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Back again


Hi everyone.

I always read the questions and answers on this website and have found some great comments on here. I was diagnosed with OC back in Jan 12. After having a complete hysterectomy I had the first line of chemo Carboplatin. Everything went well and I had 15 months of remission. Back in Nov 13 I was told there was a recurrence of the disease which was now in the peritoneum. I had 2nd line chemo carbo/taxol which finished in Mar 14. Everything seemed fine until I went back to see the Onc in Aug 14 and she told me that my CA125 had risen. I went back to see her yesterday for the results of the CT scan and there is another recurrence now in my liver. I start my 3rd line of chemo next Fri 26th Sept which will be Caelyx. I am a very positive person but sometimes it is hard to stay focused and I am struggling at the moment coming to terms with another round of chemo.

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

Many thanks Sue xx

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What a bummer for you Sue profound words of wisdom from me today as I think me chemo brain activated in tesco and the homemade chicken kebabs I was going to make turned into a salad pitta with cold meat as I forgot to get the chicken!!! I've had Caelyx but with cisplatin and I think the side effects were more platin than Caelyx ..they say it's a slow burner and results are not shown right away so don't lose heart if count doesn't drop right away, have your moment of "can I do this again" then let it go and believe yes actually you can bloody well do this again. Sometimes I think it's the thought of the start of it then once it's happening ..YES kick the butt of OC!!!! You can do it!!

All the best hope this has helped a bit.


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Thank you for your reply. I think its true what you say once the treatment starts it becomes easier to deal with. Roll on next Friday.

Sue xx

Hi Sue

This business is such an unpredictable journey. I am currently mid point on 3rd line chemo and CT scan next week. So far I have had carbo/ taxel, avastin, debulking surgery in Jan 14, followed by caelyx and now Topotecan. My disease is platinum resistant so was not offered carbo/ taxel again. No one has used the word 'remission' for my case, but tell me that it will be treated as a chronic disease and there are several treatment options. I am also exploring clinical trials at the Royal Marsden. In spite of the inconvenience of so many hospital appointments I am feeling very well and just got back from a short holiday cycling on the kennet and avon canal. Delightful.

Don't get discouraged and enjoy time in between treatments as much as you can. Wishing you the very best.


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Thank you Maureen for your reply. It is nice to know that there are other people out there going through the same as you. Sometimes this can be a very lonely disease.

Wishing you all the best with your fight also hope all goes well with the rest of your treatment.

Sue xx

I agree its a bummer having treatment, I finished my third line in Feb had Gemzar and Avastin and was left on Avastin. It is easy to get discouraged but it is also normal to feel down with a continuous illness. I was told that last week during a session with a counsellor. I had said, my life revolves around clinic, avastin and ct scan and its the worst thing in the world to have your name called in these places. I know I am lucky to have Avastin as it is not readily available in Uk or Scotland. But I am trying to off shoot this feeling by going back to walking and taking a short holiday next week. We are entitled to down days but we must treat ourselves too when we are able

Thank you for reply Suzuki. I will be back on track after I start the chemo again on Fri. Its the waiting that takes its toll. Best wishes to you in your battle xx

Best of luck with your chemo. Keep positive and keep going wishing you all the best.

Love Jenny xxx

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Thank you Jenny. Thank you for your reply I will be fine once I start the treatment on Fri it's just the hanging about that gets me down.

I have just read your post on the website. I would like to say how courageous you are making the decision that you have made. Enjoy every moment of your life. Best wishes for the future take care.

Sue xx

Hi Sue. Just want to wish you well with your treatment. Stay positive and keep fighting. #Warriors. Ann xo

Thanks for your reply Ann I will keep as positive as I can.

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