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Finished Again

Well ladies not been on for a while .. just a quick update .... Married life going great glad i did when i did though as i have put back on all the weight i had lost to get into the dress lol ohh well they do say married life and contentment puts weight on u ... i must be ecstatic lmao

Well that's me finished my 2nd load of chemo , had a few yuck days but nothing too sinister .. well if u don't count the 3 days i was rushed into hospital with Noravirus .. but as i said nothing too bad lol and i must say really proud of myself as i have worked all the way through :-)

Got my scan date in for 5th July then back to Consultant on the 10th July , dreading this one cos at the 3 month check the tumors hadn't reduced .. so not holding out much hope on this one i'm afraid but consultant did say that if that was the case then we'd investigate other options .. so will keep u posted ...

Sharon xx

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Dear Sharon

Thank goodness that ordeal of travelling hours to and from your hospital is over. I just take my hat off to you for getting through it all.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the scan will give good results and there is always hope of other treatments coming online. We seem to read about so many new developments.

As a distraction would you consider an all-UK lobby to demand equitable health treatment across the UK? It might be you'd rather suggest someone else in Scotland if you're feeling drained and worried.

I just had this idea that we'd get signatures from women with advanced ovarian cancer from all the 4 nations in the United Kingdom and we'd send it to Westminster offering a delegation of women from each of the nations to meet with - well dare I say - the Prime Minister. After all he was dependent on his NHS to give his son Ivan the best life possible. You'd think he would be sympathetic to our fight for equal treatment and equal chance of life as anyone else in the UK.

What do you think?

xxx love Annie


Great idea, Annie. Anything I can do? Lobbying my MP goes without saying, but not sure what he can do. He tells me he used to be on the health committee but is now a junior defence minister. Let me know. Letters? Press? Can write to Western Mail when I am in Wales!!!!!!

Love W xx


Dear Wendy, I don't like to highjack Sharon's post so I'll put up another blog. I've just been speaking to Target Ovarian Cancer with my idea about lobbying David Cameron. She says he'll abnegate all responsibility for health care as it's devolved to the regions. Appalling. I'll talk more to Frances after my meeting with the Health Secretary for Wales and my MP for Cardiff which takes place tomorrow. She likes the idea of a delegation from all nations to complain about unfair health treatment and they'd be great to guide us and bring us all their expertise and contacts. xxx Will post after 2moz!


I think it would have to be going and badgering the health ministers for each region .. all this independence rubbish up here is something else that going to make it hard for me ,, only reason they do all this is so it makes it harder for people like us to get equal justice / treatment or whatever .. its bloody infuriating ... but i can certainly get and already got backing from MP's , MSP's .. councillors but don't know what good it's going to do me .. i have also got many newspaper contacts that i can go back too .. but i don't know where to go from here xx


Great! Have posted elsewhere, but will be with you in spirit, willing things to go well xx


Hi Sharon.

You have done so well to cope with everything. It'll be a relief to have a break from the chemo. Hope you're able to plan some treats before the checkup date. It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, sending wishes and posivibes for a good result on 5th and 10th of August. (((Xxx)))

Love Wendy xx


Thanks Wendy .. ooh i know just to have some rest bite is enough .. x


Just thinking of you and sending you my very best wishes for a better outcome love x G x


Thanks Gwyn xx


Good to hear from you Sharon .....

Delighted to hear married life is going great ...

Sorry to hear that you have had that nasty bug ..not so good ......

Hope all goes well for you scan next month .

Take care now .

Love Jan xxx


Thanks Jan x


Hi Sharon,

Glad you have come through your treatment and married life is going great. I hope the results of your scan will be good.

Independence has nothing to do with the devolved situation we are currently in, Donald Dewar was one of the leading politicians responsible for negotiating prior to 1999 and therefore responsible for the devolved issues we currently have. I could argue that with Independence we would be able to keep our resources instead of giving everything to Westmister and getting pocket money back and therefore we would have more resources to target Scottish issues. End of political debate.

Annie is right in that health care is devolved, my local MSP has written several letters on my behalf to the minister/head of Grampian NHS and Target ovarian Cancer all seem to be very good at patting themselves on the back. The five year survival rate seems to be a big target for everyone but as I asked "is that with or without repeat treatments, what quality of life", of course they cant answer that.

Now that I am beginning to feel a bit more lively, I will be following these responses up.

I found out yesterday that the UK health authorities only pay heed to research/clinical trials taking place in English speaking countries, therefore all the better long term outcomes which happen in other European countries i.e. Germany are not considered.

Something else to chase up with our Oncologists.

Take care.

Joanna - (not being political)



Thanks for ur reply Joanne .. hope ur well .... don't know much about politics (even though i seem to be surrounded by them and married to a councillor lol) i just think that it's terrible in this day and age that people are still going without medication and things they need because off wasted resources well that's how i see it .. too busy spending money on things that really aren't needed .. but i will continue on my fight and see how far it takes me .. gives me something to focus on .. as if having a family , a new husband and work isn't enough lol ... xx


Good luck with the scan hate them as well.XX

Regards Barbara


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