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Hello I am new to this site too. I've tried to join on my mobile but found it impossible so while I have use of a computer here goes. As an ovarian cancer patient I have just been prescribed tamoxifen from my oncologist. I had the usual surgery and then taxol and carbo. In remission for a short while about 4 months and just found out the cancer has flared up again. Was given tamoxifen on Friday and will be seeing my oncologist in 6 weeks to assess. I knew it had come back because my ca125 had risen sharply and was relieved when I was told I was going to try Tamoxifen first. Maybe Babaloo might get a good result from this drug x

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Hi enagogo,

I just wanted to welcome you to our community,and wish you all the best with your treatment, love x G x


Hya Gwyn,

Thank you for your text. Ive been reading the blogs for a while now its becoming addictive. Its a scary time and its comforting to know there are others who know how you feel. (I'm sure there are way more than 6,000 women who get this)x.


Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have lurked and know what we are about - good to have you on board properly. Will keep short as I am on phone ;-) - everything else is out of juice!


Sue xxx


Welcome and best wishes.

Fingers crossed that the Tamoxifen does its job.

Love Mary xx


Welcome! Hope all goes well with your treatment. If you have a look at uk you will find lots of info on there. It's the parent charity which gives a link to this site. There is lots of info, helpline phone number, fact sheets, etc on there. Well worth a look.

Good luck

Love Wendy xx


welcome to the site, I am so glad you have joined and you will certainly get some great support on here,

good luck with the treatment

Jan x


Dear all,

Thank you for all your blogs. I will keep you up to date with the treatment. Feel a bit under the weather but I think it is a cold rather than a side effect. I found out that tamoxifen is an oestrogen blocker although I thought once you had your ovaries removed you didnt have any oestrogen in your body! I supposed they know what they are doing thoughx


They will know what they are doing. I am sure of that. Try to stay positive and give Ruth a ring in the morning. She is a helpline nurse who has had direct experience of ovarian cancer. The helpline number is 0845 371 0554. Whatever you want to ask will be ok. Ruth will understand. She is lovely! There are a couple of friends on here who have been prescribed tamoxifen lately. If you use the search box at the top of the blogs page, it may unearth who this is and what their experiences are.

Good luck with this new course of treatment

Love Wendy xx


Welcome to the forum! It has helped to keep me sane!



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