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I have a heel spur and plantar fascitis, also had a popping sound about 4 months ago and still in pain, please help

I was diagnosed with a heel spur just over a year ago, I have had 3 steroid injections but with no relief, Had a popping sound and severe pain about 4 months ago, went to A&E told to get another injection and this would cure it, as this hasnt happened had mri 5 weeks ago saying looks like it had ruptured got results saying poss rupture or tear got a lump underneath apparently, nothing they could do, go home take painkillers (tramadol) and it will heal itself, surely if after 4 months the pain has got no better, it wont heal itself, Please any advice as so fed up being in pain the whole time.

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So sorry you are in constant pain. I have plantar fasciitis too. I've been given great insoles with really built up arch supports, as mine is due to very high arches. The insoles really help. I never walk barefoot anymore. Wearing slight heels help too. Go back to GP or podiatrist. Keep trying.


Many thanks for replying have got intouch with a podiatrist hoping to see next week, how long have you been suffering? Have already tried insoles but don't help unfortunately all suggestions much appreciated


I bought some plantar fascitis splints on the internet and they work wonderfully. I wear then in bed - with a pillow between my knees - and they work wonder for the next day. You could try these.

Hope this helps. S x

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