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Me again

Another question I was told I couldn't have surgery due to the scatter of disease on my liver, but was told by a chemo nurse that maybe a London hospital would do it, does anyone have any idea which hospital would have the expertise for this. I feel I would have more chance having the debaulking then just chemo. I have had two lines if chemo in 2 years. Thank you again ??

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Hi Nikki,

You could do with giving Ruth Payne a ring tel 0845 371 0554 (the OvaCome helpline) and discuss this with her she is very good at giving advice and she will put your mind at rest.. jot down your questions before ringing that way you won't get flustered or forget something... if they are busy ie speaking to someone else ...they will ring you back love x G x :-)


Hi Nikki, i wnt to Royal marsden for second opinion back in september and been told debulking operation is not option for me :( also have a tumor on the liver and disease in the abdomal wall. Starting chemo after christmas. feel same as you, feel there is more they can do!!!

love zuzi xxx


Dear Nikki

This is a long shot - I'm no expert - but what about the Sugarbaker Technique practiced at Basingstoke - I know of .... and is it Manchester or Birmingham? There are only two centres of excellence for this treatment. The Royal Marsden also seems to be a place everyone favours for a second opinion.

I'd definitely be exploring all the possibilities as you never know what your local hospital's area of expertise is. Ours didn't even regognise the worth of the Sugarbaker.

Good luck with your research. Let us know how you get on and what is recommended for you.

Loads and loads of love xxxx Annie


I had the sugar baker technique successfully done in Basingstoke in July. I have mucinous ovarian cancer and they stripped disease off my liver, pancreas, diaphragms, abominal wall and goodness know where else! It's also done at the Christies in Manchester. I don't know any other people with ovarian cancer who have had it done ( it's normally an op for people with PMP- cancer started in the appendix) so I can't say what there criteria is. I think they did it on me as I am only 34 and otherwise fit and well plus chemo rounds of chemo were pretty much completely ineffective on me.

Wishing you luck with your treatment.


Hi Nikki

Not sure if it's the same thing but my operation included a mass taken from my liver. The liver specialist didn't want to do it but my gynea surgeon insisted (my hero). I'm in the Southampton area. Hope this gives you another avenue to explore.

Love Chris x


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