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3 months

Hi Everybody,

This friday is my first visit to the Oncologist since September 30th, the fear that I have in me is terrible, my stomach is in knots and I have tension in my stomach which gives me stomach upset, I have been told that all is well so far and that i'm at a good starting point [C125 at 19 from 10.000] I just need to get on with my life and do what I always do! can anyone give me a pep talk to relax me, does each visit get easier or harder? nothing like living on the edge or should I say numbers!!!


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Hi Sarah,

I find that getting all the information in advance always helps me not to worry. You say your ca125 is 19 - did you have that taken this week? If not, you could go to your gp and have the nurse take your bloods this week and get the result before your appt - then there's nothing to worry about!!

Nothing but a quick pelvic exam to confirm that there are no lumps will happen on the day; so don't worry; be happy!

Best wishes,



Yes, it does get easier. The first is by far the most difficult and stressful. Try to relax, do deep breahing exercises, practise thinking of something else, a holiday on a far away beach.


I found it gets easier with each visit, too, but that didn't stop me worrying the couple of night's before an appointment! It's natural to worry, but the team at my hospital are always so reassuring, so a quick phone call to the CNS always did the trick in the early days. Good luck on Friday. Let us know how you get on

Love Wendy xx



I really know how you feel, we could drive ourselves mad with the "what ifs". I was surprised how many symptoms I still had in my abdomen and yet was fine at check up. It is mentally exhausting hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. It gets a bit easier, look how far you have come already.

All the best x


Hi Sarah

You are not alone. My next appointment is on Friday also. I have been going every 3 months to the Oncolgist since my chemo finished in September 2010 and I still worry just before I go. Unlike a lot of ladies on here I don't have CA125 blood tests only the examination. Although I am at a loss to understand how they can feel anything under all the flab that has become my stomach since my surgery. Good luck on Friday.

ChrisR x


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