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Stable results after second line chemo

Hello everyone

I've just had my 3 monthly checkup after finishing second line chemo in September 2017. CA125 remains at 9 and no significant change on the CT scan - some additional "thickening" in my trouble spots but no cause for immediate concern according to the oncologist. So hubby and I are really pleased to be in a stable place and are planning to enjoy life as much as possible for the next few months, I'm even going to tackle the big flight to the UK for Dad's 80th birthday!

With very best wishes to all, especially those who are struggling at the moment, Dawn xx

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Hi Dawn, Weren't you offer a second sirgery?, or it was only second line chemo, I am at the hospital had my second op to remove my spleen and clear all evidence of desease, I think I will need second line chemo, hope the best for you and can make it to your dad's birthday, enjoy everyday





Hi Liz

They don't seem to do surgery here in Australia for recurrences - I kept asking if it was possible but the medical team said no. I think on the basis that I had 3 visible tumours on the CT scan but probably lots of "invisible" masses as well, so surgery couldn't possibly hope to get it all. Still I did have very positive results from the second line carbo treatment. Glad to hear you had such a positive outcome. We all need to enjoy everyday!

Best wishes Dawn xx


Hi Dawn, Stable is good! Get on that plane and go to your Dad's dance party *80* and enjoy! Valerie xx


That's great news, and I hope it continues for a long time after. I'm surprised to read that you were just getting Carboplatin monotherapy. That's rather uncommon for a reccurence. Any specific reason why they didn't couple it with something else like Taxol, Caelyx, Gemzar, etc..?


That sounds a good result, enjoy your trip to see your father


Hi Dawn, Great news your 125 at 9 is a very good result and the CT scan also, go and enjoy your fathers 80th..Take care Lorraine xx


What good news Dawn! Please bring some of your Oz sunshine to the UK 🙂☀️⭐️ We need it! ⭐️🌟✨


Good to hear - I finished second line in Nov and hope to be hearing the same news as you at my 3 month fu

My reccurance was at 3 months



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