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Just been referred to the Chronic Pain Management Clinic after consultants and docs fail to have diagnosis. What can I expect from clinic?

Left hand side weakness and pain, tingling in feet, codiene, paracetamol and ibuprofen during day but amitriptyline and morphine at night to try to help me sleep. Been going on over a year and a half but recently worse hence morphine. Tried nefopam and tramadol but no relief, morphine better but still have some nights when I have to get up unable to sleep. Making me tired during day struggling to maintain a healthy life balance.

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You have come to the right place to find that out.

Kello CWG - hope that's right?

You will probably be seen by the pain Nurse who knows almost as much as the consultant. All the questions about wwhat hurts where. medication etc. Full history.

You may be sent for tests or scans but that isn't the job for the Chronic Pain clinic. All that should have been done long ago. We always call them the Last Chance Saln !

They may not be able to give you a diagnosis but they will have plenty of ideas how to help.

There is a cupbard full od all sorts from pain killers, anti inflamatory gels, pysio, acupuncure, injections for nerve blocks etc

They may not have the right cocktail to start with - especially as you are already taken pretty strong stuff.

The will allso teach you self management. This is hard but does work.

It teaches you to only do small tasks if and when. Stop doing before your worse pain kicks in. Learn to pace yourself. You will never be able to do what you used to do so never try.

Our CPC is run by a wonderful consultant who is a very good friend. Bacled up of course by admin and Nurses.

Some clinics are better than others - ours have always been brilliant.

Go with an open mind - listen and read the info given.

Good Luck

Pat x


Thanks Pat, hope it does what it says on the tin! Very confused really, what doc described at one time as post stroke pain syndrome without really having a stroke(or so I was told last year by stroke/TIA clinic that it was unlikely I had) all from a doc concerned over the weakness in left leg to what I have now.


Hello Bob here

If they have failed an understanding what is wrong, they will first discuss your condition with you, they will recommend various coping skills and possibly try and work what is wrong Pain Clinic can refer you onward to further courses that are additional to the skills that they will show you, relaxation, pacing posture etc, if they feel that your condition will require further treatments they will pass you along the corridor to other departments that may help.

We are taught that in some instances we need to take over the management of our own pain and will be taught how to use TENS and other treatments that may help.

One thing you may pick up is that it is not the strength of medications you take but how you manage the dose using your coping skills and other techniques .

The course is interesting, as long as you go in with an open mind and be responsive to new ideas you should get a great deal out of it. Remember it is a relationship between You, GP, and Pain Clinic you will get out as much as you put in, you learn many novel views, that will serve well.Be positive

All the best



Hi CWG2210....

I agree with Bob, the pain clinic sessions are good, they do give you idea's on how to live with your condition. Some of it you may think it's irrelevant for you, but stick with it, as what you do find out about your condition will help you in the long run...

Take care



I hope you get some help from the pain clinic. I have been a regular attender at mine for a long time. It has been trial and error, but I think you have to remember that chronic pain is complicated and there is no quick fix.

Some clinics tend to be on-to-one with a doctor or nurse who will prescribe or suggest things, others seem to be more about working on coping with your pain. Others may be able to offer you things like acupuncture or massage.

The other thing to remember is that the clue is in the title of the department : "Pain MANAGEMENT" rather than "cure". They should be able to help you to take steps to get some relief from your pain and deal with it more easily in the long run. Keep an open mind.

Good luck.


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