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I had my first chemo on the 20th June although I was fine I keep getting bad stomach cramps ( In the lower bowl area) The way I describe it is the pain you have when the baby's head is pressing down prior to birth. I came up with the idea of wearing support knickers as I remembered wearing them when I was pregnant. So yesterday I wore a pair and my pain was gone. I worked an eight hour shift last night with no problem. I don't know if this is a coincidence or if it really works. So trying it again to. Wondered if anyone else has ever tried this and if so did it work for them x xx Love to all Babs

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Hi Babs

I did the same thing before I was diagnosed as I had a very bad back..I showed my daughter and she said I was wearing them the wrong way round... I said but they are comfy like this.... she said if you want to go round with a big tummy and flat bottom it's up to you LOL ... but it did ease my back... now I have an incisional hernia and the surgeon adviced me not to wear them....

love x G x :-)


Laughing so much, bless you xxx


Hi Gwyn I better check mine to see if they are the right way round. That's what I like about this site there is always something to make me chuckle. Love Babs x x :-)


Dear Babs,

It sounds like a good hint whether you wear your knicks back-to-front or front to back. I seem to remember you're having chemo first then surgery. If you have had any surgery it could be the after-effects of that. I've had a rumbling stitch/slight ache for a couple of months now. I'll try out your knicker theory and let you know how it goes! Frontways one day and back-to-front the next to carry out a proper scientific trial.

Loads of love and laughs. xx Annie


Hi Annie and Babs

I did have a laugh at the thought of us all wearing our nicks back to front

....My theory is though... and don't take my word for it ... the back of the knicks (Annie's word) have a sort of sling underneath your bottom, to lift it up... where as the front tries to flatten your tum... so It was comfy the wrong way round as it gave my very large mass... (that I didn't know I had)support just like a maternity pants does only if I remember they were uncomfortable (the maternity pants that is) because the sling underneath would roll down and cut off your circulation....LOL but that was a long time ago.. I didn't find that the magic pants held my tummy in as nothing would with cancer... but it did give me a lot of support...I still wear one now and again but not too much the surgeon said...If I think I am going to be standing a long time.. I finished work last year... but wore it to work.. hernia or not it helped... my scientific researched now done and dusted and over to you...haha

bye love x G x :-)


Laughing xx


I wear mine the right way round to support my stoma bag but maybe if I wore them the wrong way it would help my back i do remember my mother and grandmother claiming women needed corsets and girdles to support their backs. I, of course, ignored them. Perhaps i should think about a pantie girdle again! Anything to ease this grinding back pain, which I am assuming is due to the partially prolapsed disc and not something worse!



You can also buy a back support type of wrap from places such as the Betaware catolgue or the Kleeneze one.

Its ok using supports as we get older and as everything starts to sag with age, but from being young they actually weaken the muscles because we become dependant on the supportive underwear to work for us and the muscles become lazy. In this case exercise is always the best move forward. Are you still doing those Pelvic floor muscles ladies? No, me neither but maybe we should if we can, just take care not to over do things and remember to pace yourselves!!!!

Love always T x


ooh pelvic floor exercises. I thought that as everything had gone I didn't need to do that any more. I stand corrected and shall resume those mid-flow squeezes. Heres to healthy pelvises!!


lol so funny if it works who cares! lol good to find something to ease the pain.I think i will try that as sometimes i get that pain about a week before im due on with Ibs symptons finally ive something to sort it out lol.


I can claim to have worn knickers in an even different way. When I was 2 or 3, and the war was over, my Dad was posted to Singapore with the RAF and my Mum, my sister and I were due to go out there to join him. Mum had given up our flat but then the sailing was cancelled so we had to take just 1 room in a house. The children who lived there gave us nits so the thing to do then was rub paraffin into your hair and leave it overnight. My poor young Mum decided to put our knickers on our heads to try and protect the pillowcases !! I remember her crying her eyes out the next day as she tried to wash our hair over a bucket. How things change, thankfully !! Incidentally, we DID get to Singapore eventually, after several more cancelled sailings.

Solange (with a giggle) x


Solange this is a lovely story. Life in Singapore then must have been very interesting



Life was interesting, Ally. I can remember playing outside on the grass with other children and standing on a fairly big hump of softish ground - only to suddenly realise I had hundreds of ants swarming up my legs. I screamed in terror and a lady ran out of her house and beat them off of me with her tea towel. To this day, if I walk on lumpy soft grass, my heart is in my mouth and I briefly feel the same fear. Pathetic - you'd have thought I would have forgotten about it at by now at the age of 69!!

Solange x



When I was about four my mother sent me to school without knickers on as they were airing in front of the fire so she forgot ....(I started school at three and a half) I can still remember how upset I was.. that day we had dancing and jumping on cushions... so I wouldn't and I cried... I still cringe when I think about it...LOlL x G x :-)


Love your story about not having any knickers on, Gwyn. I bet there are loads more out there!!. I embarrassed my Mum in the Post Office queue one day, when I was 2, by lifting up my skirt and telling everyone, "Look, no knicks on!!". My poor sister who was only 22 months older than me had to run home and bring them back. Can you imagine letting a 4 year old go home on their own nowadays? Let alone leave the front door unlocked. My Mum never locked the door - not until she was an old lady, any way.

Keep smiling, Solange x


Dear Gwyn, I couldn't help but laugh out loud at your terrible predicament. How some of us survived in spite of our parents I'll never know! xxx


Wow, what an amazing story. You must have so much to tell. I was the last of the baby boomers born in the year of the coronation. I was told that rationing was finally lifted from confectionary as part of the celebrations.

I do remember those old holiday boarding houses run by harridans who put the fear of god into my parents trying to tame 3 excitable children. Our family of 5 used to trek from London to North Wales in a motorbike and sidecar - and we took the dog too!

Thanks for stirring up happy memories. xx


We had a motorbike and sidecar when I was pregnant for my first husband went off his motorbike after that It wasn't the same... He loved his bike as well..aww!! ..but loved us more.. mmm happy memories :-) :-) :-) when we were courting (an old fashioned word haha) we went places on his bike but he never stopped anywhere... we would go and then come straight back...

I would say " but we didn't see the waterfall" or whatever we had gone to see.. he would say yes we did I drove passed it.. Doink! never one to stop... he is still like that..when we went to York to pick up my granddaughters stuff at the end of the Uni year the other week I said to him now just don't rush in pack the car and off... so we took my granddaughter out for lunch she showed us round the town..and then we came home... she was coming home a few days later on the train.. we had a lovely day... but left to my husband he would pack the car and then off..

Bye x G x :-)


Hi Whippit, The holidays must have been exciting enough - but to all go on/in the motorbike and sidecar - dog too, must have been wonderfu!! The sort of thing you would see in a zany Film. You must have had to sit on your luggage or wear most of your clothes ...................... !!

Solange Xl


Funny you should mention luggage. My Dad had been in the navy in the war. We were each given one canvas shore bag for the fortnight's holiday and to teach us independence we were allowed to pack them ourselves. It certainly taught us to travel 'light' but we never seemed to have enough clothes to cope with the wet Welsh weather and we were always up to mischief falling in rivers and such like. My Dad loved to stay in remote places without running water. My poor mother! Some years later we invested in Ford Poplar and a little caravan. There weren't enough seats in the 'Pop' so my Dad made a little bench from a wooden plank and cushion between the two front seats. As the youngest child I sat there and I recall having to clasp my legs to my chest when the hand-brake needed to be applied! How different to the upbringing of my grand-children. I don't think we were any the worse for the adventurous childhood we enjoyed and it most certainly developed an early sense of self-preservation.

I'm loving this blog Babs! xx Annie


Hi Annie

Well at least you had holidays..LOL all we had was a once a year trip with the Sunday school outing.. We went to Barry Island one year and Porthcawl the next ... and an occasional trip to Aberrhavon..we went on a steam train..we didn't have our own transport either......we probably were the last family to get mordernised.. with electric light as we used to have gaslight and no bathroom and our tap was outside... those were the days you I am the youngest in the family... I was eight when you were born now... you are making me feel old... the knicker saga wasn't the only thing that happened in that school I once got my head stuck in the school railings haha but that's another story...

Love x G. :-)


Well, frontways, backways or even on heads, this is the funniest/ bizarrest [ think I just made up that word!] blog ever.

It reminded me, however, of when my daughters were little and their dancing school put on a production that included a 'Snowman- Floating in the Air' sequence and we told to buy large white ladies knickers that you attached two pieces of elastic to the waist as shoulder straps for a basic leotard! Then you had to cut a whole in a piece of white net that you had duly stuck sequins to to make your amazing snow flake outfit! Of course, every time they rehearsed in the costumes the sequins fell of but the knickers did stay up!! Happy days eh? My daughters are 30 and 33 now- wish I had a photo to attach.

Still laughing

Anne x


Superwoman wears her pants back to front!

........or was it Superman or

Batman ? May give it a try anyway.

Babs I'm glad you found a solution to your tummy pain.

Best wishes



Hi Julie

Well !!! we are all superwomen on here LOL ... Love x G x :-)


I think Superman tucks his vest in his knickers. lol xx


;-) yes I thought it seemed appropriate.

But i think i may have got it slightly wrong.......

Back to front/ inside out/ or is it outside the clothes? LOL


I am so pleased my blog had remind everyone about their funny knicker stories I have loved reading them all. So out of a pain in the pelvis came lots of belly laughs, Thanks ladies we all make a great team x x x Hugs to you all :-)


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