i'm in so much discomfort what should i do

my pelvic area is rock hard i can hardly move about,i feel like i've got a baby inside doing somersaults and every now and then get a sharp pain in my vagina. i was scanned 2 weeks ago where something small was found (get results this friday) even tho i was told it was small is it possible to have grown so fast ??? so big ??? i feel like it's the size of a football and the back ache and nausea is also a worry xxx please advise me what to do

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  • Hi Weeney,

    I am so sorry to hear this. I would ring your surgery and get an emergency appointment with your GP first thing tomorrow. They should squeeze you in if you are in pain. He may be able to give you pain killers if you need them and re-assure you about some of your symptoms. I doubt he can do much before Friday when you get the results of the scan, but unless you have been assigned a nurse specialist or gynaecologist, I would imagine this has to be your first port of call as your situation seems to be changing so quickly.

    Love Lizzie


  • thankyou, i dont think i can wait untill friday,so yes definatly doctors tomorrow. i'm in such discomfort ,got two girls and i'm trying to carry on without letting them know anything . i've already had ovarian cancer once and these are the exact symptoms as before should i demand another scan ? i'm convinced it's growing each day

  • Hi Weeney,

    You can always ask for a second opinion, but I think you will need to hear the results of the first scan before they re-scan you. You can always ask your GP though. I think the first thing is to get him to examine you and hear your new symptoms. He may be able to offer an explanation or make sure you are fast tracked.

    If you had oc before, did you have a specialist nurse/oncologist/gynae surgeon assigned to you? If so, I would definately make sure they all know what is happening to you by contacting their secretarys and your specialist nurse directly.

    Love Lizzie


  • thanks lizzie yes i've got an oncologist whom i'm seeing friday , i've been in touch with my mcmillan nurse who is aware of my symptoms but like you say need results from scan first , it's not only the pain but also the wait thats difficult x

  • Dear Weeney

    I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly. My symptoms came on very quickly indeed and the pain seemed to increase day-by-day. My GP was able to give me some pain-killers that seemed to deal with the wose of the discomfort.

    I do wish you luck with your scan and treatment. Just as soon as I'd started treatment the pains seemed to diminish. Hope yours does too.

    love Annie

  • annie , did you have oc ? was it discovered after a scan or did you have symptoms ? did you have chemo / operations ? i've had that lot already and am fearing it all again

  • Hi Annie

    I am sorry that you are in such distress. It is the waiting that makes it even worse, especially if you need to keep your worry to yourself. How old are your girls?

    I agree with the others - an emergency visit to you GP would be a good move. He/she coud give you pain killers and make sure that you are fast tracked, although as the scan has been done you may need to wait until Friday. You could try ringing your oncologist to see if the results are through. My reocurance this year was picked up by a routine scan and the oncologist rang me as soon as she saw it.

    Good luck - fingers crossed that it is something that can be dealt with simply. Like Annie, I found that the discomfort and bloating decreased very quickly once I started treatment.

    love Angela

  • did you have a reacurrance after how long ? what stage was yours and where ?

  • thanks angela for your reply , doctors first thing after school run for me x

    i've got two very beautiful girls aged 11 and 13 they are what keeps me going xx

  • Hi Weeny

    My new tumour was diagnosed by a scan after my CA 125 went up again in Dec 2010 following the end of chemo in March 2010. I was told from the start that it would inevitably come back. I had hoped for longer and then I developed an allergy to the carboplatin so they put me on cisplatin which has not worked. They are going to remove the tumour (apparently not very common to operate twice for OC) but I am going to end up with a colostomy. When I was diagnosed and fast tracked I too looked and felt 9 months pregnant (at 69 and divorced 10 years that was hardly likely) until I had the fluid drained. I was 12 lbs lighter after the drain and so much more comfortable! Ask your oncologist whether a drain will help. I meet lots of people at clinic who have had drains. They insert a catheter under local anaesthetic guided by ultrascan and drain the fluid into a bag and I felt so much better afterwards. I had the most gorgeous Dr who did both my drain and my biopsy. Well worth going through it all just to look at him, pity I'm old enough to be his mother.

  • On second thoughts I could be old enough to be his grannie and Zaza Gabor I am not LOL!

    All the best for Friday! If things seem really bad try emulating Michael Palin in GBH, clasp your hands in front of you, take a deep breath and keep repeating "calm, calm, calm," you feel so silly you have to laugh at yourself and laughter is the best medicine!

    Good luck!


  • Hello weeney,

    I agree with what the other ladies say, dont sit and suffer get yourself some relief before Friday. Wishing you lots of good luck. x x

    Margaret, which hosp are you at ? think I will come with you being as you have a dish of a doctor, men love a mature women, so you just enjoy yourself LOL.

    Agree with the laughter bit, there is nothing better for you they should put it on prescription.

    Take care. x x

  • Hi kefi! Unfortunately the hunk was at York 2years ago. I get treatment at Jimmies in Leeds now. Mind you they do breed gorgeous Drs up here. Two of the oncology consultants are gorgeous and the surgeon has a fan club in York. Unfortunately my macmillan nurse is married to my main consultant and she is lovely so it is definitely worship from afar! As for men liking mature women I tend to draw the line at anyone I could have taught or given birth to. As a former 2ndry teacher that restricts my choice and men my age are so dull and boring! LOL!

  • Hi Annie

    It must be very difficult for you with girls of that age - wanting to protect them but akso knowing how perceptive they can be. Enjoy this lovely stage before they have their rebellious one - although it isn;t always so bad. Like chemo really, sometimes the anticipation is worse than the reality.

    I first had oc, stage iiic, in 1997 - operation on New Year's Eve and chemo during 1998. I then went 13 years before a recurrance - so you can get long remissions. It came back at the beginning of 2010, more chemo, then 6 months remission, Back on chemo end of Feb 2011, finished late Aug. And here I am again, rushing around as usual. The chemo this year didn'tt affect me too much - just needed 2/3 quiet days after eac treatment - then life as normal.

    I hope you get your swelling sorted asap - that is the thing I hate most - and that your diagnosis and any treatment goes smoothly so that you can have a good Christmas with your girls. Also hope that the GP is helpful

    love Angela

  • Hi Weeney i have had the same symptoms as you for 4 weeks now and been backwards & forwards to GP seeing my onc tomorrow so will see what she says more tablets probably think have had every tablet under the sun Just wish I could eat more as I am not eating hardly are you ?Good luck for Friday Marge xx

  • hi marjorie it's some comfort knowing someone else is having the same symptoms ,i sympathise with you enormously and hope you get on well with your oncologist tomorrow . i cant eat at all every time i try it just makes me feel sick and even more bloated so i've been living on small sanwiches and little cakes xx have you already had oc ? did you have chemo/surgery>?

  • Hi WEENEY yes have had OC 5 & half years ago but had secondaries in Liver and now in lining of stomach but this chemo is awful have had 4 lots of different chemos but this one is awful xx

  • ooo margaret you have made me laugh , dishy doctors should be on every ward to brighten up us ladies , i've not done the hands together calm calm calm thing tho but have been to the doctors this morning who i must say is an amazing doctor , she has followed me (or rather i've badgered her) throughout all my treatments and ops. she's contacted my hospital and i am now at home waiting for a bed on the gyne ward xx fingers crossed i get some answers and relief but also a dishy doctor xx

  • Dear Weeny

    Thank goodness for a GP who makes things happen. I bet once you're on a ward someone can read your scans without having to wait until Friday. I bet you are relieved to be going into hospital but scared at the same time. I know I would be. I have 2 boys an 11 year old and a 15 yr old. It is hard keeping up a brave face when you are in pain. I have had to give in completely over the last week or so. I'm either grumpy or crying - I am on a trial drug that has knocked me for six. But I have good reason to believe it is working. I spoke to a palliative care nurse this morning who said that all this will soon just be a dinner party story?! My imagination will have to work over time to grasp that idea. a) I can't see an end to this? b) Will I ever have a social life? and c) That would involve eating.

    Your girls will be more resilient than you think.

    God bless


  • What dinner parties does she go to where you would want to discuss such things? The mind boggles.

    Your a, b and c made me sad. I feel a) myself...but b) and c) are still possible for me at the moment. I guess I should be making the most of it while I can!

    Love Lizzie


  • Dear Lizzie

    I really don't want to make you sad. I should stop reading me moan and feel sorry for myself. I'm taking a trial drug that could save my life and lots of other people too. Someone should slap my face, remind me how lucky I am and tell me to get on with it. Had my bedroom cleaned today, mattress turned and lovely clean sheets. Funny what cheers you up.

    Love Sarah

  • please dont worry we cant all be positive all the time,i'm having a down two weeks,just bursting into tears, was due to visit my grandchildren this week after last chemo, but hey ho,chicken pox is about and have been told not to go so its 6 months since last visit, ca 125 is still going up,but it was cancelling the visit that did it, couldn't talk to anyone without crying and picking on hubby, I have been positive with a brave face to everyone till now. so you are not on your own and we will bounce back

  • Hi all , been admitted to hospital seen a doctor who says I 've got IBS another doctor thinks it could be gall stones , even tho I've had a mass show on my scan !!! Mmmm not convinced ! Having a scan in the morning !

  • good luck thinking of you,hope you soon feel better x

  • Hi Weeney

    Thanks for keeping us posted. I hope you get the second scan results soon and that you are seen my a consultant you have some confidence in. In the meantime I hope you are being made comfortable.

    This is the worst bit not knowing and not having a plan. You could well have it sorted by the weekend and be home again with your family.

    Love Sarah

  • Hi Weeney

    Poor thing, so sorry you have been going through this. At least you are now in the right place and hopefully before too long you will have a diagnosis and treatment. I do hope that the pain has settled down. Make sure you get answers to your questions though.

    Lots of love

    Charlie xxx

  • the scan showed a mass about the size of a 50pence piece there was no fluid and my ca125 was only 39 . the doc said i'd got ibs and that was why i am bloated .trouble is i keep thinking that is'nt ibs what is always diagnosed imnstead of oc ?? as for my ca125 level i think that means nothing because when i had cancer before my level was only 25 ... i'm writing a list of questions to fire at the oncologist on friday..

    sarah ,

    i completely know how your feeling i felt exactly the same 3 years ago when i had treatment , i was slapped straight into the menopause after hysterectomy and had lost my mother only 8 weeks before being diagnosed . it's a rollercoaster and to put a brave face on is very draining and i found it exhausting , your children friends and family are there for you so lean on them and tell them when your sad ,why your sad and explain why at times your grumpy , they love you and will help you xx have you been offered any form of counselling ? it's worth mentioning it worked for me xx

  • weeny, thanks for keeping us up to date, let us knw what your oncologist says, thinking of you x

  • Wow, I have just read all these posts - Feeling sad reading some and laughing at others.

    The day I had my surgary I had 4 wonderfully good looking doctors 2 aneathetists and 2 oncologist surgeons at my bedside.

    Just before they put me under. My oncologist surgeon said to me "Now, Tina don`t you worry mi darling, we are going to take great care of you" My last words was "oh you so lovely, If I die now I will die happy",

    I never told them because they were drop dead gorgeous, I fell asleep hearing them all howl with laughter.

    Now then ladies, if any one of you are ever in the same position as Weeney and cannot get to see a doctor pronto, you must go to your local A and E department or the oncology department at your nearest hospital.

    Cysts do burst and they can be terrifcally painful. Also never be fobbed off with anything, Always go with your gut feeling and if you don`t feel happy about an IBS diagnosis then insist on a second oppinion. I tell you this from my brothers experience. He was fobbed off with an IBS diagnosis, then it was cealiac disease, he had 5 blue light ambulance journeys to the hospital, each time he was fobbed off and sent home. Eventually he couldn`t keep any food down and he couldn`t poo either, in theory he started to vomit his own feaces. This resulted in malnutrion and emergency surgary after weeks of pain and worry because no one would listen to him.

    When they operated they found a massive cancerous tumour in his colon. After sugary the consultant told my brother he would not have made it through to the end of that week had he not operated when he did. One doctor took him serious enough to save his life.

    Remember we know our own body better than anyone. Never think you are being a nusiance especially if you have already been through cancer.

    Kick and scream if you have to.

    I have suffered from IBS, I had it for years until I changed my diet, I can understand how the two can be wrongly diagnosed but don`t be fobbed off if your gut instinct tells you different.

    My cancer was diagnosed from a gut instinct that something needed to be checked out - I am so glad I acted upon it when I did.

    All the best from Tina x

  • hi all,

    i went to see oncologist today for the results of my ultrsound scan , they at the mdt meeting could'nt decide what the mass was so told me today that i'd have to have a ct scan and that the appoinmtment will come through the post in a few weeks . and that i'd get the results in about 3 weeks !!!!! i cant wait that long . i stopped by to see jan my mcmillan nurse on my way out who also said i was'nt to wait any longer ... after she'd made a few phone calls i was in the ct room drinking water waiting for my scan .... i get the results next friday ....i've still got persistant bloating , am very gasy (bubbly wind in my tummy) can hardly eat and am always falling asleep .... i'm ready for answers roll on next friday xx

  • Weeny, were the results today? or next Friday? let us know. Love Sue x

  • Hi Weeny! By now I hope you have more news. As everyone says it is not knowing that is worst. We have told my grandsons, aged 9 3/4 and 12 1/4, that I have cancer from the start! They are very interested. Mind you they think I am mad! I shaved my head when I was on the first chemo and threatened to have a face painted on the back of my head so I would look like that character in Harry Potter! When I threatened to have the regrowth died red they said I mustn't as they didn't want me looking like a chavvy teenager! I should be so lucky at my age. As I live alone I don't need to feel guilty when I feel weepy, I usually play really sentimental music so I have an excuse, French chansons, Portuguese Fados and Billy Holiday do it for me, I weep away 'till it is out of my system and I pull myself together. My other "remedy" is to go somewhere out of earshot of people and scream very loudly, very cathartic but plays havoc with the voice box!

    My onc says I will probably "just fade away" so I'm looking for a chaise longue and a posy of artificial camelias so I can do it in style! (artificial so they last a good long time) LOL!

  • margaret , face painting and dyeing your regrowth is a brilliant idea xx the sentimental music must give great relief and i'm with you on the screaming out loud remedy , your very brave (i'm sorry to use that word ,not sure why) keep fighting and enjoy some you time and grandma time xxx

  • Hi Weeney

    I am so sorry to hear that you are still poorly , but at least your scan was done soonoer than expected. It is definitely better for you that your surgeons have as much information as possible before any procedure.

    I had a second operation , on the basis of the doctors' interpretation of results of a CT scan, as I had unexplained pain . Most of the previous massive incision was re-opened and I have a scar that looks like a 3 year old sewed it up !

    It's so true what the other ladies have said, if your condition deteriorates then get yourself to A and E ASAP.

    I do hope it gets sorted out soon for you and that you can look forward to a great Christmas with your lovely hubby and girls .

    Lots of love

    Charlie xxx

  • Good luck Weeny, here's hoping for wellness xx

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