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My Ovacome Day 3rd March


Hi fellow teal ladies

I'm planning on coming up to London for this event and wondered whether a group of us might be interested in meeting up for something to eat the night before. I haven't booked my hotel yet but I think there are a few in the area. If anyone would like to join me for a meet up that would be great.


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Hi Sian,

I’m not staying in London, but I’m going to the event, so I’ll see you there!

Vicki x

looking forward to meeting you Vicki x

I'm coming along to the event. It will be nice to put some faces to names. And I'm in a far better place than I was this time last year - I have hair, for starters! A dinner the night before is possible, I could commute in. :-) Carol

Hi there that would be great if you could join us. I'm so glad you are in a better place this year. I was still in treatment last year and watched the live streaming wishing I could be there. Now I'm coming up and I'm so chuffed xx

Hi Sian, I'll be there! There are a load of cosy pubs in the vicinity which serve meals, I met up with a friend there in the summer. I was mid-treatment last year too - it was a real challenge going - but I was determined to. So glad you're in a better place too. Once you have more details, let us all know. Really looking forward to it! Carol x

Hi Sian

Yes that’s a lovely idea . I am not staying in London the night before but live close enough that I can get the train in and meet up . Will put in the diary , just let me know time and place once you have a hotel booked.

Love and best wishes Kim x 💜

That would be lovely. I'm staying at the premier Inn old street. I don't know that area of London at all to be honest but it looks like there are a few places about to eat at


Will have a look and see if I know anywhere nearby . Kimx

thanks xx

Do we have to book to go to the ovacome day? Would love to come but in the midlands so would also like to stay somewhere, have you anywhere in mind??


Hi anthea I'm staying at the premier Inn in old street of that helps x

Hi....have booked so might be there....might be preferable to driving into London on the day....what about the nice pub/restaurants or does the premier inn do food do you know? love Chris xx

Not certain. I'll have a look xx

Anthea, yes, you do need to book (food and maximum number in the hall, I think) so best write to Sonia in the Ovacome office via the website; address is

Warm wishes for a good day and hope they can fit you in.


Such a shame as I think I’m in Norfolk that weekend otherwise I prob would have gone. Have fun ladies xxx

Never mind. Maybe next time x

Hi Sian, I'm coming so hope to see you all there. We're getting stickers to write our HU name as well as our badge with 'normal' name! See everyone there.


Looking forward to meeting up with everyone xx

I can’t go as I’ll be skiing - I hope! Would love to meet up with some of you lovely ladies, maybe next time.

Ali xx

Have a great time on the piste!!!


Also just heard there is an Ovarian Cancer Action walk . In Hyde park on Sunday 4 th at 11 am incase anyone interested in joining me . Pm me if you want more details ,

Kim x

Sorry but I'm coming back on the Saturday night. Otherwise I would have been pleased to join you Sian x

I was considering going but sadly it’s sold out. Hope you all have a lovely time

LA xx

Oh I'm so sorry. I really would have liked to meet you there

I don't know where you live but if you are in the London area would you like to meet up for a meal the night before perhaps?

Missed you, Sian! A few of the speakers didn't make it either. A really good day and met quite a few forum members. Take care! Carol x

I'm so sorry I missed it but delighted that it was a good day. Hopefully we can meet up at another event Sianxx

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