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Snow, marmalade and spelt bread

It's snowing again here in Birmingham. It's been snowing on and off since Thursday, and even if it meant that the car journey back from chemo on Friday took 3 hours (normally 20 mins), I can't be grumpy about it. Normal life gets more complicated, the pavements are icy, getting the car our of the driveway requires shovelling and pushing, but everything is so beautiful, covered in white.

The garden has become a place of magic, and the dogs love it, they run, and jump and eat the snow, follow the scent left by the cat, rediscover the puppy-within.

And I'm happy too, oddly at peace, the worry of the past weeks seems to have receded. I've been to work, and come home early because of the snow. I have time on my hands, and have spent happy hours peeling oranges, making marmalade. The jars now sit on the windowsill, not the right place for them, I know, but I can't resist the contrast of their tawny brilliance against the white of the snow.

Last night I realised that we'd run out of bread, so this morning I made spelt bread, easy and hugely satisfying. Lunch was warm bread, butter and marmalade, watching the snow fall. How could I ever want to stop living?

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When put so poetically it sounds wonderful. I have made soda bread this morning to go with the carrot and lentil soup I made with the stock from a piece of ham I boiled yesterday. I think it's the snow that brings out the cooking gene.

Haven't made marmalade for years, that may be my next flurry in the kitchen.

Don't really want any more snow, we have had it for 6 days now and that is quite enough.


Hi, that brings up a lovely picture in my mind. I also had chemo on friday, and battled with the snow. It snowed here in Yorkshire all weekend and on Mon my son got the day off school, hubby worked from home, and we all went for a walk in the snow, everything looked beautiful, it was so peaceful, and my son went sledging for the first time and had a ball.

Have just had a reiki session which has left me feeling lovely and calm too

Love Brenda X.


Glad you're in a calm zone and loving the sound of your bread and marmalade.

Linda xx


Mmmmm, sounds absolutely delicious! I haven't made bread for ages. you've got me thinking now! It's the only bonus of having a brush with cancer, I much we appreciate the ordinary things, such as baking, snow, time to reflect etc. afterwards.

Keep that peaceful feeling!

Love Wendy xx


What a lovely picture you paint!

It's so true, I often think 'the best of times and the worst of times' because although I would rather not be in this position I've had some special times and learned to appreciate the value of much that I took for granted before.

Caro x


I had chemo Tuesday. We live in the Severn Valley where the snow was a bit mushy, but yesterday drove 10 mins to Cleeve Common on top of the Cotswolds. Wonderful fluffy. deep snow. Our dog went mad with joy and we enjoyed a cold beautiful walk, followed by tea in the pub looking out over the valley. A lovely winter scene. I had the same thought, cant leave, got to keep on. There must be somerhing.


Dear Francesca

I loved your post. I could just imagine being in your lovely warm kitchen with the smell of baked bread, the marmalade on the window and the snow outside. It just shows doesn't it how such simple things can bring joy, and that petty irritations like a 20 minute drive taking 3 hours fade into the insignificant place they rightly belong.

The snow has been beautiful this year. Yesterday I looked at some country hotels with a mind to finding a venue for our local ovarian cancer support group. The views and vistas were breathtaking. I was more often than not the sole visitor and inside the venues were the epitome of luxury and peace with roaring fires, recumbent dogs, and dainty teas served on china plates by staff who had time to chat.

mmmmm it's good to take time to reflect on how lucky we are if we don't have to be on a treadmill trying to live life in the fast lane despite the disruption caused by the snow. Sadly not everyone is in this situation.

Love Annie xx


What a lovely post Babaloo!!!

It's true that it takes something like this to make us appreciate things. I bought some spelt flour from Holland and Barrett but haven't made any bread yet but will get some yeast today so i can make some! The snow has been so pretty this last week too. Me and my husband went for a walk in our local woods hand in hand on Sunday and it was really special.

Here's to our continued enjoyment of the simple things in life. :-)

MB x


Hi Babaloo,

Sounds yummy! yummy! Mmmmm love x G x :-)


Yes. Joy in little things. Joy in unexected places. Kindness unlooked for. Beauty on the kitchen windowsill. Joy passed on. Thank you.


Hi Francesca

What a lovely post, made me smile! Don't know what it is at the moment, but suddenly my enthusiasm for cooking has returned, I've made carrot and cumin soup, tomato and red pepper and Nigel Slaters savoury biscuits with spelt flour and loads of seeds this week...all delicious and healthy! It's good to know exactly what's going in what you eat, and always tastes so much better.

Does this time of year make us more thoughtful? No way I want to stop living, I can truly say I love my life!!

Love Linda xx


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