Good News At Last

Hi, hope you all had a great Christmas. Seen my oncologist today for the result of my CT scan after three sessions of chemotherapy, and it appears to be is working! My cysts have shrunk from 10cm to 4cm, and most of the residual mass(?) has disappeared.

This is the first bit of positive news we have had since my diagnosis in September, and I know I still have a long way to go, but I am so relieved that I had to share the news with you all.

I have my fourth chemo tomorrow which may spoil New Years Eve, but if its working it will be well woth it!

Love Brenda

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  • Hi Brenda,

    Great news and you are right it will be worth it, thank you for sharing your good news love x G x :-)

  • Hi Brenda

    This is fantastic news , what a response ! Onwards and upwards now , but please take things really really easy.

    Happy New Year

    Love and hugs to you

    Charlie xxx

  • Dear Brenda

    I'm celebrating with you and enjoying your good news. Keep on with the chemotherapy.Let's hope you have many many more New Year celebrations to celebrate even if this year you have to take a back seat.

    I'm really delighted for you that things are going the right way.

    with loads of love xxx Annie

  • Hi Brenda

    Lovely news I am so pleased for you!

    Sue xxx

  • Hi Brenda

    I am so pleased to hear your good news. I hope the chemotherapy goes well and you have a good New Year's Eve.

    I wish you a very healthy 2013 and hope that everything goes well during the year.

    Lots of love, Samixa X X :-) :-)

  • Great news Brenda!


  • Wonderful news and not many chemos to go now. I hope 2013 goes well for you.

    Love Chris x

  • thats wonderful news! pleased for you :)

    love Siobhan x

  • That's excellent news Brenda. Have a great New Year.

    Love Mary xx

  • Hi Brenda what fantastic news. The best Xmas present ever. So pleased for you,


  • Fabulous news Brenda, I was just sitting here feeling a bit of the post Christmas blues as hubby is back to work after unexpectedly being give the time off to spend with me and your news has really cheered me up. It's just brilliant for you and I hope all goes well with your next chemo. Lots of love Amanda x

  • good news and good luck with you next chemo. I had my 5th out of 6 yesterday. getting quite excited about my last one in Jan. Is that a bit wierd.

    Happy and healthy new year to everyone.

    best wishes


  • Wonderful news Brenda, I feel so happy for you.

    I had one chemo session on new years eve, I was as high as a kite when I got home.

    But we didn`t really celebrate just felt good to be here. God Bless and happy new year to you and everyone else. Love from Tina xxxx

  • Wonderful news Brenda. My GP gave me the results of my CT of thorax this morning and everything is normal no sign of anything there, no metatases etc. so I know how you must be feeling.


    Jean. Xx

  • hooray hooray hooray Jean. This all sounds good news! xxx

  • that is excellent news Jean xx

  • Brilliant news Brenda,A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and everyone ,

    Best Wishes Sue xx

  • Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

    Todays chemo went well, took 7 hours and I managed to sleep through about half of it, which must have really impressed my hubby, as he was off work he came with me, what a great way to spend a days holiday! Think I had better let him watch the darts on TV tonight to make up for it.

    Home on the sofa feeling hungry, now where are those left over mince pies, after 8s and Thormtons chocolates??


    Brenda XX

  • Brilliant news Brenda, onwards and upwards, glad chemo went ok, one less to endure now

    love Chris xx

    ps I used to sleep thru all my chemo sessions, Martin didn't stay with me, I always left him jobs to do xx

  • Positive. Hi Brenda, Great news I know how you feel. I had good news with my scan last week after 3rd chemotherapy, seems to be working and Ca125 down from 9,000 to 47. Should have had 4th on 27th but platelets too low so a bit gutted but gave me more quality time with my youngest son and his wife who were home from San.Francisco. So fingers crossed for next week then only one to go.

    All the best to you and everyone for a good 2013.

    Love Sue x

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