Endometriosis spreading or is it now OC?

Hello Ladies ,

I've been following posts for a while just to see if I could get an answer without posting , so Hello from this little lurker , I'm just turned 30 I've had chronic pelvic pain since I was 14 , at 19 , 22 and 24 I had ectopic pregnancy's , the left was removed on the second and the third time the pregnancy was so far advance my right tube had ruptured. Ive been diagnosed with PCOS , Endo , PID and have a lot of scar tissue from operations. Normally though unless I have a cyst I am only in severe pain 7-10 before menstruation. after a slight bleed is released I just go back to feeling swollen and tender. Unfortunately this time my right Ovary has had me in agony for two weeks after my period , literally I feel like when I move its ripping something inside of me , I'm full , struggling to eat , going to toilet constantly as it feels like my bladder will explode. Have heart burn / acid reflux when I eat and sometimes have to make myself sick , and after intercourse on Saturday my cervix began bleeding which has never happened before? Any ideas or is it just a flair up in my general health?



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  • Hi Kirst and welcome.

    First of all, I'm sorry you're going through so much. You have had an horrendous time.

    You seem to have some of the symptoms of OC but scar tissue and endometriosis can cause similar ones.

    OK really feel you should go to see your GP as soon as possible if it's only for reassurance... Xxx

  • Hi Kirst

    Whatever it is you need some proper help by the sound of it...ask your GP to refer you to a specialist. I read over the weekend that medicine is biased towards men and that we women often get dismissed as 'making it up' when we have problems..so don't get fobbed off..get answers! x

  • Hi Kirst

    Wow you have been through so much at such a young age and seem to still be dealing with a lot of pain on a regular basis.

    I really think you need to get a referral from GP to investigate and hopefully put your mind at rest re OC and sort some of your Gynea issues so you are not in pain . Please see your GP as soon as possible and make sure they refer you to a specialist .

    Best wishes and hope you get tests sorted quickly . Love Kim x

  • I Echo what's been said, GP, CA125 and ultrasound.

    My Drs assumed my endo had flared up, was in fact OC. That's not to scare you, I pray you will be ok. But always best checked. Xx

  • Hi as others have said, it sounds like you need to push for some specialist investigation and support. It sounds like you're going through a lot.

    As well as this forum, there is another here on HealthUnlocked called Ask Eve- it may be worth posting there as well as there is a specialist Gyny nurse (Dr Tracie Miles) who responds to posts as well as members. She's got a great deal of knowledge and experience and might be able to help.

    Best wishes, Sx

  • I think you definitely need to see your GP and ask for urgent referral. Ann xxx

  • I had endo and painful periods for years. Got ovc in 2013. I would say push for scan..mri at least immediately to rule out ovc. I could not believe I got ovc as I was being checked re endo but something changed and ovc emerged. Scary but u have to push now to get clarity. Follow ur gut. Good luck Mx

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