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Osteo pain

I have osteo arthritis in hands, feet and knees, I am unable to tolerate strong pain killers, even co codamol 15/500 make me ill. I am unable to take anti inflammatories because of acid reflux and asthma and high blood pressure.

I have a telephone consultation with my GP today and I am not sure what to ask for, I was wondering if I could have steroid injections into my fingers,(all of them at the same time)? as they are all so painful that it is making me feel nauseous and I can't do much with them.

My next appointment with the rheumatologist isn't until the 19th September, I'm not sure I could last until then without something to help with the pain.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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Hello BOB here

I understand you have sarcoidosis, also with your arthritis (Rhumi and Osteo) so what kind of medications do you take at the moment. If you are taking so many different types it may be contra indication caused by your medical soup that is preventing pain medications to work properly.

In what area do you suffer from your prime problem above,

If medications now have become a problem you may be able to use a TENS machine to treat the joints that are giving you problems. A PAIN PEN may be useful they act like acupuncture and would possibly help your fingers. One company that is on the net is BODY CLOCK they sell various machines that fall into these groups

Splints for hands and fingers may help you with manipulation.

Steriods can be given by mouth or injection they can help although the tablets are generally given over short periods, Medications of a different group called Methotrexate, Sulfersalazine etc have been used in the past may help you . Confirm with GP and specialist . If the Sarcoidosis is in the lungs you will most probably not be able to take this group, of tablets or injections as they can effect the lungs, contra indications can be bad and so you would need blood tests and lung function tests as a matter or course quite regular. Methotrexate can be injected, I think weekly.

Hope this helps, the medications mentioned above are only suggestions, only a GP or Hospital Specialist could confirm their use as they know your full prognosis and condition

Please excuse spelling

All the best



Hi bob, thanks for your reply, I have Asthma, Sarcoidosis in both lungs, diabetes, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis of hands, feet, knees and now my hips are playing up!!!, dry eyes, ear problems, ibs, to name but a few!!!

I take prednisolone 5mg per day for sarcoid, been up to 30 mg over the last 3 years now down to 5mg and hoping to reduce further, I also have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and take meds for these. I take metformin for the diabetes, pregabalin (lyrica) for the Fibro, 8 paracetamol per day, inhalers for Asthma, have had a steroid injection in my knee in May and worked great.

Just been able to make a private appointment with Rheumy consultant for Thursday 6th September. Hope he will be able to do something for my hands as they are really painful, stiff and swollen especially my fingers.

I have a TENS machine and have used one for 12 years for Fibro, but not suitable for hands unfortunately, the pain pen caused me more pain as my muscles are so tender from the Fibro. I have not tried the splints, these may help with the hand and finger pain.

Thank you for all your suggestions, will take them up with consultant next week.



Hello BOB here

Sad you have so much of a mouthful. If you need a chat we are always here for you, to give support and an ear too bend. Life is very cruel and we all need a crutch that will listen and give some advice if possible.

Good luck for next week let us know how you get on

All the best BOB

Keep a hold


Hello Jan

BOB here, just a thought

Possibly with your feet you have problems like me, what you could do if you have not done yet is to suggest a visit to a podiatrist, who can supply inserts or even shoes that will take the stress out of your feet.

The shoes they supply these days are of a vast selection and will be made to suit your condition so you may get some relief from that department.

If you are also having problems with cutting nails etc you could also get possibly a chropidist who will look after your feet, all this should help you feeling better about yourself

Give it a try. if not already.



Thank you Bob, I see a podiatrist every 12 weeks due to the diabetes, I have a corn which he treats and trims nails too, if my OH hasn't already done them. I saw him a few weeks back and he said I have bursitis of the Achilles' tendon which we have to keep an eye on. Also I have cracked nail on my big toe which he says is due to the arthritis. No suggestions about inserts or shoes as of yet.

Will let you know how I get on with the Rheumy next week.



Hello Jan

You really are being put through the pain mill at the moment and I really hope your appointment brings you some answers. Our bodies are so frustrating when they do not behave the way they should. as Bob said please let us know how you get on and I really hope that the support here helps you get through the next few weeks.

I am sorry I have no magic answers I use aural morphine for break through pain I do not if that would help you at all.



Hello nutty, thanks for your support it really makes a difference when there is someone else who knows what pain we are going through. I have had oramorph before and it did help with the headaches I was suffering with at the time, perhaps I will suggest I try it again for my fingers etc. I will let you know how my appointment goes next week.

Thanks again for your support



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