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Update surgery


Hi ladies!

Had meeting with surgeon today who informed me that my 3 sessions of chemotherapy had worked in reducing my cancer enough to go ahead with debulking op !!! Never been do excited to have an op in my life 😳🎉🍾!!

Op booked for the 22nd of Nov..just wondering if there is any advice re pre op or post op?? Surgeon said that she will be taking pretty much everything away, incision will be from above my tummy button down to my pubic bone.. Also possibly of reversing my colostomy!!! I'll keep you updated .

Lots of love ❤️


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Ah Jackie, this is fantastic news! I'm sure you'll breeze your op and i'll definitely be thinking of you on the 22nd. I'm sure others will be able to give you better advice on the op front, as i've only had two rounds of surgery, one to remove the tumour (done laparoscopically) and the other to remove ovary, tube and appendix, but i managed to get away with a smaller, 12cm incision rather than a full laparotomy. I know what worked well for me though, was plenty of peppermint tea and as my recovery progressed, wild rose balm on the incision site (it was super sensitive for a while). I also found tramadol worked better for me than codeine after the op, but i guess pain relief is quite a personal thing.

Wishing you all the best for the lead up to your surgery and i'm sure you'll have plenty of folk running around after you so you can concentrate on your recovery and hopefully a peaceful Xmas period too.

Jemima xx

P.S. you look beautiful in your pic!

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Many thanks for the quick response and brilliant advice !!!

Re your aches and pains, to be honest I am constantly worried every time I feel a twinge in my lower regions !!! I think this feeling will last indefinitely, hopefully subsiding eventually...

Hope you feel better soon jemima..

( glad you like the wig!! )

Lots of love ❤️ Jackie

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Thanks Jackie...appreciate your comments xx

I had a total abdominal hysterectomy, (TAH BSO), removal of cervix, Fallopian tubes, both ovaries, plus removal of appendix on 8th March this month. My scar is vertical from just below my belly button and 7.5 inches long. It was glued and taped. Doesn't look pretty at first plus swollen BUT it goes down and after about two weeks it starts to be really OK and you gave confidence it's not going to come open!

Good tip is to surround yourself with pillows when you sleep, sleep will probably be difficult at first - when I was in hospital I was checked every 30 mins at first , then every hour, so couldn't sleep when I got home. I bought a V shaped pillow which helped, plus I used a small rectangular cushion to wedge down my side and support my abdomen, I'm a side sleeper but couldn't do that for about a week and the small cushion helped me sleep slightly off centre which was very helpful. I didn't get out of pyjamas for at least a week, hubby kept washing them so they were fresh which was great. Then I wore soft yoga pants, t-shirts and cardigans, didn't wear any knickers until my incision was at least a week old as they rubbed and made my scar bleed. If you have pets then protect your tummy with a cushion when you sit it lie in bed- essential as I have a cat! Also if you need to cough or sneeze then put a pillow or cushion over your incision as that also really helps.

Get meds for constipation and be aware that will most likely happen! Lots of liquids as it's important to keep hydrated.

Stay in bed for at least a week then on top of the bed or in a chair. Don't lift anything, get drinks etc brought to you, don't do any housework or even lift a kettle. It's major abdominal surgery and women tend to get on with it but you can't! Don't get in a car (after your journey home) for at least three more weeks and if you have to then a pillow under the seatbelt. No driving until week 6.

Hope all goes well

Clare 💐🌷

Ps you look anazing x

Bless you Clare ! What a wealth of knowledge you are !!! I will definitely take on board your suggestions, the surgeon was indicating that most of her ladies were in and out within 4 days 😳😬!! Oh well, no doubt I shall be voicing my opinions to you all from my hospital bed !!!

Thankyou for the compliment Clare, it's not my hair obviously, not been brave enough to wear it out as yet!!

Lots of love ❤️ Jackie xx


Good advice already, to which I would add getting out of bed ASAP and walking little and often. And forward planning. Fill your freezer with things you like to eat. Locate things you'll need to use so you don't need to stretch or lift. Forget about christmas - best excuse ever for ignoring it. Boss people around. Good luck with it. xx

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Thanks Mac!

When I was rushed in for my emergency op ( bowel blockage due to the cancer having pushed through) I was totally caught off guard as it were! Nothing in the freezer , house certainly not geared up for me having to adapt to not being able to do that much ! At least I'm prepared this time !!!

Also great excuse to not having to be too precious about buying people the wrong pressies ! Yes, think this year I'll leave the Christmas worrying to the family!

I'll keep you updated.

Lots of love ❤️ Jackie x

Hi Jackie

I haven't any advice on the op but I read your post as am hoping I get the same news at my meeting next week. Had a scan on monday and 9 weeks of chemo (equivalent of 3 rounds) and really hoping there's been enough shrinkage with tumours for the op to take place too!

Also to say you look lovely and you should go out with wig! I understand though as haven't been out with mine yet! It's a big step! working up to it.

Wishing you all the best with your surgery!

Mary xx

Thankyou so much Mary !! It's such a worrying time waiting isn't it ? I imagined all sorts of horrors that could have happened at my results meeting !!! Next worry , the op !!! Guess after that I'll have plenty of other worries to occupy myself 😳😬!

Keep in touch , and best of luck for your results 🌺Xxx

Brilliant news. Fingers crossed for your surgery, i was operated on at St. Mary's in Manchester and they have a regime of giving you 4 protein drinks before surgery, they believe they assist in the post op recovery, They were diabolical to drink but seemed to help. I too looked forward to the surgery, bizarre isn't it 🙂. I had a total radical hysterectomy and removal of the onentum and appendix, my scar is like yours will be, it was sore and uncomfortable for a while but the drugs really do work. Nighties are vital as PJ's would be impossible at first because the incision goes past your belly button and PJ bottoms are a no no. A cushion to hold on your tummy is really useful for the car ride home from the hospital and also for when you need to cough or sneeze. Plenty of fibre in your diet and loads of fresh fruit and veggies + loads of fluids will help your bowels, they don't like being messed about with so can be quite sluggish for a while, take the laxativesthey will give you. Try to sleep sat up with loads of pillows it's more comfy and easier to get up, after about a week I was able to sleep almost laid down, I'm a side sleeper too and found sitting up awkward. . Stay in bed when you feel like it but it's important to move around a bit to stop DVT's developing, you will probably have the glamorous surgical stockings on for a while too (joy). You really will see progress on a daily basis. Let people do literally everything for you, my poor husband even had to help me put my knickers on at first as I wasn't able to bend over to do them myself, because of the scar, but there was a great moment of joy after 3 days at home when I did it for myself using my feet, small steps but each one gets you there. I had clips (32 of the little darlings) once they came out it was so much more comfy, soft face flannels were fantastic for 'sponging' the scar, I bought loads so clean one available at each bathroom visit. I will be thinking of you on the 22nd and am sending loads of love and hugs ❤️Xx

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Hiya cropcrop,

What amazing advice !!! 👌.. I too, have those awful drinks ! Was just looking for my best pjs actually, so I'm pleased you mentioned the nighty thing ... means I have to lug myself out with some new ones! I do have s fes but none I would want any others to view !!! 😜...

Such useful info , plus it allows me to get off with cooking the Christmas lunch !

I'll keep in touch ,

Loads of love ❤️ xx

Hi Jackie- I also had the full cut in April. Recovery was hard at the time but got better quickly. I was up and walking that same night. The worst was the gas trapped in your intestines. All the pain meds make you constipated so try to drink a lot of post surgery fluids. Also don't drink from a straw as when you do you swallow all the air in straw over and over adding to the gas internally. A doctor in hospital told me this.

Take loose fitting pants to go home in as the incision will be quite tender for a while. the internal stitches gave me trouble for about 5 months. Try to get up and short walks post surgery when you get home as this helps with everything!!

Good luck to you, remember this is necessary to get rid of the tumor and optimal debulking!! Think positive thoughts!

XX Carol

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Thankyou Carol, you are another star!!

I'll keep in touch , no doubt yo have a moan about the pain or something!!

Loads of love ❤️ xx

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