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Acute subdural haematoma recovery

I suffered a hematoma 3 months ago after a vicious attack on a night out. It's the first time I've reached out for help but I am struggling with the psychological side of it all. Any little pain I feel I instantly hit the panic button. Also where my incision was is just a constant shooting pain like little lightning bolts. All of this is apparently normal but it's just difficult after being the outgoing person I was to the shy guy with no confidence I now am.

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Hi there,have you spoken to your g.p about how exactly you feel?Iam not an expert but there is something called post traumatic stress syndrome which may be something that you are experiencing.You need to be open and honest with your doc about your feelings.They then can try to help you in the best way they can,maybe offering counselling as an option.Iam so sorry that you had this aweful incidence and hope that you can find ways to move forward x


Hi, Yeah they have said that I could be going through exactly that. I have had a telephone assessment with a councillor and they said I needed a face to face appointment but 7 weeks later I'm still waiting. It's been a very difficult 3 months and I feel I'm slowly getting back to myself, I feel there is one big hurdle I need to get over and that is the psychological side. It doesn't help that the people that did this have got away with it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me.


There are plenty charities and organisations that offer free counselling contact CAB to find the ones in your area. They often don't have long waiting lists.


I'm sorry to hear about what's happened to you. You are not the first person I've come across who has been attacked in this way whilst just going about their business and has suffered for some considerable time afterwards - it's not just the physical scars and the pain. And perhaps, some of the hurt is from knowing the attackers haven't paid for what they've done.

I do know of one young person who has come out the other side from something like this. I hope you get the support you need without having to wait too much longer.


There have been properly researched investigations which have showed that counselling can make things much much worse.

Emotions and body action have a relationship. Fear and breathing have a relationship. It is a normal human reaction to have an emotional spike in regard to a traumatic incident. The emotional spike if left to itself will die down with time. Do things that engage yourself and don't go near places late at night that are mugging spots.

With time and explosure to safe places where attacks do not happen the problem will disapear of its own accord, By engaging with safe spots you show the body that it is safe and what happened was a rare event which you have taken steps to avoid happenning again.


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