3 months checkup

Hello, I completed my chemo in January with stage 1c clear cell carcinoma. February's Ct scan came back all clear and my ca125 was down to 8, praise Jesus! May 8th I returned back to my oncologist for my now 3 month routine visit. She ordered another CA125 and it came back 7, another praise! My question is how often does your oncologist order a Ct scan? Since clear cell has a high recurrence rate that could come back to the stomach, kidney, or lungs. Don't you think it's of necessity to order a Ct scan as well? I was Just wondering what your visits Intel. Thank you.

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  • Don't have an answer but I'm interested in what others say: I'm stage 1a clear cell carcinoma, two thirds way through chemo. Would be nice to know what to expect.

  • Usually no scans unless symptoms. It's a new routine after chemo and takes some adjusting to

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Hi I too finished my chemo in Jan, ct in Feb and got an NED in March! I am stage 1c2 high grade serous. Got my first 3 month check on the 23rd with the surgeon, them 3 months later with the onco. Been told no blood tests or scans only if I report symptoms...........doesn't feel right. x

  • I was told that too, I assertively and politely asked for one scan and said I wanted blood tests each visit (3 monthly). I did get both

    Clare xx

  • Good. I'm going to request scans as well. ThAnk you.

  • I suppose in my case its because in the very beginning my CA was 13. I am still going to ask though. How are you doing Clare? xx

  • I had a scan after one year. Levels stayed low for three years but was only offered bloods until I recurred then I was scanned

    LA xx

  • Where did it recur?

  • Pelvis which is common. Had surgery recurred again after 18 months pelvis peritoneal and liver areas

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