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Great news! Review yesterday!

Having gone to my 3 monthly review yesterday with great trepidation all is AOK! Next review is not for another 4 months!

I should be OK for our meeting in may! My 'open house' on Jan 20th will go ahead, I am cutting back on the painkillers and madly cooking and freezing! To date I have made liver and bacon pate, salmon pate, smoked mackerel pate, smoked salmon pate, chicken liver pate and gefilte fish. All neatly packaged in the freezer! Next step fillings for patties & empanadillas but first cakes! Chocolate & ground almond, hazelnut & muscovado, sticky orange cake, brownies! I am giving my imagination free rein! It is like having a weight lifted!

I know I will start getting neurotic again when the next review comes due but what the hell! It is a small price to pay for the almost total euphoria of good news, reinforced by the additional news that I do not carry the defective BRCA1 or 2 genes!

I shall continue to read and post because I do so value your friendship and support and I shall need that as I cut down on the pain killers and try to cope with the sciatica!

BTW my gynae tells me that there are plans afoot to start a research project in the UK into the effects of metformin! As diabetic I have announced my willingness to take part if possible! Tim Perren, at St James in Leeds seems to be interested in taking part in any such programme!

Love to you all

Margaret xxxxxxxxx

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Yippee Margaret. So pleased for you. Enjoy the good news and milk it !!!

Love Jackie

Ps As a lifelong lover of food, your talk of what you are cooking is making me hungry. Yum yum


there is hope and im very very very happy for you. im also 3c stage and reading so positive post is giving me more energy to fight...well done and keep going strong


zuzi xxx


Keep on fighting! Remember it aint over till the fat lady sings and this particular fat lady is busy dieting to shorten the odds! LOL!

I know it will be back! I am quite philosophical about that but like saint Augustine (if under rather different circs) I ask "not yet!"!

Keep up the fight! I am rooting for you!



Great News Margaret... love and best wishes x G x :-)


I don't think I have seen that many exclamation marks in one place for a long time!! So lovely to see all the optimism bursting out -- am delighted for you Margaret!

Keep on cooking...


Waiting for reviews and results often makes us go quiet, I notice. I'm delighted that you got such excellent news. Good luck with the cooking and baking.

For sheer indulgence I recommend Austrian coffee cake. Victoria sponge mixture baked in a ring tin. Turn it out, prick all over and douse liberally with black coffee generously laced with whisky. Smother in thickly whipped cream and stick on loads of toasted almond flakes.

Lots of love

Linda xx


Thanks for that! I have a ring tin! Would it freeze do you think? without the cream of course! LOL!

I am doing a bit every day! Already have a stock of frozen pastry! Local costcuttewr was selling Jusroll half price! I am heading back for butter as well as they had some on offer! The store cupboard is well stocked with flour and sugar!

I really do feel as if a great weight has been lifted! even the sciatica is more bearable and I risked a tramadol last night to give me a good night's sleep! So many sleepless ones of late!

Love M



The basic cake should freeze fine and then you can add the booze and cream when you're ready to serve.

L xxx


Linda, that sounds so delicious I think I'm going to pass out :)


Wonderful news, Margaret




Well done! You see, you've bucked the odds. Cx


Yes Bucked the odds indeed! Having had a recurrence within 9 months of ending treatment last time I was dreading this review, especially as there was no physical exam in July because of the sciatica! The stomach problems produced by the painkillers were sufficiently similar to the original symptoms to have me worried so I am euphoric!

Thanks for all your support! I shall continue to keep up with you all and offer my support as far as I can. I am doing some work for MacMillan Legacy section and for Target OC and I am thinking of volunteering for Ovacome though I am not sure what is involved and whether I would have anything to offer. Last time I looked they wanted health professionals and people with that kind of expertise! I do not have that!

Love to you all radiating out from York as I type!



Phew Margaret, what a relief - what absolute joy. Well done and long may this happy state continue.

Your elation is palpable. I shall be in the same baking frenzy as you very soon. Enjoy your parties, and look forward to our evening together in May!!!!!

Joy to the world!

love Annie


Thanks Annie!

At least I am fairly certain that I shall be fit to be there!


M xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Fantastic news Margaret. I am so pleased for you.

food sounds delicious. :)

Love Marilyn xxx


Hope it will be! I love to cook! An all absorbing activity that prevents me from thinking about the cancer!

Love M


Hi Margaret

So pleased to hear your good news. But you have made me so hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope the pain doesn't get too bad. I came home with Tramadol after my recent op. Haven't needed to take many but I'm glad they are here if needed.

Love & Best Wishes

Mary xxx


Me too! I am reserving them for the end of the day when I do not need to drive!



What an uplifting post to read, I am so pleased for you

LA x


Oh Margaret, great news and all that baking. Gosh how can you diet with all that lovely food around you? Hope your pain subsides so that you dont have to take those Tramadol. I have them too but am waiting until I really need them (hopefully not for a long time yet). Sending lots of hugs and best wishes Ann xx


Hi Anne!

I have put the tramadol aside, one at night in extremis! Actually I dislike sweet things so baking is not a problem and the pates went straight in the freezer!

Today I am meeting up with a long standing friend, we first met in 1959 when I was the newby fresher and she a second year at Leeds. We were members of AngSoc and sang in the chaplaincy choir. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then!

Last time she was up the student serving us in the restaurant was amazed that one could stay friends for so long!

Love M xxxxxxx


Wow! What wonderful weekend news, Margaret! So pleased to hear that all is well. The idea of baking fills me with trepidation, as I come from a long line of wonderful women bakers and pastry cooks, as well as my much-loved mother-in-law, who did the most delicious cakes. I got lazy, my friends! I am facing trauma next week when I've volunteered to bake a cake for a couple of friends. I have an easy, all in one recipe with raspberries and almonds in it, so it should be nice and moist..........I hope :-P

Enjoy your weekend :-D

Love Wendy xx


Sounds great! Do share Wendy!


So happy for you Margaret - thats wonderful news.

Happy baking.

Angie x


So pleased for you Margaret, well done! :) lots of love Diane xxx


Oh, Margaret, this is brilliant news! I am just so pleased for you and am looking forward to meeting you in May!

Lots of Love

Anne xx

PS A quote from St. Augustine - one of my favourites!

PPS Have finally sent off my last assignments for the Latin- it got a bit heavy towards the end of the course!


Well done! My daughter is just finishing a classics degree with OU much better at Latin! I failed Latin O level 5 times! Hence read Geog instead of English! LOL!

Looking forward to May too!

M xxxx


Dear Margaret ...

SOOOOO delighted for you xxxx

This is just wonderful news and will be very uplifting for others too ...

Do have a great day with your friend ..have a really nice treat so deserve it xxx

Love Jan xxxx


Hi Margaret this is wonderful news and so delighted for you . May the months turn into years of good health for you . You sound a fantastic baker and cook . Reading made me hungry. I too have been baking in frenzy as daughter raising money to work abroad in orphanage

My repertoire consists brownies cupcakes tablet and gingerbread though




Got a lot of my recipes from the Guardian magazine on Sats and the Observer mag!


Fantastic news Margaret.

Love and hugs Louise. X :-)


Thanks Louise! X


great news margaret! i am just done 3rd. line chemo and just 1 tumour visible over kidney. i only got 5mths. remission so this has giveme hope that maybe i will get longer this time. enjoy your self margaret and what a wonderful xmas you will be able to have now.x A saying i love is," forget about the past, as we cant change it.dont worry about the future as we have no control of it, live for today, as that is why it is called the present because every day of our lives is a gift!"x lovely isnt it.


Hear hear to that!



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