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OC Symptoms?


My sincere apologies if I am posting in the wrong place.

I have not been diagnosed with ovarian cancer but seem to have a lot of the symptoms. I have been to see my gp today and am now awaiting blood results including CA125.

My reason for posting is because over the last few days I have been struggling to cope with the 'what ifs' and am pretty much constantly in tears. I'm a 38 year old mum of 3 girls and am so scared about my symptoms. ( again, I really am sorry if this is posted in the incorrect place. I know that my results may not be positive for cancer and I don't want to offend those who do have OC).

The symptom that is bothering me the most is pressure in ( I think) my cervix area. The best way I can describe this is it feels similar to the downwards pressure felt in the later stages of pregnancy ( I am definitely not pregnant). In addition to this pressure I have constant back ache, my breasts and under arms are tender ( mid cycle).

Over the last couple of months my bowel habits have changed, going from once a day to three times by lunch. I have pain in my abdomen particularly before a bowel movement. What I pass can vary from soft to diarrhoea ( sorry to mention!)

The other symptom - not sure if it is relevant - is that my periods have changed over the last few months. I will bleed for the first couple of days but then I pretty much pass just lots of a clear watery fluid for the next few days.

My appetite has reduced. I have always craved sugary foods and battled with feeling very tired ( every time I've had bloods taken over the years they have shown iron deficiency anaemia). My sugar cravings have gone.

I need to calm down before my daughters get home from school but it's proving very difficult. My worry is that symptoms only seem to present when things are advanced. The aching in my pelvis / cervix region and back is terrifying me.

I had a smear test yesterday and the nurse said that all looked normal with my cervix.

Any advice or even someone telling me to 'get a grip' may help.

Sorry this is so long x

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Hi Sarah,

You certainly don't need to worry about posting in the wrong place - I bet a lot of us wish we had known about this forum and posted when first had symptoms!

You have done the right thing going to your doctor and having the CA125. Try and keep calm until you get the result but if it is elevated then make sure you get a referral to a gynaecologist specialising in OC and transvaginal ultrasound. If this is inconclusive you should get further scans so make sure you are not fobbed off. If your Ca125 is normal or only slightly raised and dr asks you to repeat it in a short time definitely make sure you do, even if symptoms improve. If you are really worried then push for a referral even if ca125 is normal as it is not a marker for all women.

Some of your symptoms could be of OC but in many cases it will be something else so try not to worry too much yet.

I'm a mum of 2 teenagers and I know exactly how you are feeling. Unfortunately my diagnosis did not go smoothly and when cancer was confirmed I thought life was over. However after surgery and chemotherapy I have had most of this year doing good things with my family and there are increasing options for treating ovarian cancer so try and hold on to that hope if you do get a diagnosis.

I truly hope you will not, but make sure you are satisfied with the explanation and treatment for your symptoms.

Best of luck



Hi Madeline,

Thank you so much for your kindness. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and I value your advice. x

I have been reading some posts on here and am struck by the positivity and strength of everyone, yourself included. xxxxx

The girls are home now. I've managed to calm myself down a bit - enough that they don't realise that I'm in bits. I'm pretty sure that I must sound pathetic considering what others are going through. It probably doesn't help that I am quite isolated and don't really have anyone to confide in.

thank you again - your response, when I feel very alone and scared, means a lot x


Hi Sarah

Don't feel you are posting on the wrong you I have fears my symptoms are of will get the support and advice from members.I have had the pressure and heaviness in my stomach and pelvis with no diagnosis as yet. And have a poor appetite.

One question I do have if anyone can relate to it is has anyone had swelling of the lower leg?I saw a consultant following being sent to A& E by my dr on monday and referred to ambo care on Tuesday who asked me if I had cancer as the swelling could be related to that.


Thank you Pagetrose x

Not knowing and waiting is difficult isn't it. I am calmer this morning and trying not to overthink things too much. It's not easy though as my back is really bothering me and my abdomen and breasts are very tender and sore.

I have a small health insurance policy which would cover me for consultations for diagnosis only - only blood tests and examinations - not scans. I'm not sure how much scans cost privately and whether I could stretch to cover this but I'm going to look into it today. I know it would be sensible to wait until my blood results come in from my gp but waiting is horrible ( I'm not the most patient person at the best of times! :) )

I hope that you can get a diagnosis soon that will put your mind at rest. I also hope that someone can get back to you with more information about the issue with your leg. x


Hi Sarah,are you from the usa?it's cos you mentioned healh abdomen has always been sore and lumpy.I am a normal size 12 apart from abdomen.I feel constantly nauseous and pressure against my clothes.



..... I've only had 'waves' of nausea. It's more that I just don't feel hungry.

......No, I live in the UK x

I took out a small, cheap, health insurance plan a few years ago - mainly for dental and optical treatments for me and my daughters but it also covers consultations for blood tests and diagnosis. I always thought that should I need it it might further down the line help speed things up if need be.

Being the worrier that I am I have decided I am not going to sit sound waiting - driving myself insane with the what ifs - all of the new recent symptoms have worried me.

I've made an appointment later today for a scan. I don't have much cash to spare but I'd rather pay and get it done than wait until next week for my blood results to come in before scans are considered. I am not someone who goes to the doctor with every ache and pain ( think its at least a couple of years since my last visit). Hopefully all will look ok - just too many recent changes for me to ignore x

I hope that you get a diagnosis soon - the not knowing is horrible isn't it x


HI Sarah, I really cant add anything to what the other ladies have said. Okay you are in a quandary and dont know where to turn. I am glad you have come on here. It is scary waiting for results, we all have that in common. For the next few days try and do something nice for yourself and when the what ifs pop into your head, okay they are there, acknowledge that and try and do something to distract yourself. It is a worrying time. I hope the gp can sort you out and reassure you and if you find you are not coping, do go along to your gps surgery and talk to them. The nurse said yesterday that all looked okay so think about the positives. Sending you a virtual hug

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Hi Suzuki,

I typed a response to you yesterday but it doesn't seem to be here, sorry, I wasn't ignoring you x

Thank you for responding - your words along with the other ladies who responded really did help x

My very best wishes to you xxx

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I thought I had posted earlier but I guess I didn't. I am also hoping I don't offend anyone by posting my worries but I am literraly going crazy. My symptoms started 2 months ago one day I woke up and had no appetite at all nausea and burping . I had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy both good and after doing some of my own investigating I've learned so much about ovarian cancer so one night in desperation I went to the hospital claiming I had pelvic pain in hopes to get a vaginal ultrasound and what do you know they found a cyst on my right ovary what worries me worse is I have had 3 misscarraiges in the last two yes not sure if that has anything to do with it.... But I am worried sick I have 5 kids and a great husband . yesterday I saw my gyno and she didn't seem to be concerned did a pap and a ca125 waiting for the results... I also have indigestion... Someone have any advice


Let's hope it's just a cyst. I know it can be hard waiting for blood results. Why is your gynecologist not concerned? I had a couple of miscarriages many years ago. I found out during my hysterectomy my uterus was twisted, so wouldn't have been able to carry to full term. Best wishes to you!


Thanks for responding, she SD cause all my blood work looked fine if I had cancer I would have swollen lymph nodes she also SD I might me going thru early menopause since I am having hot flashes at night.... Where are you from I'm from California How are you doing


I just replied to you Going crazy and lost happens to us all.I would keep an eye on your indigestion.if it persists go first endoscopy was normal but my symptoms persisted it turned out to be a hiatus hernia.when I was taken to hospital with severe sudden abdo pain pelvic pain ,they tested blood and urine and said as they were fine that was it but had to have morphine for the pain.if your indigestion persists then go back to your Dr.have they prescribed omeorazole or anything similar?


Yes Patricia, I just had a colonoscooy and an endoscopy, according to the gastro she Said I only have mild gastritis which is why I am so concerned how can I be so sick from indigestion and not have anything but gastritis , plus today my pain is getting worse idk if my cyst is growing or what's going on. I don't have my numbers from my ca125 all the assistant told over the phone is my number were OK, can't wait to go back tomro and get the numbers, for some reason I am thinking the worst!!!


Hi Sarah I was in exactly your position 3 weeks ago having been told I had an abdominal mass which my GP thought maybe OC. Posting on here and the replies was incredibly helpful and made me feel less alone. It is natural to think the worst and the waiting is very stressful but self diagnosis on the Internet is bad for you. If your go is concerned he will have askedfor the tess back urgently but you do not mention an ultrasound? The ca 125 test is a good indicator but not a diagnosis There are many other gynaecological conditions with similar symptoms as many are the same so try not yo think the worst until you actually have some news. It's good you have done your research and I would suggest a list of questions to take with you when you go back to your GP. All best wishes x


Thank you Catspelle x

Your post is reassuring. I do hope that your health problems can be treated.

It is difficult not to focus on the word 'cancer' when it has been mentioned, particularly as my gp didn't mention any other possible causes other than menopause. I realise that he can't possibly know at this point but I think if other conditions that cause the same symptoms had been mentioned then I would probably feel a little less anxious. As it was he asked if I had any thoughts about what it could be. He palpated my abdomen and asked if I had considered menopause and cancer.

bloods I've had taken are for FBC, CA125 and FER. I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait for them. They were taken on Wednesday so I suspect it will be next week :/


Hi gp's do give you worst case scenarios but remember they to not diagnose cancer only specialists do that. Mine suggested ovarian or womb cancer and referred me under the cancer pathway to a specialist within 2 weeks that scared the hell out of me. Have you been referred in this way? Anyone suspected of having cancer is entitled to this. Many gynaecological conditions have similar symptoms to OC such as endometrius and fibroids along with menopause. I myself am in perimenopause and after an urgent ultra sound and gynae referral have multiple fibroids and am awaiting an urgent total hysterectomy. The NHS treats patients with suspected cancer very quickly. Your up will review your results and get you back in if they are concerned but I am surprised if he said cancer that you have not been referred. Will be thinking of you x


Hii Sarah, do you have any indigestion, as I get it all day burping, acid reflux and loss of appettite.


Acid reflux is persistent or 'recurring could be hiatus hernia.I had a cough for two years at night when I lay down.told I wasn't my chest but nothing else considered.learnt that it was caused by acid reflux /hiatus hernia.


Hi :)

No none of those symptoms other than my appetite has gone ( although I eat healthy meals I do usually crave sweet snacks too). I do think it's possible that worry could be adding to this too though.

I have a lot of tenderness in my abdomen which has gotten worse this week. My bowel habits changed a few months ago to needing to go much more often as mentioned in my first post ( sorry gross I know). If it was these symptoms alone I'd wonder if it was ibs or chrons ( this runs in my family) but the other symptoms that are really bothering me and are new symptoms aren't typical of these as far as I can tell.

Not sure if I have done the right thing but I have booked to go for an ultrasound scan and possibly a trans- vaginal scan if it is thought necessary, later today. I really can't bare to sit waiting for my blood results to come through next week. The not knowing anything is horrible.

I hope you feel a bit better and can find out what is going on x


I understand exactly how you are feeling, I'm going thru the same thing, I can't wait my anxiety is killing me. I had a hida scan for my gallbladder today seems that it isn't functioning I wonder if someone can give me some insight if this could be also a sign of OC.... I'm going nuts . whwn will you be going to get your results for your ca125


Well I got my ca125 results yesterday everything came back good but I also know they can be wrong accuracy is only 80% has this ever happened to anyone? Please help. I don't know what else to do


Really glad to hear that your CA125 results came back clear. I completely understand how terrifying it is not knowing what is going on. Try to focus on the positive results that you have had x Big hugs to you. I hope you get some answers soon x

I am much calmer now. In a lot of discomfort but my ultrasound yesterday showed everything to be normal in my pelvis except for my uterus which is bulky and has a fibroidal texture. The sonographer appeared to be more concerned about my liver which is very cystic and recommended an urgent referral for this.

My CA125 results came back clear today - nothing significant in my other bloods either. Although the downwards pelvic pressure on my cervix area ( which feels like when I was heavily pregnant) is constant and very uncomfortable I am now much more positive and no longer panicking. I have lots of symptoms but it's still impossible to know at this point what is going on - I spoke to my gp today - he has referred me to a gynocologist. Waiting time on the nhs was 5-6 weeks so I have opted to go for a private appointment instead on Monday.

I hope that by posting an update I might help someone in the same position feel a little less scared. With my gp mentioning very little else other than OC, the intense pelvic pressure along with other symptoms that can be typical with OC I had gotten myself into such a state.

I know we shouldn't have to pay for healthcare but for me it was worth paying for an ultrasound as the not knowing anything was unbearable.

My very best wishes and hugs to everyone and thank you again for responding, it really did help x

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I just made an apptmnt with my gyno so she can do a biopsy on my cyst it has me very concerned since my symptoms are severe with nausea and lost of appetite I feel so sick its driving me crazy....


Glad that you have an appointment booked for a biopsy and hope it will put your mind at rest. x

I'm not sure if it helps but the nhs website states that the vast majority of ovarian cysts are non-cancerous. A non-cancerous cyst can cause nausea too. I know it's very hard not to think the worst but surely It's a very good sign that all of your blood results are clear x

I hope that you don't have too long to wait for your appointment x


Thank you Sarah , yes majority aren't cancerous but I can't help to think the worst, I went to church today and I know we have to walk by faith, boy is it hard!!! I keep thinking the worst what if its spread and now it is growing on my ovaries, today I started with some leg pain and my back is hurting more.... I pray for all of you that are going through this...


OC symptoms

Saw my gp yesterday following ambulance call out.explained my problem.did not accept what I told her.went on about calling emergency ambulance unnecessarily.made me see's not something I'd do!

My CA125 has been elevated in the past and I know it's not a reliable marker for all women.referred finally to obs/gynae but seemed reluctant.others on this forum have the same signs as me and if not OC have been diagnosed with other conditions.I have all the symptoms and what gp has assumed is also as stated by cancer charities.

My weight gain of stone and half is abdominal:abdominal symptoms are persistent.looks like I'm still having a battle with my now GP who once again assumes IBS,etc.

Kept my appointment for next week to hopefully discuss OC with her armed with info on The subject from cancer charities.

My stomach is so heavy now walking is difficult and leaves me breathless and in pain.feeling nauseous and faint.

More concerned now because the consultant I saw last week suggested cancer as cause for swelling of legs,


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