Failed to get second chemo yesterday

Feeling down today as white cell count too low for chemo. However just read a few recent blogs with some advice on how to improve it for next week so just wanted to say a big thank you to all who posted the tips. I think I probably haven't rested enough, but its very hard when you are not used to sitting about, also gives more time for negative thoughts.

Anyway many thanks again.

Positive Sue

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  • Hi Sue,

    I am sorry that you didn't manage to get your chemo..I don't think there is a lot you can do to get your white cells up but to wait...try not to worry you will soon be there sending you best wishes love x G x :-)

  • Thank you Gwyn, appreciate your time Sue x

  • Hi i had to have granocyte injections in my belly and tried to eat as i possibly could a balanced healthy diet , good luck this will soon be over it seems neverending but believe me ive just had an 11 hr breast reconstruction im starting omega 3 capsules by 7 seas highly recommended good luck

  • Good luck

  • Hi Sue!

    Sorry you did not get your chemo! Difficult to pamper yourself when you are used to being busy I know but you really do need to make sure that you are well enough for chemo! Iwas very 'unfriendly' to anyone with the slightest infection when I was on chemo. I actually refused admission to anyone with a cold and cancelled a visit to a friend who also had OC because her grandson was with her for the day because he was off school with a cold. I caused offence in both cases but I am still here!

    You do have to be very 'self centred' in the best possible sense when dealing with cancer. The treatment is so awful you really have to be at your best to cope with it. Mind you I find the hardest thing is to stop other people taking over completely! Very kind friends try to do everything for me and get hurt when I have to insist on retaining my independence and ability to do things for myself!

    I have a big bowl of fruit salad every day for breakfast (pineapple, orange, grapes, pear, plum, blueberries, kiwi fruit, figs and anything else in season). I keep a bowl of it in the fridge and have it as a snack during the day. I also eat loads of salmon and other oily fish (smoked salmon & scrambled eggs for example and pasta with smoked salmon and peas) to keep up the omega 3 (in both salmon and eggs) baked mackerel is good too! Lotas of seeds too! Seeded bread and muesli with mixed seeds! If I did not have cancer I am healthier than most of my friends and I am getting my weight under control! Down to size 14!

    Good luck with the next attempt at chemo! There really is not much you can do about your platelets other than keep your general health up by an ultra healthy diet and being careful not to pick up infections!

    Iam now Off to join friends for breakfast & then into town to shop! All on foot to keep mobile!


    Margaret! xxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Margaret for your helpful advice. I do similar for breakfast and trying to eat homemade soups. I can understand the issues with family, friends , and infections. Not upset anyone yet but can see how easy it would be.

    You have certainly been through a lot, glad you are coping well, enjoy your shopping.

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue,

    I am in the same situation, and I have had several chemotherphy sessions cancelled due to low white cell count. I am on Carboplatin and Gemcitabine and this consists of having them together one week, and Gemcitabine the second week with a week of. It was the second session of Gemcitabine that I am having trouble with not being well enough for. I am now having Avastin, so now have to keep my blood pressue low, so will have to work on keeping that low through diet.

    I have heard about having the immune boosting injections, but they have not mentioned these, so will ask nx time I am in clinic.

    All the very best, lots of positive energy from me to you.

    Wendy x

  • Thanks Wendy. I have heard about the injections, certainly worth asking about if you are having several cancelled treatments. Good luck Sue x

  • Hi Sue, I have been diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer stage 3c as well. I'm a bit further on than you I have had 4 chemos and my operation I'm awaiting two more chemos and a CT scan. Re the white blood cell being low. I had that problem just before my op and at one point thought it may have been cancelled. I read up on foods that help and it was suggested, Brazil nuts, Almonds, Currents and Rose Hips which can be bought in a herbal tea from Holland and Barrett. I now ear a handful of nuts and currents everyday. Give it a go just hope you don't have a nut allergy.

    Good Luck Love Babs x x x

  • Thank you Babs, I have sent hubby out with shopping list. I hope you are continuing to improve.

    Best wishes Sue x

  • I'm not too bad at the moment still in pain from the op but hopefully things will improve. Ment to say rest also helps your white blood cells. I found it had to rest during my chemo. I carried on working all the way through it but now I have been signed off for ten weeks to recover from the op. I hate being at home but I know I must rest and just take it easy.

    Hope this helps

    Love Babs x x x

  • Dear Babs, I wondered how you were getting on. It's good you're resting loads. I wondered if you'd find that difficult. I'm sorry you're still in pain after the op. Is it just the hours before going to the loo. I had that for a couple of weeks and got some strong painkillers from the GP which really helped. It subsided after about 10 days so I hope yours does too. xxx

  • Dear Sue

    I'm sorry to hear you had to put your chemotherapy off. I had the same and I felt as though I'd failed and was convinced I could do something about it. The hospital reassured me that it's just the chemotherapy working well destroying the cancer cells and because it's doing such a good job some of the other cells are destroyed at the same time. The thing about resting is that low blood cell count can make you feel tired so you might want to rest. It doesn't work the opposite way round - in resting you can maintain the correct count.

    I'm sure by next week your blood count will have recovered. It's a beast not being in control of everything - particularly if you're used to being a fit and positive person

    Loads of love xx Annie

  • Dear Annie, Thanks for your support, it is encouraging to hear how it effects others. I know we are all individuals and what suits one doesn't another but its still helpful to try various suggestions, feels more positive, which is what I need right now as my only hope is the chemo. at the moment.

    I hope you get, or have got good results from your check up which you said is due this month.

    Many thanks again.

    Love Sue x

  • Through all my treatments my i have listened to my body, and if it wants to rest that is what I do. The positive energies all help to get through, but it is your body that tells you what you need. I find when I'm on chemo it affects my eyesight, so I couldn't work then, but I've never had Chemo delayed yet because of low blood counts.

    Good luck


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