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CT results

Can't believe it but my CT scan was clear ! CA125 rising but my oncologist has decided that that is a red herring and not to take too much notice of it , next appt in 3 months..I just want to say Thank you to all you ladies, we all get scared,we all worry and we all try to put on a brave face to our nearest and dearest, we all have our ups and downs. This site has given me friends and support which has helped me sooooo much. Thank you all. Have a great Christmas and heres to 2012 whatever it holds. Love to you all. Sue xxxx

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Excellent news, Sue.

That's the best Christmas present you can get!




Great News Sue.

Your in the same boat as me, Im free till the end of January.

Yes we Ladies sail many a "Stormy Sea" but we do it (well done us).

Now have yourself a "Fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year.

Luv Trish x x


Dear Sue,

Wonderful news for you," Have yourself a Merry little Christmas with your family, and A Healthier New Year ".

Suzieque xxxxx


Wondderful news. Enjoy Christmas now

Love Susie soapsudsxx


Great news Bosue! Have a good Christmas.

Love Lizzie



Wonderful news Bosue. Have a wonderful Christmas

Love Anna xx


Great news Sue. Now you can forget all about oc during Christmas and the New Year, have a wonderful time and look forward to the Spring.

love Angela


Fantastic news xxxx


Brilliant news,have a lovely Christmas ,Love Sue xxx


Fantastic news Sue xxx


Well done, have a great Chistmas and very happy new year. Meryl XXXX


I'm thrilled for you Bosue. Happy Christmas and best wishes for a Blessed New Year

Eleni x


Fantastic news! Just what we all need at this time of year. I hope you can have a few quiet moments to take it all in and breath a sigh of relief.

Bless you!



Thanks everyone for your good wishes, after fallng down the stairs got mibile enough to visit Grandchildren in Cornwall and twisted my knee getting onto the coach!! managed to get there with help of wheelchairs and hydraulic lifts getting on and off coach a visit to hospital in Plymouth hospital before evening getting to Allen and Clares!! spent nights on settee and days on crutches but a good time was had by all great to see the grandchildren, nothing was going to stop me seeing them. Hope you all had a good Christmas. xxx


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