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How much contact do you have with your GP?

An out of hours doctor (not from my GP practice) had me admitted to hospital after I was experiencing excruciating abdominal pain one Sunday evening. From there I went on to get my diagnosis of ovarian cancer. I had surgery in March and then later had my staples removed by a practice nurse. However, I have never had any contact from a GP at my practice at any time and I was just wondering how usual this was? Is it standard protocol just to deal with the doctors at the hospital? I would be interested to hear of your experiences.

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The same for me - I have never seen my gp really OC apart from at the very beginning of my journey. She does ca125 Bloods twice year but when I see her about other conditions she does always ask how I am re OC. Be interested to read if this is norm. Sheila x


The same for me too. I only ever went to the GP for anything totally unrelated. I assume it says somewhere on my notes that I had OC, but I always point this out to them if any of my queries are Gynae-related. I also assume, that, with new computerised record systems, the info will be easier to share, but I'm not sure which info will be shared with who! Anyone's guess, really.

Love Wendy xx


I agree with both comments above, I know my GP is there when I need her, but I don't have a lot of contact, I recently needed antibiotics for a condition unrelated to OC but I couldn't get an appointment, so I had a telephone appointment instead, I asked if the antibiotics she prescribed was compatible with the chemo that I'm on she said she had no idea because she didn't know much about chemo (so I checked with the pharmacist before taking them) but because I attend a hospital out of the district my GP can't tap into the hospital computer so has very limited information on my treatment.

Love x G x

Ps if you only want members of this forum to read this.. it would be best if you press the edit button on your post and scroll down to the bottom and press "members only" that way the world isn't reading it too.


I make an appointment every couple of months with my GP to update her on what's happening with me, and always after more treatment is beginning or has finished or when I've had a scan etc as she likes to be kept up-to-date with what's going on with me. She has phoned a couple of times and asked me to come and see her if I've left it too long. I know the group meet every month and I am one of the chronic patients who come up for discussion so the other doctors and nurses at the practice and also the district nurses know of me and my condition. I don't actually need the help of the district nurses at the moment, although I know I will in the future, so at the request of my surgery they got in touch and met up with me and they give me a quick phone call every couple of weeks to check how I am.

It might be different if I'd had a longer remission but as I've had chemo 4 times over three and a half years there's been a lot going on!

Love Cathy xx


What GP.........


I have lots of contact with my GP, she has been very good, but every time I see her I end up having a blood test or something.



Thanks all for your replies.


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