Buzzing and vibrating all over

Hi. I posted about this before. I have severe buzzing in my feet and vibrations in my back. A heavy right foot and bad wrist pain and tingling in my hands as well as awful back pain!!!! Lots going on. The EMG tests showed no nerve damage and my back scans showed bulging disks but no nerve impairment.... So how can I have all these symptoms without some kind of nerve impairment?? I did have a tumor on my neck which was removed over a year ago.But don't think its the cause of all this, maybe some but not all of the symptoms. Surely there must be some nerve problem. The Neurologists dont really give me answers.

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  • Hi Rocky1

    Have you had an MRI scan as this is a much more indepth scan that shows nerves spinal cord and fluid if thd disc is bulging it may be hitting a spibal nerve then moving .I would ask your doc to referr you for an MRI.Hope this helps.

  • Hi sasdav67 Thanks for your reply. yes I have had an MRI scan but it doesn't seem to show trapped nerves... I don't understand how with all my symptoms it isn't showing a trapped nerve. I wonder if my scan has been read incorrectly or if they have done it at an angle that may have missed something?

  • Your muscles can give many of the symptoms you describe.

  • It maybe fibromyalgia? I'd get checked. Then maybe see a pain specialist. Hope this helps sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

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