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Over the last two years we have had our dog Pax, He was separated from his mother in Northern Ireland when only five weeks old, then sent down to Darlington Dogs Trust.

One of the things we have noticed regarding his habits is that He prefers to lie on the floor, We have always wondered why He does this when he has his own blanket dog bed and cushions, All we can think of is that as a puppy He had nowhere to relax in a comfortable way, so it is what He knows from His past that is dictating what He prefers a hard life on hard floors.

Pain seems to be the same, we continue our life of hard choices when it comes to pain and chronic illness over long periods of time.and confirm by our actions the hard knocks we have from a multitude of organizations and medical professionals. This does not mean that we want to be uncomfortable in our medical conditions and life choices. What it could be that like Pax we hang onto these forced conditions that are offered to us now and in the past. This does not need to be the case we can strive to become more comfortable in our own skin, too Hell with everyone else we deserve to be comfortable and make those negative life choices a thing of the past. and shout from our corner.

One of the main problems we can have regarding above we become frightened of change, What if??, comes to the fore or will I upset someone ?, other reasons , can are not listed here. Life is to short to allow these feelings even when negative thought prevent us making these changes. Just like Pax and his cushion, life is soft why make life hard, we all deserve a pain free life sitting on a comfortable seat. We do not need to be frightened regarding these positive changes.

If we fail, we pick ourselves up and try something new we try and become a master of our life, no matter how awkward life can become, we deserve it for ourselves not for other parties

All the best


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Like Pax, I prefer to sit on the floor, especially in the winter, right on top of the fire. But it is a very bad thing for me, and results in stiffness and pain, and some middle-aged groaning as I get up. So I have stopped doing it and my knees have stopped complaining.

My physio recommended lying on the floor on my back for 5 minutes every day. "What? Just lie there and do nothing? I can't do that, I'm much too busy!" Well, I have been doing it (maybe not every day but more than before the little pep talk), and it's quite enjoyable just doing nothing, having time to day dream... And it hasn't exactly messed up my schedule either.

So yes, we have choices. We can keep doing the things we do that are habits and seem impossible to break, or we can have a go at making changes- which isn't as easy as it sounds sometimes - but it can give a bit of control back over the overwhelming forces of pain, and it doesn't have to be anything dramatic.


If your back aches I find if you lie on the floor with legs at 90 degree angle onto a chair it can be very relaxing. Used to love lying or sitting on floors, old age is creeping closer and too much aches. Need soft cushions but what the heck, pain does mean you need to adjust a little or a lot, but habits can be too safe and a little change can sometimes open up new possibilities. Life is too short and you should find comfort or pleasure where you can


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