The Scottish Parliament

My Blog about the Parliament visit has gone from the site I did not move it

I also find this site jumpy ie, it jumps back to the initial page all the time especialy when I have my page on at the forum. I am on another site and there is no problem.London Based

I have said in the past I have had posts removed but not by me nor could I find them any where in the site

I find when I give a reply to some people they dont even bother to reply on a lot of occasions

This is supposed to be a self help group but some folk dont bother to reply

The Topics are removed as well and unless tou wright a name down you have had it.

I dont think I am at fault here , just curious

Kind regards moggiemay

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  • you only had to put Scottish Parliment in the search engine


  • Hello

    BOB here

    Have not been on site for a week now so did not see your script, looked , not there could you have cleared it in error , sometimes I have sticky fingers and do something exotic.

    Generally I will always send a reply if needed, I am always return messages as required

    If I have failed to do this will not do it again.

    All the best


  • Hi Bob. I haven,t written to you ever. Thank you for the reply and thanks to Bowbells and Kevscar. I think I have said before that I am new to this caper but now I am realy stupid,

    Please where is the Search Engine??? I do live near a railway station!!! I hope to get another PC lesson from you clever people !! I do have some talents but they are hidden

    Thank you all again, Moggiemay.

  • Hello

    Search engine is Google etc. nothing to do with railways

  • Yes moggiemay, your blog is all there, just have to ask the search engine. Thanks for posting. I must say I was confused by the figures that came out of this debate: treatment at Bath, for a 3 week inpatient programme (those who are more able stay in flats nearby, provided by the hospital), works out at £595 a day inclusive of all classes, consults and treatment. This is CHEAP by NHS standards. I'm not sure how the MSPs think they can create a centre any cheaper. After all one night in a hospital bed costs way more than £595. I personally am happy to go to Bath (if someone will pay) where there is long standing expertise and teams that have worked together for a long time. I think the money needs to go into educating GPs and A&E staff (Pain patients can be in "acute" episode, just as asthmatics and diabetics), from whom I've suffered far more damage. An NHS treatment code for pain would be a good start. There isn't one, so we don't exist lol!

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