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has anyone had ascites a few months after treatment has ended and discovered it was not due to a recurrence

I had surgery in January and finished 8 cycles of carboplatin in April. In september i had a raised ca125 but the ct scan came back clear, the last couple of weeks i felt very unwell, lots of flatulence and belching and then the dreaded swelling of the abdomen started, i had an appointment with my onc on thursday to be told that it was a waste of time to examine me and i needed another ct scan which would be done within 2 weeks. I was pretty disgusted as i was in agony but our lives are in their hands. On Friday i just could not bare it any longer and ended up in A & E to be told that my liver was slightly enlarged, I had a UTI and possible asictes. After an ultrasound scan on Sunday a drain was put on and 6 litres of fluid was removed. I was told the ultrasound apart from the ascites did not show anything untoward. At present i have been told that they can not give me any answers until they receive the cytology. I'm praying that the ascites was due to something else other than a recurrence. I don't know if i'm just being silly or going into denial. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Has anyone else had a recurrence of ascites that was not due to a recurrence of cancer or am i just trying to kid myself? Any answers would be much appreciated.


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Hi Shabilla,

There are lots of conditions that cause ascites - usually to do with the liver.

Let's hope yours is caused by a liver infection that can be treated - and nothing to do with recurrence.

Very best wishes,



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