Great news!!!

Heard from the nurse... I got the CT scan... the result is: interval resolution of most previously seen peritoneal implants in the pelvis and abdomen. There is residual tumor implants on my colon and where my uterus is connected about 2.2cm. So this is great news! Before it was on my intestines, liver, spleen, Fallopian tubes, uterus, lymph nodes, pelvis, abdomen and blocking some of my uterus wall.

The only thing is there is a 3 mm spot on my lungs that wasn't seen before. It's so small that they usually just monitor it.. will hear more from the DR. on this.

My CA125 came back at 14. It was 3,800 then 1,500 something, 32, now 14. Thank God!! Have hope ladies!!!!!!!

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  • Wow, what a great result. Hopefully you gave been able to breathe out and believe it! Now relax, kick back and have a little celebration. So so pleased for you 💐💐💐

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • All going in the right direction and positive just do something for yourself,it is all good!

    Carole xxx

  • Brilliant ...thanks so much for sharing and the very very best of luck going forward xxx

  • Great news. Xx

  • Great news indeed. xx

  • Hi Ange, its amazing how well you have done in such a short time. It's a great gift for Xmas good luck it continues. lots of love Cindyxx

  • Well that is a huge drop keep it going and do treat yourself to something nice because you deserve it

  • Excellent news!! 🎉🍾.. party time ! What a lovely gift for Christmas 🎄!!

    Much ❤️ love Jackie xxx

  • Stunning news, keep up the good work, now try to look forward and enjoy Christmas ❤️Xx

  • Wow great news,now sit back and enjoy christmas with your new baby. xx

  • Wow!! That is wonderful to news to receive. It is very inspirational! There is definitely an angel watching over you. I'm so happy for you - Kim xo

  • Great news that's such a huge drop ... big hugs ... have a great Christmas 🎉

  • Thank you everyone. The chemo really worked!! Surgery is scheduled for Dec 6th.

  • Good to hear your news. It is amazing how positive we can be and how much that helps. Enjoy !


  • So pleased for you!

  • Wowsers this is fantastic to read!! So pleased for you Hun. Best of luck for your surgery next week too. We'll all be thinking of you. Embrace this positive'all keep you strong for your op. Let us know how you get on ((hugs)) Jemima xx

  • Wonderful news! Wow.....what chemo did they have you on...carboplatin and taxol? mine went down from 9300 to 14 ...after 3 chemo, surgery, 3 chemo.....I also have a 4mm node on my lung but it's a possibility that may not even be cancer as it is very stable. I assumed it was but the onc said nodes in lungs aren't necessarily here's hoping. All the best with the surgery.....if they can get everything visible out or below 1 cm...thats the goal....God Bless and watch over you...hugs

  • Thank you! Yes, carbon and Taxol. 3 cycles..9 sessions. That is interesting you have the nodule too. They are just monitoring it?

    I have an appt tmwr with my surgeon - Gyno oncologist to see what she says about my CT scan and the nodule. Yes, that is the goal get everything else out!! Hope all is well with you! Xoxo we are warriors!!

  • yes, they just monitoring it...stable 4mm..right lower lobe...may not be cancer...they would have to do biopsy I guess to find out for sure but its not growing.....Let me know how you get along....I'll be praying for you.....hugs.....yes, we have to be tough!

  • Great. My DR says she is not worried about it and we will just monitor it. Thank you!! Take care!! Xoxo

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