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The Scottish Parliament

My Blog about the Parliament visit has gone from the site I did not move it

I also find this site jumpy ie, it jumps back to the initial page all the time especialy when I have my page on at the forum. I am on another site and there is no problem.London Based

I have said in the past I have had posts removed but not by me nor could I find them any where in the site

I find when I give a reply to some people they dont even bother to reply on a lot of occasions

This is supposed to be a self help group but some folk dont bother to reply

The Topics are removed as well and unless tou wright a name down you have had it.

I dont think I am at fault here , just curious

Kind regards moggiemay

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you only had to put Scottish Parliment in the search engine




BOB here

Have not been on site for a week now so did not see your script, looked , not there could you have cleared it in error , sometimes I have sticky fingers and do something exotic.

Generally I will always send a reply if needed, I am always return messages as required

If I have failed to do this will not do it again.

All the best



Hi Bob. I haven,t written to you ever. Thank you for the reply and thanks to Bowbells and Kevscar. I think I have said before that I am new to this caper but now I am realy stupid,

Please where is the Search Engine??? I do live near a railway station!!! I hope to get another PC lesson from you clever people !! I do have some talents but they are hidden

Thank you all again, Moggiemay.



Search engine is Google etc. nothing to do with railways


Yes moggiemay, your blog is all there, just have to ask the search engine. Thanks for posting. I must say I was confused by the figures that came out of this debate: treatment at Bath, for a 3 week inpatient programme (those who are more able stay in flats nearby, provided by the hospital), works out at £595 a day inclusive of all classes, consults and treatment. This is CHEAP by NHS standards. I'm not sure how the MSPs think they can create a centre any cheaper. After all one night in a hospital bed costs way more than £595. I personally am happy to go to Bath (if someone will pay) where there is long standing expertise and teams that have worked together for a long time. I think the money needs to go into educating GPs and A&E staff (Pain patients can be in "acute" episode, just as asthmatics and diabetics), from whom I've suffered far more damage. An NHS treatment code for pain would be a good start. There isn't one, so we don't exist lol!


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