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last year i had cysts on my ovaries on a 2nd scan they had reduced all good. Now again for a long while iv had more pain + a dull heavy feel

last year i had cysts on my ovaries on a 2nd scan they had reduced all good & was told my other bits all looked in good working order. Now again for a long while iv had pelvic pain + a dull heavy feeling, i did have a period for about 8 weeks ,been to doctor now waiting for another scan in 2 weeks time. I also have been feeling so tired & by mid afternoon feel i just want to go to sleep even when at work ,so by the time i get home but not every night i can only just manage to get dinner ready then I'm off to bed & asleep by 8.30 ,other nights I'm not too bad one of which is tonight.i have been tested for under active thyroid & lack of iron which both tests came back ok, I also can feel sick & have had a lot of indigestion I do have IBS & my belly does get a bloated not a lot though .I often need a wee too .

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Sorry you are having this worry. If you look on the Ovacome website, there is an option on the left which says 'BEATovarian cancer with Ovacome' scroll down on that and find the BEAT symptom tracker. You can fill that in and print it out if you think it will be useful, to take to your appointment. I hope the info on the site will help to clarify things for you and that the scan clears up your worries.

Love Wendy xx


Hi And welcome.

Just wanted to say that I am wishing you all the best and like Wendy says I hope your scans help clear things up..

love suzanne. xx


This is such a worrying time for you - I hope you soon have some answers then you can move forward from there. Try not to worry too much, I know that is easier said than done when you feel so poorly but often it isn`t cancer and IBS can give you those symptoms too, I have suffered from that in the past and to be honest it was worse than my OV cancer symptoms. The thing is you never can tell until you`ve had the scans. All the very best, try to keep your pecker up

Big hugs from Tina xx


Hello all. A quick up date, I had my scan a couple of weeks ago they told me they couldn't see anything on my ovaries but did see some residue in my bladder & to go to my GP that week which i did,she tested a sample it had no infection but a trace of blood she sent it of to be further tested & for me to go back the next week with another sample,on return my sample came back with showing no infection so did my new sample.The GP a different one said so thats all good ready to send me away.I asked so what about the pains & the residue she said it would JUST GO AWAY i said the scan man seemed concerned she wasn't, i told her my periods were long over 3 weeks to 2 months so now I'm to see the contraceptive nurse & said prob have endometriosis, so not sure what to do as still have pain needing the loo & tired .xx


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