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Had appointment with oncologist on Monday to find out what the next step will be . As I have been having chemo since September firstly carboplatin which did not work then on to weekly Taxol which I had an allergic reaction with the 2nd. I am going to have a break to give my body a bit of recovery time .She has put me on Tamaxofen to see if it will help with a review in a month. There is more chemo but will see how it goes with the hormone tablets. Has anyone else tried this. My head is all over at the moment. The good news is that husband is improving and doing more .Love Jean x

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  • Hi Jeanie, After surgery in 2014, I had a course of Carboplatin. Then I had Carboplatin and Caelyx combined, had an allergic reaction. Then towards the end of last year I had 5 sessions of Taxol. This made me very ill and was stopped. After I recovered Iwas then put on the Hormone therapy. My tablets are called Letrozole, which I bellieve are similar to Tamoxifen. I have some hot flushes, which aren't a problem,, but I have horrendous joint and muscle pain " I don't see my oncologist until the 30th March, but I feel really anxious about whether the tablets are working on the tumours that have spread since the operation.My GP has told me that Hormone Therapy is a very slow moving drug and advised me to wait for my appointment at the end of this month, having been on it now for only 6 Weeks. Cancer seems to be all about waiting for something. And I have never been a patient one at waiting. I am feeling a lot stronger on this drug and managing to do things that I haven't done for about 2 years. I can cope with the pain but can't cope with the not knowing. So we must just keep on smiling andhopeforthe best.Lots of hugs to you and all you other brave ladies. Gillian. X.

  • Jean I know how you feeling , Ive had cemos that didn't work ,now on different one , if I thought too much about it Id crack up , I know it not easy but we have no control over this bloody cancer but don't let it take over your mind I wont allow it to do that ,"what will be will be " , Start every day glad to be alive ,feel happy, smile ay every one ,you will get e smile back , Its hard to act normal but its easier if you can , Now chin up life goes on "keep up". xxxx Eily

  • Hi Jean, so pleased that your husband is improving, that must ease some of your stress.

    Can't help with the tamaxofen question but I am going to ask if it will be any help to me when I finish chemo.

    Best wishes x

  • Hello Jean, in case it's helpful, my story has some similarities. I had an operation summer 2014, diagnosis PPC (like ovarian) 3c, high grade. On to carboplatin and paclitaxel, but I was allergic to the paclitaxel, so it was changed to Gemcitabine. Clear for a few months, then cancer back in Spring 2015. Went on to Tamoxifen, which worked well for me, and I was on good form until November. Then cancer returned, again, with ascites, and I had a bad time, not eating well, then not at all, by February. Started carboplatin and caelyx, about five weeks ago, was allergic to the caelyx! Now just on carboplatin, and getting better all the time. I'm eating almost normally, which is great. Wishing you the very best of luck with your treatment, Eileen x

  • I'm not on Tamoxifen, though I know someone who has taken it. There are several different tablets given as hormone therapy. I've been on Exemestane for 10 months now, with some effect, very slow reduction in size of 3 of my tumours. I hope the Tamoxifen works for you.


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