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I keep getting lower abdominal pain, backache and groin pain although my cancer tumors have shrunk considerably

and I have finished my 2nd chemo treatment (recurred after 2010) I am on Avastin every 3 weeks and my consultant cannot find anything to cause these pains. Some days I have no appetite, extremely constipated and just have no energy to get out of bed has anyone else had these complaints. I was first diagnosed with OC 2010 then recurrence in 2012. I don't seem to be able to plan a day and it is getting me down.

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Dear LittleWelshLady

I'm really sorry to hear you're so uncomfortable. It's good you've been back to your consultant just to check these problems aren't things relating to Avastin that you should be worrying about. It's really good the tumours have shrunk so it's clearly working well for you.

I don't suppose that feeling so poorly at the moment you'd be interested in joining a support group but I thought I'd mention it because we start one in SE Wales tomorrow.

Our SE Wales Ovarian Cancer Support Group will take place on the last Wednesday of each month in Churchill's Hotel in Llandaff, Cardiff. It will run from 11 to 12:30. If you feel like joining us please get in touch: - I'm also a Wales ROCC for Ovacome so please get in touch if you feel I can be of any help or support.

Hopefully you'll get some helpful advice on these problems from the lovely ladies here on the site. It's good to get to know you.

love Annie xxx


Thanks Annie for your reply. It would be great to join a Support Group but I live in Swansea and at the moment it is just a little further away from me than I would care to travel, but you never know one day. Even talking through the PC makes me feel there is support out there, thanks again love Sue xx


Hi. I live in Crynant which is just outside Neath. I am going to the support group so if you want a lift I can meet you on junction 43 and you can come with Griff and me.


Jean xxxxx


Hi Sue and Jean - next Support Group will be Wednesday 24 April at Churchill's in Cardiff. I'd imagine once we get to know more people locally we'll organise groups in your local area and perhaps all get together every so often.

It would be lovely to see you both next time if you're up for it. We had lunch in the bar after the meeting with some of the family members. It was really enjoyable. xxxx love Annie


I'm not sure what stage your disease is at or how you've responded and continue to respond to treatment. I'm now Stage IV and I had a partial response to treatment in 2011. My cancer is still growing but at a slow rate at the moment so I'm being monitored. I have lots of adhesions which don't go away once the tumours have shrunk so basically, there is very little free movement in the abdomen because the cancer is throughout it. I do have pain which is controlled by painkillers and I do get diarrhea and constipation. I take Movicol for the constipation which draws water into the bowel. My oncologist told me to use this instead of the husk treatment which she said wasn't gentle enough. Some days, I too find it difficult to get out of bed because I'm so tired and when I hear about people with this type of cancer running marathons, I think that the disease must affect them differently or they're at a different stage to me. I have trouble with my appetite and feel full very quickly. The digestive thing also causes me to feel bloated and uncomfortable. I count this as the new me and have accepted it. I don't really take too much notice when I'm told to try to do normal things because a lot of the time, I can't. Even filling a few plant pots in the garden can send me back to be to bed exhausted. I don't feel depressed and so can't accept the tiredness is psychological. These are real symptoms of my disease and when I get people telling me to get fit, I just look at them and wonder if they may understand more if they had x-ray vision and a little more empathy. it's hard for some people to acknowledge what it is to live with this cancer and even health professionals sometimes dismiss what is said by the patient because they find it difficult to deal with. It's easier to pretend that the pills have done the job and the patient is restored back to health than to look at the reality as the patients live it. So.. I do understand what you're going through and you're not alone. xx


being my first reply TinaB I didn't write it in this box, but I have replied and thank you for all your comments xx


Hi ,

Welcome to the club no one wants to join, I am sorry that I can't be much help, I do know that OC gives people a predisposition to constipation, I am sure that your doctor could give you something for that, I was advised by my doctor to eat pears so I have now always got a stock of pears, I found they were better than any other fruit for this.

I would have thought if it was the Avastin that the oncologist would have I wouldn't think it was that... you are fortunate to be given Avastin...NICE has now turned it down to be given to people with OC (see Louise Bayne's blog posted yesterday) so it is only given to people that are already on if you are OK on it try and stick with it.

Sending you best wishes love x G x


Hi Gwyn

Yes my doctor has prescribed laxatives and sometimes I feel worse for taking them. Oh I do sound a moaner, I am not usually, it is just that I get so annoyed with myself when I want to do things and cann't, I have always been a busy person (9 grandchildren see to that) Yes I must have been one of the last to be prescribed the Avastin and am grateful I sure it will make a difference and it is such a shame that not everyone will get the chance to have it love Sue x



No you don't sound a moaner at all, but I really would recommend pears I was so amazed at the difference they make I researched them to find out why even the skin on a pear is good, I would never have thought of pears... but we learn something new every day.... I am tired all the time and get the pains you describe and like you say even housework is a marathon. It has become my new "norm" love x G x


Thanks again Gwyn I will try pears, I have been eating prunes but there is only so many you can eat - is it the look or the name (ha ha) . . . you take care - love Sue x


Thank you so much TinaB for your reply, I really began to think it was just me. I too look at those running marathons etc but sometimes as you say a little gardening or pushing the hoover around seems like a big marathon. I started my Ovarian Cancer with stage 4 had a full hysterectomy (being 64 at the time it didn't bother me) had the chemo (lost the hair) then absolutely fine for over a year. Although my consultant explained I would never be in remission and it would come back, I thought I can cope with this, I felt better than I had ever felt. Last summer whilst in the middle of moving house it was back . . . had the chemo and having the ongoing Avastin but this time feels so different, I am now always so tired and as you say they examine you and can find no cause for the continuing pain . . . Ct scan looks good . . . blood tests OK . . . but still it goes on. I am a very positive person so it does annoy me when I give in to these moments. I am so glad I found this site as I really did feel so alone xx


When you think how much poison the chemotherapy has pumped into our body it is no wonder that it affects you. I know that if I try to do too much I feel worn out, so do things in small stages. Ironing has gone by the board, and as I'm overweight in find bending about difficult as well. Onc says don't worry about the excess, but I'm sure it is not helping me rehabilitate.

The answer is to do what your ody tells you, and f it says rest then rest as for running a marathon.........

Stay positive.

Love n hugs



Hi there,

I have stage 4 and am just about to start my fourth line chemo. I am very active and am doing lots of stuff but I must admit not running marathons. My cancer is confined to my lymph nodes at the moment but my onc has said I have a little showing in my abdomen now.

I think a lot depends on where the tumors are as to how you get affected by pain as they must press and interfer with other internal bits and bobs. I get back and groin pain sometimes when my tumors press on the nerves etc.

I feel we are all individuals and cope with this disease in different ways. Some of us feel really tired and drained and other can run marathons. Each one of us is affected differently with the chemo. After all it s a poison

I have two young children so they keep me on my toes but are also old enough to help me out if I am in pain or feel tired. I hope that as your tumors reduce the pressure that is causing your pain subsides.

Hugs jackiexxx


Hi Sue - sorry you have had so much pain and feel do tired. I am stage 4 and had my last chemo yesterday of first line treatment. I get random abdominal pains and was convinced that my scan was going to show that nothing had changed but abdo clear, adhesions from surgery and the chemo itself all conspire against us and I send you lots of healing vibes and hope that you start to feel better soon.

Hugs Amanda


Hi to all you inspiring stage 4's. You have just cheered me up and given made me realized dont give up!

Happy Easter I will continue to wear my knees out and say a prayer for us all.

Regards Barbara


I have constant pain in my lower back, groin, tummy area and top of legs. I finished chemo last Nov and am on Avastin and pain just comes and goes in waves. Sometimes pain is horrible, sometimes not too bad but it never disappears totally.

When I last saw consultant he said it was probably just the adhesions from the op but my op was last September and I am still getting pain.

The one thing that is good is my appetite tho' still not regained my weight.

Interesting to hear that 'littlewelshlady' has ongoing pains too, haven't heard any one else suffering same???


I think that adhesions can be a longterm problem (am retired GP), and could be the cause of your pain. Others on the Ovacome site have mentioned problems with adhesions, which can cause a partial obstruction which then relieves itself. Or it could be due to your tumours, and as these are shrinking, hopefully the pain will go.

All best wishes.


Eileen xx


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