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My non hair picture

My non hair picture

Hi Everyone,

Thought after suggesting a non hair picture I better get things going. So this is me waiting for my hair to grow its been 5 weeks since my last chemo so hopefully my hair should start growing now. I must say Im pleased with my eyelashes they look quite good especially with a few layers of mascara.

Come ladies who is next...........

Love Babs x x

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They will have to be separate blogs for now but Annie and I in search of a group pic solution!

Looking good Babs! Getting the eyebrows back right really is the main skill I've found useful, with really dark powder smudged along the eyeline as my lashes are gorn totally... They seem to come back v fast though, thank goodness!


Looking good Babs! I am glad it's all coming back. You've got all those hairdresser's bills to look forward to...... Hey Ho! I haven't lost mine, so can't join in this one, but just wanted to say hello, hope you had a lovely Christmas etc. Enjoy your New Year celebrations, be they with special or everyday wig or bandana or headbare look! ;-)

Love Wendy xx


Babs, you'd look wonderful with no hair and wearing a dustbin bag. But there is hair there. I can see it on top - a little bit of Christmas fuzz. Good for you for posting. I may well be following suit in the next months. Hope the Christmas season hasn't been too much for you.

Loads and loads of love Xxxx Annie


Hi Annie,

Well im sure you will look lovely with no hair its not that bad, you just get a cold head without a hat.

Christmas was very busy at work but I loved every minute of it. I was full of energy and it felt good to be able to keep up with the youngsters. Christmas eve I ended up doing a nine hour shift without a break not bad for someone with OC. I have been off yesterday and today ( My 2 rest days ) and I thought while Im on a roll I will clear out the bedrooms. Four bags of rubbish and a box of stuff for charity shop. Sitting down now just had turkey curry and a beer. Lovely

Happy and a Very healthy New year

Love Babs x x


Hi Babs

You look great. Your hair should start to grow with a vengeance any day now. My eyebrows grew back better than they had been in the first place.

You've been very busy over Christmas. My New Year's Resolution really ought to include a spot of Bedroom Clearing

Love Mary xx


Hi Babs,

you look fab. It takes some getting used to having no hair. Now seems strange it coming back.

Will have to post a pic on here, not very techno minded so have to wait till the grandchildren are here.

Enjoy your rest days

love Chris xx


Thanks Babs you look fab and I managed to master technology to get my picture from my phone to pc - so here we are for all to see xxxxx


Hi Babs!

You look great! I can't believe you worked Xmass Eve and then did the bedrooms!

My mother was taken ill again Xmass Eve so we had a wonderful few hours in Casualty with her. When they discharged her into our care we walked through the waiting room which to all intents and purposes looked like a military clearing station!!

She's gone home now as she is so much better- we even went to the pantomime yesterday- oh,yes we did! Rob and I, howevever, are exhausted!

Take care,




Wish I'd looked a fraction as good as you do with no hair, Babs!! I just looked like an ancient old, baggy eyed man. Nice to be able to use mascara again, I bet.

So glad you're feeling up to working all those hours - well done!!

Love Solange


Looking good Babs. All the best for the New Year.


Linda xx


Hi Ladies,

Thank you for all your lovely comments re my bald head. I will post again one month from now just to see how much it has grown. I am looking forward to a time when I can go without a wig as it does itch after a couple of hours. But until then I will carry on wearing it every day.

Off to work now, I don't mind early finish today 5pm

Love to all Babs x x


Catching up Babs ..

Your pic was Just lovely ..its exciting when your hair starts it new Journey it really does grow very quickly !! mine now looks as though I have had it permed ..... so very curly ...

Love Jan xxxxx


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