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chemotherapy adominal washing

Hi everyone

Has anyone one ever had or heard of a chemotheapy abdominal washing while having there Hysterectomy for O.C, its to get rid of any cancer cells that my be left behind, I'm not sure if this is a common practice while having this type of surgery, and how sucessful this works, do you then go on to have Chemotherapy? I think its quite a new thing to have done.

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Hi sarah,

yes, I had an abdominal wash and I got the impression it was a normal thing. They then analyse the wash to make sure there are no cancer cells left. unfortunatly there were in mine, so the cancer grading went up to 3c. Chemo followed automatically.

Hope all goes well.



I had not heard of this. I am due an op for a new tumour so will ask the surgeon about it. I started out at 3c and had a recurrence within a year of ending 1st chemo. The new tumour is on the site of a post operative abscess following the debulking surgery.


Hi Sarah

I was diagnosed 2C in January and had debulking surgery early February followed by an abdominal wash. My main tumour had burst and so my abdomen was full of ascites (cancer cells), so this procedure was carried out to reduce the risk of there being any further growth after they put my 'zip' in! I gained the impression that it is quite a common procedure and I did then go on to have chemotherapy. It was certainly nothing for me to worry about and in fact was reassuring to know that the surgical team had done all they could to ensure a successful outcome for me.

Good luck

Eleni x


Hi there yes i had husterectomy and abdominal washing and then chemo. I think it is normal procedure



Do you I.P. Chemo. It is when they put the chemo directly into the abdomen instead of a vein. Don't think it's common in the UK. But it is available in USA and the like.


never heard of this, but in some ways it makes sense.... the way forward perhaps.


Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your bloggs, I asked my Specialist Nurse yesterday about Chemo washing in the abdomen and she said NO they do not do it for O.C, you just go onto to have the Chemo after your surgery, its is only done if it is bowel or bladder cancer or other types, I here it is very affective, and sometimes it can be a better outcome and a longer life, compared to just the Chemo on its own.

Sarah Pearson.


Hi as one of the support line nurses at Ovacome it sounds as if it is abdominal washings which in my experience is routine procedure in surgery for ovarian cancer to help stage the cancer.

As far as intraperitoneal chemotherapy - which is different to abdominal washings- a new trial called Petroc has just been launched for a group of new patient to see whether having this type of chemotherapy is more effective than having it the usual intravenous way - please note it is only for patients who have recently been diagnosed - see the Ovacome website under clinical trials for more info

Best Wishes



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