Breast to ovaries or vice versa?

I have Stage IV ovarian cancer, diagnosed in September, 2015. I have had the debulking surgery and finished Chemo in March of 2016.

A recent CT showed an expanding growth in my chest wall. I am scheduled for a biopsy next week.

I am wondering if it is possible to have two separate cancers, or if an undiagnosed breast cancer could have spread to the ovaries; if so, would not the ovarian cells have been shown to be metastatic breast cells?

I just don`t know what to think. Any ideas?

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  • Hi Hun,

    Not sure, but did you have a scan after chemo? And what was the result?, I can only speak from my experience, I was diagnosed with 1c in August 2014, had debaulking Sept 2014, chemo till March 2015 , then scan in April 2015 and in remission since.

    You are obviously being taken care of, so,go with the biopsy and see what they say, it maybe something or nothing,but best to find out,

    Let us know how you get on, best wishes,

    Carole xxx

  • Thank you. I have my fingers crossed!

  • Hi Ann

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis..I was also dx stage 4 in July 15. At the time I had a pleural effusion..basically ovarian cancer in the pleura around my lung, so yes it can get to other places!

    Have you had genetic testing? Because those with a genetic mutation like BRCA 1 or 2 also have high risk for breast cancer (fun eh?) I have tested positive for BRCA 1.

    Bottom line is that it could be either or neither I guess and until you get a proper diagnosis from your oncologist you won't know.

    Are they going to see you soon and discuss next steps?

    You sound very brave and together but there's lots of support here if you feel's a really tough journey so I hope you can do something nice over the weekend to take your mind off it. Best of luck to you. Lyndall xx

  • I have the BRIP1 and the HAD52 genetic mutations, just recently designated as inplicated in ovarian cancer.

    Thank you for the response and welcome. It does feel good "here".


  • Hello

    At my time of diagnosis April 2014 I was diagnosed with 2 separate cancers. Bilateral ovarian and endometrial. At 2 different stages.

    Good luck with your biopsy. I recently had blood test which showed deranged liver functionning. I was so stressed imagining all sorts. I insisted on a scan and everything was fine. I wish you the same result x

  • It is possible . I was diagnosed with breast cancer one month before ovarian cancer . Not metastasises, as separate biopsy confirmed at the time.

    Good luck with the outcome xx

  • Wow, it never rains but it pours!

    Thank you forilI will visit with my oncologist about this possibility.

  • Thank you. I learn more with each such thoughtful reply.

  • Hi AnnmasonKey, it is hard to say really what the diagnosis is until they do a biopsy, it could be a coincidence it might be an enlarged lymph node. Best thing is to bring some one with you to your consult, two pairs of ears are better than one, I always seem to dwell on the negative until my husband points out well he said this or that. If you think of any questions you want to ask, write them down and bring them with you, Yes indeed this site is extremely supportive and helpful. There is also an Ovacome Nurse who you can ring for medical advice, Wishing you well and keep in touch with us

  • Thanks, Suzuki,

    You are certainly right about having another set of ears; my daughter has often done as has your husband; reminded me of doctors` wise words I forgot.

    Yes, we can`t take it all in, we need loved ones and online friends.

  • Hopefully the biopsy will be benign or at least give you some answers.

    I don't know about the HAD52 mutation but having a BRIP1 mutation infers an increased risk of breast as well as ovarian cancer. There is some information here:

    I have a BRCA1 mutation that also puts me at increased risk of breast as well as ovarian cancer.

    sending best wishes


  • Yes, I had ovarian cancer in 2011 and was diagnosed with unrelated primary breast cancer last October. I don't have the BRCA gene mutation, it was pure coincidence. Breast cancer is so common that many of us are likely to get it as well as OC.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

    Mary xx

  • Hello. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery in Nov 2014 then a programme of radiotherapy. A week after finishing this, Feb 15, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer which was found to be stage 3c. Had full debulk, then chemo finishing last summer. I had the genetic testing for BRCA 1 & 2 a few months ago and this has come back negative. Quote from the Leeds genetic consultant: " you have just been unlucky!" I have a brilliant team at Castle Hill Cancer Hospital in Hull. I have never been offered Avastin, which I read about often on this site, and wonder why/when this is given? Wishing you and all the lovely ladies here all the very best, good luck and lots of hope. CarolynA

  • My ovarian cancer metastasized to a place just next to my sternum, and there's nothing in my breasts. It was dealt with by chemo a couple of years ago (first recurrence), then I had a second recurrence and have just finished chemo for that. Not the same as yours but I thought it might help you to know that it can pop up elsewhere than the abdomen but is still from the ovarian cancer.

  • You ask if undiagnosed breast cancer could have spread to your ovaries. They usually test your cancer when they operate and found out what it is.


  • Hi Anna ..

    As friends have said here, it is possible to have breast cancer too. You can get it as a separate entity and not linked to Ovarian/Fallopian tube/Endometrial/PPC but it can be linked genetically through BRCA1/2 and likely other genes too.

    You are far more likely to have Ovarian in the upper areas through spread. This is what causes the fluid build up in some patients called pleural effusion though I did have it in the lungs and only had fluid in the abdomen at diagnosis.

    The way I look at it is that wherever it is, the chemo can reach it because it gets into every cell.

    Sending hugs and all good wishes. Xx

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