this is the only medication that helps!

  • The dose of Gabapentin varies. I was on a high dose as well but it didn't help with my facial pain. If the doctor prescribed the dose, it is fine. My doc did blood tests to check things out every once in awhile. Now I take Carbamazapine, which helps a bit. I also had radiation four months ago for it. No relief yet.

  • Hi LesleyMG, 1200 dose 3 × a day must be safe if that is what the doctor advices. Also I know what it's like when you take something that doesn't work as that was me for yrs. It ended up me breaking down at my docs as I couldn't stand the intense pain any more so she arranged a MRI Scan on my back for me and the rest is history. X☺

  • Tnn

    Trigeminal nerve neuralgia, I've lost the bottom set , luckily going back nxt time it was a locum he saved my teeth & sent me to a neurologist, it's inoperable but they can courtesies the cheek nerve (cranial nerve) but with all the anticonvulsant meds I take to stop back pain I don't need it.

    Amitriptlyne is good for tnn.x

  • Glad they work for your pain. Word of warning if/when you come off them. Do it really, really slowly. personally I would do it even slower than recommended. Hope your pain stays under control.

  • Hi Nodmeister, thank you for your reply. It looks like I might be on Gabapentin for quite a while as there's nowt that they can do for my back as I've suffered over 20+yrs. Hopefully now my pain will be kept under control. X☺

  • Yes I got told u come dwn gabapentin very slowly.

    Amitriptlyne is a life long sleeping drug 4 me.x

  • I hope they monitor your EKG....I was on it for migraine headaches, and had to go off due to changes in mine.

  • What's ekg? Pls ..

  • electrocardiogram

  • its one of the side effects of the drug, cardiac changes. my prescriber never did the EKG prior to my starting on it, fortunately I'd had one done by another MD. I was in my 40s when I got started on it, had to go thru and extensive and expensive cardiac workup when the ekg came back abnormal. it's worth asking your prescriber about.

  • In uk we call it an ecg

    Where the put sticky tabs on ur & trace ur heart..

    I've got a heart murmur so have an ecg regularly.x

  • glad to hear that.....good to be monitored

  • They don't seem to be doing much 4 me..

    I'd lv natural remedies..but nowt touches it x

  • Back to the drawing board tash.

  • Yes it is..

    But need my surgeon yo really move this scar tissue & discs..but I don't want to put my life literally in his hands.x

  • Here's hoping. 😁💋

  • Gabapentin should not make you ''high'' perhaps its the euphoria of pain relief. I take 800mg of gabapentin 4 times per day together with 200mg 4 times a day of Amitriptyline for my thalamic pain.

  • I have thalmic pain. It's terrible and so far gabapentin 1800 mg didn't help and lyrica 300 mg is helping some but occasionally I'm still having breakthrough pain.i hope they can find something else that will help..

  • Hi I have been taking Gabapentin 900mgs a day for just over 4 months, for severe nerve pain, when I started taking them I felt so much better, but for the last couple of weeks I have been having quite a few side effects mainly a feeling like my head is shaking and twitching, I am due to see my GP later today as this has only started since I have been taking Gabapentin, I hope you are ok with them and glad to hear you are feeling much better.

  • Ho bentlyboo

    Iam also on gabapentin,muscle relaxants , pain killers & amitriptlyne,all for a back problem. I had a discoptomy 15yr ago, & in 14 I had an accident at work ,& slipped 3 more discs that are in Operabe, I've gained weight from taking the gabapentin, which sucks!but I feel no did different now to how I felt b4 I went on them..

    What mg r u on?.I take 300mg 3x a day.x

  • Hi Tash1971, I'm on 300mg 3× day, I was on Zapain as docs wouldn't give me any other painkillers and they didn't even touch the pain, I then had MRI scan and the docs realised I was right all along for 20+yrs that I DID have problems with discs, vertebrates etc they cant operate as my bones are rigid and they could paralyzed me so now the docs are so nice to me and prescribed me Gabapentin, I'm on a cocktail of other tablets as well.

    I keep going as my motto I is that there are people in worse pain than me. My animals and daughters keep me going, also I'm going to be a NAIN in October, can't wait.

    Chin up, you sound like a bubbly person. What tablets are you on?? and what other illnesses as well as your bad back have you got???? X☺

  • HI ya..

    I had a discoptomy in 2001 after waking one morning paralysed down the left leg, my son was 18 mths old at the time, within 4 days I was operated on, 2 prolapsed discs into my spinal cord, how I done it the Dr's don't know, I managed to get by hit told no more kids & no more horse riding , I was a keep horsewoman b4 , eventing & show jumping broke my heart to sell my magic horses but I had to..

    For 15 yr I plodded along, till Jan 14 at work I fell on an unsigned wet floor the roof was leaking due to a freak thunderstorm, the company offered me an ambulance as I hurt my hip , done the splits & felt a Twat ..but I've slipped 3 more discs, have a bursa in my groin, damaged my hip so bad I need a hip replacement but they won't do it due to my spine been so unstable..oh well.

    I'm at last on disability the daily living allowance, my hip surgeon signed me off but he now chg his mind he want me back in Nov, he given me a hip & bak brace to buy to help with muscle wastage - it don't work! .

    Like u say there r others worse than us , but I feel really bad some days , I don't even tell my family how bad as it's not me..

    We're very much the same..I do manage to sleep quite well but it's on my back & my hubby now says I snore!! Oh no another problem...

    Life has to go on.

    Glad I found this site.x

  • Hi Tash1971, youve been through it all. My back problems started back in 1970/80 when I was a cyclist and had quite a couple of bad accidents then 1987, docs put epidural in the wrong part of my back when having my first daughter. After that I was diagnosed with a slipped disc and 2 trapped nerves so put on traction then couple of yrs later got diagnosed with scoliosis but left to cope by myself as doc died. Gave up horse riding, show jumping like you, also gave up cycling. Slowly things got bad, diagnosed with Emphysema, Fibromyalgia,had bladder cancer twice etc.

    Then I started to get really bad pain in back and sciatica in my right leg etc, doc gave me painkillers but eventually they stopped working. Then two years ago I started waking up paralyzed from waist down still nowt done then last Christmas broke down at docs and after MRI scan found out my back is really bad and nothing can be done. So now I manage as best as I can. Can't take dogs for walk, can't walk for long at all, can't do a lot of things but I've got my head and brain.

    I keep going as this isn't going to beat me. I've seen too many people give up. I know there's nowt anyone can do for me. Yes, I screaming on the inside but I keep smiling. X😊😊

  • Yes, Dr. told me that is a common side effect. Does the same thing to me.

  • Hi Bentleyboo

    Great that you're able to get some sleep now!

    I take 2400mg of Gabapentin a day along with Tramadol for breakthrough pain for Neuropathy. I feel like a zombie most days on them, they make me so sleepy, well, it's either them or the Tramadol or a mix of both!

    I've put on quite a fair bit of weight with the Gabapentin and also I get body jolts. I have talked to the doc at the pain clinic about coming off them because of the weight gain, but also I'm a bit wary to as they do work to take the edge off my pain.

  • I had knee replacement just over 2 months ago, and was not sleeping the first month much at all. I went in to see my primary MD, she put me on 300mg Gabapentin at like a charm. Never get feeling high, just sleepy

  • Hi Bentleyboo, I take a gabapentin (150 mg) when I climb into bed for the night. It does make me a little droggy or dizzy for about an hour, then it passes and I sleep very good. I have back issues and can't sleep without the gabapentin. Good luck

  • Hi Sharonbeth, I now take Gabapentin about an hour before bed. It's trial and error at the moment. ☺☺

  • Been in continuous pain since 1969. nothing relives the pain, on maximum dosage of 18. pain killers a day, made up of paracetamol and Gabapentin. I get a mooned to them very quickly, the only thing they do is to make me very tired all the time.

  • Hi Bobscott, so sorry to hear that you are in continuous pain. Where is the pain??? I've been in continuous pain for 20+yrs and now I'm that use to the pain that if I have a pain free day, then it's a miracle. My pain is always worse in the winter, cold and damp days or when I've done too much. Earlier this year I had a walk in shower put in and its heaven. When I took my Gabapentin at night, it use to make me very sleepy so now I take them about an hour before bed. Chin up and take care, hopely things will get better for you. I'm here if you need to talk. ☺☺

  • Hi Bentleyboo, I think the quickest answer is where have I not got pain! As I have degenerative joint disorder, basically means all my joints are shot to pieces. Take this morning I went out back to cut the lawn, it's not large and I have a power mower, when I had finished my right hip was in tremendous pain, then I had to go to the town to do a little shopping, my left hip started to play up. I am already suffering from a Carpel Tunnel in my left wrist and two disc trapping nerves in neck and shoulder, so far seen two Consultants still waiting to what conclusion as to what they intend to do. I have knee joints go out as I try to climb the stairs plus painful ankle joints that go out in I walk on rough or bumpy surfaces, I get high temperatures in face and head like a burning sensation. I am on 8. Paracetamol's a day plus 8. Gabapentin and another tablet to try to help me cope, as well as a host of other tablets given to people of a certain age.

    Cheers I hope you have the skipping rope out. Bob.

  • Gabapentins makes me exhausted any suggestions

  • It does make you sleepy if you sit down but as long as you're up and doing things then i was usually wide awake

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