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I've had a ca125 and awaiting a transabdominal uss after being told that the structure of a cyst doesn't look normal

I began my symptoms between may and Sept 2011, absent periods, fullness, distended abdomen, tiredness, constant back pain. I went to my gp and was referred for an uss. The result showed a cyst on my left vary and a bulky right vary. I was then referred to gyne. A few days later dysmennorrea and mennorrea began it was excruciating and left me bed ridden. My gp prescribed menemic acid and co codamol. As I began going through my cycle I noticed that it was painfull passing water and bowel movements, it was too much to bare. I've recently been for a specialist opinion and I was told not to worry about my bulky ovary but the cyst I had didn't look normal, I'm waiting for my results from ca125 and to have another uss. I'm taking tranescemic acid, menemic acid, cerrezette and cocodamol. I've since commenced my monthly again and it is just unbearable. It is on parr with labour that is the only way I can des fone it.

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Dear Sarah

I am one of the support line nurses at Ovacome and I am sorry to hear about all the pain that you are experiencing. It sounds like you need an urgent gynae referral to get this sorted. Do remember though that a abnormal looking and bulking cyst could be a number of things as can a raised Ca125. However it needs sorting out urgently so that they can find out what is causing all this pain and get it dealt with. If you would like to talk things through further do please give us a ring on 020 7299 6650 or 0b453710554 Mon - Fri 10-5

Best Wishes



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