2.15 (lunch) they wheeled me down to theatre and 6.15pm I woke up, very briefly. I have been in and out of sleep till now at 3.52 am. No food, not even a slice of dry toast and only sips of water. i am hungry and trust my own mind so i am so glad i tucked away a bar of chocolste, so from behind the curtain as quietly as possible its me opening the wrapped. lol,,,,,My operation was conducted via my stomach. I have turned in bed and my only pain was that of a tummy punch. So good so far. Looking forward to brekie !!!!!!!!

More tomorrow good nite x

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  • So glad all went well and I hope you continue to improve and lead a wonderful, full life. Spinal surgery has come on on leaps and bounds. There doesn't appear to be a forum for success stories. Please keep us informed.

  • I will,,, this is also what I found very little success stories, only tails of misery ......

    Breaking wind like a trooper today which is good sign my bowls are happy, so I get rewarded with food ,,,,,

  • What part of your spine has been operated on?

  • Hello Bob here

    Well done

    Hope all goes well with Specialist


  • Lower spine I think L1 L4,,, entry was via my tummy.

    Just had my drains removed and sitting in chair next to bed. They say all being well home on Saturday.

  • Happy to hear a positive response from you as I am also due for my op. Keep on the updating us please. Take care.

  • Hard day today, as I had surgery from the front. My bowels are not happy. Lots of wind trying to get out very painful, feels like I have been punched. All other things considered I have no back pain, Hooray!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I am told, I can walk a little bit.

    Did you hear me say No Back Pain,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wonderful News Little Steps At A time !

  • Good to see all has went well for you mich6666....nice to hear that your pain free in your back... oh how I wish for this op, but I keep getting told NO.

    But am glad for you....

    Take care.....


  • Change your doctor like I did. I was told I also was not recommended for this. But I was determented .

  • How are things progressing Michelle?

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