Good CA125 result

Hi everyone.

Am very pleased to report that my CA125 was 7 yesterday. So ibuprofen seems to be still helping. See my blogs. That will be 2 years since I stopped chemo on 11 March 2011, and my last CT scan in April 2011 showed some streaking, ie cancer, in peritoneum. Was told would very likely relapse within 6 months ie by Sept 2011, but still in remission, which I put down to ibuprofen! Will see oncologist in 2 weeks and discuss it with her.

Best wishes to all.

Eileen xx

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  • That's excellent news Eileen. I am in healthcare professionally and have been following your progress with ibuprofen with great interest.

    Wishing you very many more years of healthy remission.

    Charlie xxx

  • Thanks, Charlie. I just hope I am on to something that will also help many others. I don't think it is the world's answer to cancer, but if it helps some, or perhaps many.....?

  • What great news Eileen... may it continue love x G x :-)

  • Thanks, Gwyn.

    E xx

  • Excellent news - please keep on spreading the word. Cx

  • Will do. I wrote to Lord Saatchi about 6 weeks ago, but never even got the courtesy of an acknowledgment. It makes you feel like giving up, but I won't.

    E x

  • Great news, Eileen, and very interesting about the ibuprofen. Long may your remission continue. Linda xx

  • Thanks v much, Linda.

    Best wishes.

    E xx

  • Fantastic news. Long may your remission continue!


  • Thanks v much.

    E x

  • That's great news Eileen, and it certainly makes you think re the impact of ibuprofen, doesn't it...lets hope it stays quiescent for a good long time to come. Keep us posted!




  • Thanks, Sue.

    All best wishes.

    E xxx

  • congrats ! so pleased for you

    jackie x

  • Thanks v much, Jackie. All best wishes to you.


    E xx

  • Wonderful news, Eileen! So pleased that the Ibuprofen is working. Many more happy results for you ;-)

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks v much, Wendy.

    E xx

  • Dear Eileen

    Your news is fantastic and the remedy accessible to anyone who ventures to try it. Thanks so much for your posts and updates. They're very uplifting and give me hope.

    Love Annie xx

  • Thanks, Annie. Yes, my oncologist says you can't prove that it is the ibuprofen that has done this, but she is very interested. There is so much evidence (in genuine medical research) that ibuprofen and aspirin and similar anti-inflammatories should prevent spread of cancer, at least in some people that I can't understand why there are not widespread trials. There is concrete evidence that aspirin prevents spread of cancer in some colon cancer patients, and lab evidence that these drugs can kill cancer cells. It is very frustrating that progress is so slow.


    E xx

  • Dear Eileen,

    that is fantastic news, I too am taking brufen 400mg 3 times a day. As I posted earlier my CA125 has taken a real hike but we won't know for sure what's going on til the CT scan is done. In the meantime I will continue with brufen and hope for the best.

    Long may your good health continue

    Love Chris xx

  • Yes, so sorry about your CA125 rising. Good luck.

    Lots of love,

    E xx

  • Fantastic! So pleased for you.

    Thank you for letting us know.x

  • Thanks. All the best to you.

    E xx

  • Brilliant news Eileen. So very plesed for you.

  • Thanks v much, citrine. All best wishes.

    E xx

  • Fab!!!!! Xx

  • Thanks v much.

    Good luck.

    Eileen xx

  • That's great news you must be so relieved. What kind of follow up regime are you on. I have just finished my treatment & so far scan reasonably clear and oncologist says she will see me in 3 months but won't be doing CA 125. I know it's only an indicator but I feel for me if it goes up a lot then it must be back. I discussed taking Ipubrofen and she said what yours said plus the risk of bleeds has to be considered. All the best to you. Sue x

  • Hi. I just typed up a reply and it all got lost, and so here goes again. My oncologist has always pointed out that she didn't say I shouldn't take ibuprofen, but that she couldn't advise it as there hadn't been enough trials. She is now quite happy I am on it, and indeed seems keen that I keep taking it. My GP agreed to put me on it as she said what do you have to lose. There should be very little risk of stomach bleed if you take omeprazole 20mg daily along with it, as any GP should know, as long as you are sensible, and take the ibuprofen with food, and don't abuse your stomach by taking neat spirits or the like.

    My oncologist discussed not checking CA125 regularly, but I said I was happier if it was checked, and she was happy to do this. I am a retired GP and knew what I wanted, and so she probably thought better than to argue with me! But any patient should ask for regular checks if they are sure they would be happier to know if CA125 is rising. The thing is it can rise long before you have any symptoms, and so many patients would rather not know, I gather, as no treatment is usually given till you have symptoms.

    I see you have PPC too.

    Incidentally I looked up the cancer research uk website last night, and saw a news item that research for children with cancer is impeded by EU rules introduced in 2004. That is the headline, but in fact it is all cancer research. This is what I have read before. So trials are not done on promising drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen because of cumbersome rules. Have a look at it. Very depressing. I know that cruk and oncologists are trying to do something about it, but it seems everything takes a long time.

    All the best, and good luck.

    Eileen xx

  • Hi Eileen

    Brilliant, I am following your story with interest as a fellow PPC sufferer. My CA125 at the start of my third round of chemo was 61, three weeks later it was 45 so definitely not a good marker for me.

    Perhaps Lord Saatchi needs some more letters written to him to prompt him into action, can we help with this?

    I recently heard of a friend of a friend who declined chemo for stomach cancer and went to the Budwig clinic instead - brave man, I am trying to follow his story, anyone else with positive results from Budwig?




  • I wouldn't trust Budwig diet alone, but that is my opinion. I gather not enough proof has been given for it to be written up in reputable journals, and so that is a bit of a black mark against it. Maybe it helps a bit, but I certainly wouldn't rely on that alone.

    Yes, if others could write to Lord Saatchi that would be excellent. I had to write by ordinary mail to the House of Lords as I couldn't find an email address. I don't even know if he got it. We tried phoning the phone no given, but no answer or answerphone message. Will try again to see if I can contact him and find out if he got my letter. Am not impressed.


    Eileen xx

  • I've tried the Budwig Protocol - well I've tried the breakfast. No harm in trying but like Eileen I wouldn't put all my trust in it. I have a friend who's Mum has Leukaemia and she swears the Budwig Protocol has kept her Mum alive for the last 11 years. That's the problem with alternative therapies. There's no double-blind so you really don't know whether the patient wouldn't have relapsed anyway without the therapy.

    The Budwig breakfast seems good - lots of chopped fresh fruit topped with some flax seed and flax seed oil mixed with cottage cheese as a topping. It's probably not a good idea if anyone's worried about a bowel obstruction as it's fibre-high. From the point of view of 'cleaning the gut' I don't think it's a bad idea. I also like the instructions to sit in the sun and have a glass of champagne. That's my sort of diet!!!

    I'm having a go at homeopathic treatment whilst I'm awaiting news as to when the next chemo will start. Tumours are increasing in size, CA125 is rising exponentially but I don't need chemo yet so this seems to me to be the time to try some alternative or complimentary stuff.

    Best of luck with it all. xxx love Annie

  • Good luck to you, Annie.


    E xx

  • Hi all.

    I will be away in Aviemore for a week from tomorrow, and hopefully get some skiing as well as walking and cycling. I probably will hardly be looking at a computer when I am away, but will get back on computer when I get back.


    Eileen xx

  • Excellent news Eileen x glad it's working for you x my ca 125 has soared from 265 to 1500! In a month.... But CT scan shows tumours have gone! Bizarre !

    So glad you remain in remission x can't get my poor body there...... X

  • Thanks, Gill. Good about CT scan anyway. Sorry, have been away in Aviemore for a week in good weather - very refreshing.

    Good luck.

    E xx

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