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Scan time again


Just a little update ladies .... Well just been for my first scan in 6 months then back to consultant on 6th Feb for results , this is the one i've been dreading as this one is to compare to my last scan in order to see how quickly or slowly my cancer is growing ... and if any treatment is going to be done and if so when ... but on the plus side , all the wedding plans are going well , only 3 weeks to go now , will keep u all posted when i get results .. xx

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Wishing you all the best for your scan. And all the best and love for your wedding.

Love suzanne. xxx


Thank you for the update, sending you best wishes for your wedding love x G x :-)

Best of luck with the scan, enjoy your wedding is it on Valentines Day?

LA x

Shazican in reply to Lily-Anne

Was thinking about it but decided on the weekend instead .. It's on the 16th Lily-Anne x

Best of luck for the results. I really hope that the disease is stable and that the bugger hasn't progressed. You sound like you have a lot of things to keep yourself occupied before you get your results.

SA100 X

Hope you post some wedding pictures, I do love a wedding. Im sure your scan will be fine and the results will be good. Love Babs x x


Wishing you well with your scan.Have a wonderful wedding.

Anne x

All the world loves a bride! Do put some pics on here, won't you? Sending you all the best wishes for your scan results.

You haven't got much time with the wedding coming up, I bet! ;-) it will be beautiful.

Love Wendy xx


Everything crossed for you for scan. How wonderful to have the wedding to focus on though! I second Wendy, we want a pic please.


Sue xxx

I'll be thinking of you. So pleased that you have the wedding coming up. (I got married just after diagnosis, three days before starting chemo - was in a bit of a daze.)

Loads of love

Mary xxx

Hoping with you that the scan results are good. Have a fabulous wedding! I am also hoping you will put up a picture or two.

Best wishes,

Honey XXXX

Good luck with scan. I see that you are from Leven. That is where I was born, though I was brought up in Dundee, and am now in Glasgow. My mum was from Leven.

Have a super wedding - am sure you will!


Eileen xx

PS have you seen my blogs about aspirin and ibuprofen? Might be of use to you. Will give links below. (I am retired GP with PPC, variant of OC)

Shazican in reply to drdu

Thank u so much Eileen .. i will certainly check ur links out ... .. Get my results next week so not long to wait now .. i was the opposite of u i was born in Glasgow and moved to Leven lol ...

Hidden in reply to Shazican

Hope the scan results are what you hope for, have a fantastic day.

Chris xx

PS I was born and brought up in Glasgow, now live in South Wales xx

Thanks Ladies , will keep u posted on results and will certainly post pics from big day xx

Good luck for those results! Will be thinking of you and crossing everything.

Caro x

Good luck with your scan results and have a fabulous wedding lovely lady

Hugs Amanda xx

Wishing you Good Luck with your scan result, that would be the best wedding present ever, x Jen

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