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Hi my name is Micaela, I have not yet been diagnosed with OC but I have been sick for about 2 months I've lost complete appetite I have nausea and indigestion, I have a lot of studies done colonoscopy endoscopy all came back OK can't explain all the burping and nausea and hot flashes I have had 3 misscarrages since 2013 .I'm getting sicker and sicker by the day I just found out I had a cyst on my right ovary they did a ca125 14 but I know they aren't really accurate, I am seeing a new gyno today and hoping shell do a biopsy . I have hot flashes at night that don't let me sleep for more than two hours, I honestly feel that this deseae has already gone to my liver I feel a lot of pain in my liver when I do try to eat...Can someone give me any advice . had anyone felt this bad before getting diagnose...xoxo to all of you

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  • HI Goingcrazy, I am sorry you are having problems at the moment, hopefully by now you have had the consult and perhaps there will be some thing done to help alleviate some of the concerns. Wishing you the best and keep in touch

  • Hi Suzuki, I did go today to see the gyno that promised my cyst is nothing to be worried about its 22 mm in size she even said she is 99.9 positive it isn't ovarian cancer, I don't know how she can be so sure if she sent do a biopsy... With me being so sick she just gave me a follow up for next month. I don't know how I can continue to be so sick for an other month with no answers😢

  • Hi there ..

    I'm sorry you're going through this but it looks like you don't have cancer. That must be a good thing. If your cyst isn't cancerous, you'll be monitored to see if it goes away by itself. Doctors won't want to be invasive for no good reason.

    Other benign types of cysts like cystadenomas do grow (sometimes quickly), and they can cause symptoms, but they're not this disease.

    You're in the system and are being monitored closely, so that's good too, isn't it? Xx

  • Hi, I'm sorry your going through this and sorry for your loss, I know how bad it feels after miscarriage.

    I'm glad you have seen the gynae Dr now. An experienced Dr can tell a normal cyst from a sinister one. As I understand it a normal cyst is completely black as it is full of fluid, that was explained to me after I was called back for follow up following my first mammogram at age 50. My Ovarian cysts did not show up as being completely black.

    Your Gynae has ruled out Ovarian Cancer and that is so good. Perhaps your GO could refer you for some grief counseling to help with your loss. Just a thought, it might help you.

    All the best. Ann x

  • Hello,

    I echo Ann's words before me - our bodies have the ability to give physical symptoms of ill-health to our deep emotional distresses as well as physical illnesses. So, when we have physical symptoms it can be all too easy to ignore our emotional ones. I can only share this because, many years ago, I was being investigated for bowel disorders during a period when my father-in-law (whom I got on with very well) was dying and all within 2 years of my father and mother-in-law dying - all of cancers; within a month of his death and us clearing out his council house my symptoms disappeared and the consultant and I agreed I'd had a classic case of 'psychosomatic' illness. It was a powerful lesson to me and from then on I've respected the 'gut-brain' connection and always try to heal my hurt and well as my body.

    On your worries about OC, I would ring the Ovacome Helpline which is staffed by experienced nurse specialists and talk things over with them. Hopefully, this will reassure you and/or give you a bit better feeling to face what maybe there.

    Warmest wishes. Lesley

  • Thank you all for your responses, here I am up at 2:15 am I don't even know if it is hot or cold, but I sincerely feel really sick... I hope these Dr's know what they are talking about. I send all my love to each and everyone of you ladies going through this... Xoxo

  • Hi Going Crazy,

    Sorry to hear how poorly you you are feeling. From my own experience of having ovarian cancer your symptoms and findings are not like mine. However, they are very like my friend's symptoms who had a benign but large cyst removed twelve months after a miscarriage. She was feeling sooooo poorly prior to it's removal. She is now really well.

    You have some great advice above. Some mindfulness exercises may help.

    Wishing you a speedy return to health.

    Sandra x

  • Hi littlesan, this is hard what comes to my head is that its going to be too late if they do find something, before I got sick and started loosing weight I had a big stomach never a cyst just a bloated stomach, I am scared and can't sleep due to night sweats, nausea and no appetite did your friend get that sick?

  • Yes my friend did feel that sick. She was a very poorly girl. X x

  • Hello going crazy,I really feel for you.sorry you feel so poorly.I agree the ca125 test isnt reliable as I had two different results for the same period one was 37and the other 10 by two different health authorities.hope you get a result soon.

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